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Review: Vaja iVolution Black n’Red Limited Edition for iPhone 3G


Company: Vaja


Model: iVolution Black n’Red LE

Price: $80-85

Compatible: iPhone 3G

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Jeremy Horwitz

Nearly two months after the iPhone 3G's release, new cases continue to appear at a brisk pace, so we're doing quick reviews today of a collection of options that vary dramatically in looks and features. This review covers Vaja's iVolution Black n'Red Limited Edition for iPhone 3G ($80-$85).

We’ve been overwhelmed by the sheer number of iVolution-branded Vaja flip cases for iPhones, iPod touches, and iPhone 3Gs, though we’ve also gone out of our way to point out that we like most of these cases more than typical flip-style designs; if you have to suffer the inconvenience of opening a large front flap every time you want to make a phone call or use the touchscreen, the flap had better look really nice. Vaja has obliged, with numerous designs that range from high-quality flat leather to striped and crystal-encrusted versions; it also released a $125 iVolution Special Edition for iPhone with a uniquely textured leather.


iVolution Black n’Red Limited Edition for iPhone 3G is, in essence, that case at a lower price, and recut to match the new device’s curves. Outside is heavily grained “floater” black leather, while smooth red Vaja logo-embossed leather is found on the inside. As with earlier iterations of this case design for the original iPhone, the Limited Edition has a distinctively puffed back with a rounded space left for the camera; you can add a detachable belt clip to the rear for an additional $5 over the base price of $80.


Only a little has changed in terms of protection from the prior iPhone’s iVolution Top Holster design. This case provides substantial coverage for the iPhone 3G’s body when closed, but fully exposes the top and side controls, as well as the headphone port. The bottom covers everything but the speakerphone mic and speaker combination; you need to open the front flap to expose the iPhone 3G’s screen and other controls. Thanks to tailoring tweaks, you get slightly better top and left side surface coverage because the leather has been extended a bit more on the case’s back, and less of the iPhone 3G’s chrome bezel is visible from the case’s front when it’s closed.


With most Vaja cases, what you’re paying a premium price for is the quality of leather and the class, and there’s no doubt that iVolution Black n’Red Limited Edition is a handsome-looking, nice-feeling design. While we’d pick the less expensive, fully color-customizable iVolution Top version instead, if you really prefer the grainy black leather to your choice of numerous nice smooth colored leathers, you’ll be satisfied with the way this case accents and protects your iPhone 3G.


Editors' Note: iLounge only reviews products in "final" form, but many companies now change their offerings - sometimes several times - after our reviews have been published. This iLounge article provides more information on this practice, known as revving.

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