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Review: Solitaire CAO by Mike Orr


Company: Mike Orr

Website: N/A

Title: Solitaire CAO

Price: $5

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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Jeremy Horwitz

This review originally appeared within iLounge’s iOS Gems series within the compilation article, iPhone Gems: Every Solitaire Game, Reviewed. Additional details may be found in the original article.

Though we don’t like to harp on how much demo-quality software there is in the App Store at this point, Solitaire CAO ($5) by Mike Orr is a poster child for this problem; it looks like something you’d see on a Windows shareware site. To its credit, it presents Klondike in vertical mode, allowing you to choose from several backgrounds and types of cards, changing both their fronts and backs.

While it plays a fine game of Klondike, the art, especially in the backgrounds, is really rough and amateurish. There are four mediocre backgrounds, 12 so-so card backs, and a large card icon graphic mode so you can see cards better. As with some of the other so-so Solitaire titles we’ve seen, the interface doesn’t involve dragging or other gestures, and instead relies only on tapping, which isn’t great. Once again, our objection to demo-quality games like this isn’t so much that they exist in the App Store, but that people are trying to charge $5 for them; you can do better for free. iLounge Rating: D.



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