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Company: TuneTether

Product Name:  TuneTether earbud around-the-neck holder

Website:  TuneTether

List Price: 12.99

TuneTether earbud around-the-neck holder

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By tune_tether

Contributing Editor
Published: Saturday, January 13, 2007
Category: Miscellaneous Accessories, Clips and Cord Managers


Tether your tunes! Use the TuneTether to keep your earbuds safe. Made from a lightweight composite material that’s flexible yet still holds its shape. The plastic hooks hold the earbuds in place while still allowing easy movement.


Use the TuneTether to keep your earbuds safe. NO MORE dragging, sagging, twisting, flopping, bouncing, dangling, getting caught in the spokes, dropping to the ground and getting dirty, burning on your tail pipe, tripping on, or loosing them down your shirt - or whatever - to your earbuds!
Available in three colors: Black : White : Pink – more to come soon.


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