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Company: Simplism


Model: Leather Flip Note Case

Price: $60

Compatible: iPad 2

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Simplism Leather Flip Note Case for iPad 2

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By Nick Guy

Accessories Editor, iLounge ()
Published: Thursday, May 19, 2011
Category: Cases - iPad, iPad 2 / 3rd-Gen / 4th-Gen

Simplism's Leather Flip Note Case for iPad 2 ($60) is a pretty standard professional folio style case, comparable to Incase's Book Jacket, with a few notable differences. A frame on the right side holds the tablet in place, with a long Velcro tab keeping it secure. On the models we tested, the frame didn't line up quite right, so the Home button and front camera were not centered properly, though not enough to impact performance. A tab on the front fits through a loop on the back to hold the case shut. The front cover can be folded under, and the tab put through the loop to form a typing or viewing stand. The opening for the camera is reinforced with a metal ring, something we haven't really seen before. Otherwise all of the buttons and ports are exposed as per usual. Leather Flip Note Case is available in navy, orange, and chocolate black.


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