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Company: Simplism


Model: DockCaribiner Neo, DockStrap Neo

Price: $13, $10

Compatible: All Dock Connector-equipped iPods, iPhones

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Simplism DockCarabiner Neo and DockStrap Neo for iPod/iPhone

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By Nick Guy

Accessories Editor, iLounge ()
Published: Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Category: Health + Fitness, Miscellaneous Accessories, Clips and Cord Managers

If you're looking for iPhone- or iPod-wearing accessories, here are some new options: Simplism has revised its original DockStrap design to become a new version called DockStrap Neo ($10), and has also introduced DockCarabiner Neo ($13) for iPods and iPhones. Both are designed for users who want to keep their devices hanging from their bodies or bags rather than inside pockets. DockStrap Neo has the same style of silicone lanyard as the previous version, with a hard plastic Dock Connector attached. Extra-long hooks inside the Connector lock it into place when connected, which is especially important when a $600 glass-bodied device is dangling around your neck. DockCarabiner Neo has the same Dock Connector, but instead of a lanyard is attached to a metal carabiner-style clip. Both accessories come in blue, pink, green, orange, black, and white.


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