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Company: MetalliCover


Model: MetalliCover

Price: $30

Compatible: iPhone 4

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MetalliCover MetalliCover for iPhone 4

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By Nick Guy

Accessories Editor, iLounge ()
Published: Monday, July 18, 2011
Category: Stickers + Film, iPhone / iPod

If you're looking for a stick-on protective solution for your iPhone 4 but don't like traditional stickers or films, there is an alternative: MetalliCover ($30), from the Israeli company of the same name. The solution is composed of two metal sheets -- one each for the front and back of the device -- that attach with 3M adhesive backing. On the front, the entire bezel is covered, with openings for the ambient light sensor, speaker, front-facing camera, and Home button. MetalliCovers feature matching designs, with the smaller surface area of the front complementing the large image on the rear. Currently there are 14 different styles, including some Zodiac symbols. While they're not quite our style, and placing more metal on an iPhone doesn't generally strike us as a great idea, we give the company some credit for packaging the plates in form-fitting envelopes and shipping in them simple padded mailers.


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