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Company: SendStation


Model: PocketDock AV

Price: $37

Compatible: iPod 4G*, 5G, mini*, nano 1G/2G*

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SendStation PocketDock AV All-in-One iPod Video Kit

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By Jeremy Horwitz

Editor-in-Chief, iLounge ()
Published: Tuesday, June 5, 2007
Category: Adapters + Cables - Home / Office, iPhone Audio, Docks - Audio Out, Docks - Data / Sync, Docks - Video Out

Relatively unique, the PocketDock AV consists of a pocket-sized Dock Connector-based video and USB adapter and a unique eight-connector cable, which together enable you to connect your iPod to a television set, speakers, and/or USB power source at the same time. The five-foot long cable has S-Video, composite video, stereo audio and USB output plugs at one end, and video, audio, and USB input plugs at the other. You connect any or all of the latter three cables to the adapter, then the adapter to your iPod, to get audio, video, and/or data out. If you need USB synchronization or power, you'll have to provide the charger or computer. Updated December, 2007: When released, PocketDock AV was claimed to be iPhone-compatible, but unfortunately, it's not, nor does it provide video-out from the 2007 iPod models. Its video-out features are useful mostly with the discontinued fifth-generation iPod; other models, such as pre-2007 iPod nanos and minis, will only benefit from its audio and synchronization features, while the color 4G iPod can output photographs and audio.


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