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Company: United SGP


Model: Folder Pouches

Price: $28-40

Compatible: iPod touch 2G

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United SGP Corp. Illuzion + Valencia Folder Pouches for iPod touch 2G

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By Jeremy Horwitz

Editor-in-Chief, iLounge ()
Published: Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Category: iPod touch

In an effort to radically cut down on the me-too accessories that have gotten way too much exposure over the years, we've all but stopped covering flip cases -- the second-laziest case design out there -- derived from old-fashioned PDA holders that expect you to open them up every time you want to use your iPod. Every once in a while, though, weird things show up, like United SGP's Illuzion and Valencia Folder Pouches for iPod touch 2G, and we're not sure whether to just toss them in the pile or tell you about them anyway. On one hand, we'd never actually use these cases because of the inconvenience the whole lid-flipping thing adds, and the fact that they smell a bit like cigars. But yet they're surprisingly close to Vaja flip cases in looks and feel, one made from real leather with a Swarovski and etched flower pattern on the front ($40), another made from faux leather with an embossed flourish ($28), and the third from real leather with a metal S logo in the corner ($38). The weirdness starts on the inside, where two of the cases' fabric interiors have been embossed with two sentences from the Emerald Tablet of Hermes, rendered unreadable by the soft lining; it continues with tiny pieces of included film that are supposed to protect the case from the "sharp edge of iPod touch 2G's USB port," a first, which is especially odd given that the Dock Connector hole doesn't appear to make contact with the case. Note to developers: no more flip-style cases, please. Thanks.


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