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Company: United SGP


Model: Metal Skin

Price: $22

Compatible: iPhone 3G

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United SGP Corp. Metal Skin for iPhone 3G

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By Jeremy Horwitz

Editor-in-Chief, iLounge ()
Published: Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Category: Stickers + Film, iPhone / iPod

Rarely do we look at an accessory and say that it makes little sense, but United SGP's Metal Skin for iPhone 3G ($22) initially appears to be pretty close. Clearly adapted from a product developed for a different cell phone, the Metal Skin is an adhesive sticker set designed to add additional metallic accents to the iPhone 3G in your choice of silver, gold, blue, red, or black colors. The problem is that most of the stickers included here can't actually be placed on the iPhone 3G's face or body -- unlike a RAZR keyboard, you don't want a huge Safari icon stuck on your screen at all times. That leaves you with a front black bezel cover and a weird ring to put around the Apple logo -- not a great value for the price, and due to the very thin, sharp metal, a little dangerous too.


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