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Company: Pacific Rim Technologies


Model: Bluetooth Handsfree Combo

Price: $TBD

Compatible: iPhone

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Pacific Rim Bluetooth Handsfree Combo GBF-S5100

Developed by MobiFren, the new Bluetooth Handsfree Combo GBF-S5100 ($TBD) combines two types of Bluetooth accessories into a single package: the GBH-S100 is a hybrid Bluetooth monaural and stereo headset, with an in-canal silicone earbud design that can be worn in either one or two ears with a detachable included cable. The headset has a microphone and controls built-in to let you take iPhone calls as you're walking around. Once you get into your car, however, you'll want to link the S100 into the GFT-5000, an FM transmitter and charging accessory that connects to the S100's base, disabling its earpiece but retaining its microphone functionality. You can transmit your iPhone's call audio to your car stereo, or connect an audio cable to it or an iPod to broadcast its music to the stereo; the Combo set does not broadcast iPhone music without the wired connection. MobiFren promises up to 60 days of standby mode, and a DSP for noise and echo cancellation; an in-home USB charger is also included for the headset.


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