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Review: Moshi Rewind Dual-Port Power Adapter for iPad, iPhone + iPod


Company: Moshi/Aevoe


Model: Rewind

Price: $29

Compatible: All iPads, All iPhones, Dock Connecting iPods

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Nick Guy

Conceptually similar to several other iPad-ready chargers we've previously reviewed, Moshi's new Rewind ($29) is nonetheless unique thanks to stylish execution. Coming in at a size between the standard iPad wall charger and the MacBook Air's 45W Power Adapter, it's unobtrusive and the design is Apple-esque. With two USB ports, it's capable of charging multiple devices at the same time, which is a big plus for many users. However, technical limitations may lessen its overall appeal to some users who might otherwise have been excited by the concept and price.

The wall power adapter uses white matte plastic, with the two USB charging ports on one side and folding wall blades on the other. Unlike other adapters, Rewind has a cable management groove cut into its top edges, enabling you to store the included USB to Dock Connector cable, which includes plug covers for storage. While the plugs themselves don’t fit in the thin groove, the entire cable can effectively be stowed away inside the adapter for travel. A second, matching channel on the other side seems like an obvious omission; this would have allowed for a second, self-provided cable to be carried at the same time.


One surprise: while Rewind offers 2.1-Amp iPad full-speed charging, the power is shared by both ports rather than specify to each port, which is to say that you can charge one iPad at full speed, and then only when nothing else is connected. Given how long it takes to charge the new iPad—about seven hours from a fully depleted state—anything that will slow this process down is truly detrimental. Our testing found Rewind’s performance to be in line with expectations, providing two third-generation iPads with 10% power per hour of simultaneously charging. An extra amp for simultaneous iPhone charging would make a lot of sense, and support for two iPads at a time would have been a truly nice feature.


If Rewind offered greater power output, it’d be easy to offer a higher ecommendation. It is, however, the only dual-port solution we’ve seen that doesn’t at least provide 1A to the second port; units that provide full-speed iPad charging across both can be had for the same price, although some don’t provide any cables. That limitation, along with the lack of cable management for a second cord and the lack of the extension cable that makes Apple’s 10W USB Power Adapter so valuable, earns Moshi’s charger a B rating. It’s good, particularly for overnight use by travelers, but has the potential to be very good or even great with some tweaks.


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