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Company: Tune Belt, Inc.

Product Name:  Tune Belt Open View iPod shuffle Armband

Website:  Tune Belt, Inc.

List Price: $16.95

Tune Belt Open View iPod shuffle Armband

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By tunebelt

Contributing Editor
Published: Monday, July 10, 2006
Category: Cases - iPods + Accessories, iPod shuffle, Health + Fitness


This lightweight, comfortable armband will securely hold and protect your iPod shuffle while you enjoy hands-free active listening. Its features include a clear protective mylar window that you can play right through to operate the shuffle’s functions and a flap to securely hold down excess earbud cord so it doesn’t get tangled up during activity. The armband strap is easily adjustable with one hand up to 18”. Pocket dimensions: H - 3.5”, W - 1 1/8”. (Depth can expand to .3”)


- Operate shuffle functions right through protective mylar window
- Securely stores excess earbud cord to prevent tangling in arm
- Protects shuffle from bumps and perspiration during activity
- Comfortable, lightweight, secure and hands-free!
- Armband size is easily adjustable with one hand up to 18”


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