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Company: Tuff-Luv


Model: Slim-Stand Leather Case Cover, Smart-er Stasis Cover with Armour Shell, Type-View Candy Rock Case

Price: $45-$60

Compatible: iPad 2, iPad (3rd-Gen)

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Tuff-Luv Folio Cases for iPad 2/iPad (3rd-Generation)

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By Nick Guy

Accessories Editor, iLounge ()
Published: Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Category: Cases - iPad, iPad 2 / 3rd-Gen / 4th-Gen

Tuff-Luv has released a handful of new cases for the third-generation iPad -- only one, the Slim-Stand Leather Case Cover ($45), is marketed as supporting the iPad 2 as well. The two others are the Smart-er Stasis Cover with Armour Shell ($60) and Type-View Candy Rock Case ($50), all less than exciting, and made with materials that don't feel like they justify the prices. Rather than a full review, we'll simply preview them here. Of the bunch, Slim-Stand is the most disappointing, made from faux leather that doesn't even attempt to replicate the real stuff, and held shut with an elastic band. Instead of a proper iPad frame, the corners are held in place with faux leather bands and elastic straps -- a lazy design that we see infrequently these days, for good reason. The one real redeeming factor is the ability to stand the tablet in four different viewing positions. Smart-er Stasis is like Apple's Smart Case in both function and name. Highly similar to OEM designs we've seen, it has a molded iPad shell and a segmented front cover that folds to form a typing or viewing stand. The magnets do hold the position of the stand, which is somewhat uncommon among this style of case, though the materials otherwise feel cheap. Last is Type-View, which has a fabric exterior and a faux leather frame to hold the tablet, with magnets that hold the lid shut. A Velcro tab along the same edge can attach to matching pieces on the back to form a stand.


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