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Company: Innova/Noreve


Model: Tradition B

Price: €90-€100/~$120-$133

Compatible: iPad 2/iPad (3rd-Gen)

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Noreve Tradition B Leather Case for iPad 2/iPad (3rd-Gen)

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By Nick Guy

Accessories Editor, iLounge ()
Published: Monday, April 2, 2012
Category: Cases - iPad, iPad 2 / 3rd-Gen / 4th-Gen

We were less than thrilled with Noreve's Tradition B for iPad 2, so we weren't sure what to expect when the new model (€90-€100/~$120-$133) -- now compatible with the third-generation iPad -- showed up. It's no longer the same OEM-sourced folio design we've seen from other companies, but it doesn't appear to be totally unique either, and the quality has arguably taken a turn for the worse. Our review unit arrived with padded suede-like Sandy Vintage leather, which is pretty nice, but the tailoring and design of the rear shell is quite bad. It holds the iPad in place with curled-over edges that don't fit well on the curved aluminum device. The openings are surprisingly poorly cut and centered, with unsteady lines. Holes for the Dock Connector and microphone are much larger than usual due to the placement of the crease for converting the case into a stand, a process that actually makes the case's grip on the iPad even worse. Add to that the fact that the magnets in the cover don't work to automatically lock and unlock the new iPad, and we'll skip the full review on this one. Simply put, we'd just stay away from it. Noreve really needs to get its act together and start designing or sourcing cases worthy of the premium prices it's charging.


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