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Company: Tiger Toys/Hasbro


Model: i-CY

Price: $20

Compatible: All iPods

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Tiger Toys i-CY Interactive Penguin Music Companion

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By Jeremy Horwitz

Editor-in-Chief, iLounge ()
Published: Monday, February 26, 2007
Category: Miscellaneous Accessories

Tiger's already released i-Dogs, i-Cats, and i-Fish - now the amusingly named i-CY, a "performing penguin," has arrived. A mix of clear, black, and white plastics with a tiny Chrome beak power button, he matches any full-sized iPod and puts on a little show to your music. As with the other i-series animal toys, i-CY comes with an auxiliary audio cable so that you can connect your iPod and listen to audio through the unit's rear-mounted, built-in speaker. Flipping his tail toggles between iPod music and i-CY noises, some of which are bird chirps, and others almost Godzilla-like, as i-CY lightly flaps his wings and bobs back and forth. Unlike i-Fish, i-CY is a pretty stable little toy and won't bother you while he's on a flat surface; he puts on a light show with seven multi-colored lights, very similar to the ones seen in i-Dog and i-Cat, and modestly influenced by the music that's playing. You'll have to provide three AAA batteries yourself, and unscrew a single Philips head screw to insert them.


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