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Company: Pro Fit International


Models: UltiMount V2, miTouch, miCradle

Price: $24 (V2), Approx. $20 (miTouch/miCradle)

Compatible: iPod touch, iPhone

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Pro-Fit UltiMount V2, miCradle for iPhone & miTouch for iPod touch Holders

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By Jeremy Horwitz

Editor-in-Chief, iLounge ()
Published: Wednesday, December 5, 2007
Category: Car Accessories, Car Mounts - iPhone / iPod

Designed to be used together, Pro-Fit International's UltiMount V2 ($24) is a universal car mount for portable devices, capable of attaching to either the miCradle for iPhone (approx. $20) or miTouch for iPod touch (approx. $20), plastic holders specifically designed to fit individual Apple devices. UltiMount uses an adhesive plastic plate to attach to the side of your car's center console or elsewhere on the dashboard, and a swiveling ball plate that attaches with screws to your preferred mount. The mount's screws and nuts bind in four places, permitting secure iPhone or iPod touch use in your choice of orientations; a lock on the UltiMount V2's ball joint lets it stay in the position you've picked. Pro-Fit typically sells an UltiMount plus holder combination at a discounted price of $40.


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