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Company: XtremeMac


Model: InCharge Auto, Home, Home Plus

Price: $20-$40

Compatible: iPod 4G, 5G, classic, mini, nano, touch, iPhone/3G/3GS

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XtremeMac InCharge Auto, Home + Home Plus for iPod and iPhone

The latest generation of XtremeMac's InCharge series of home and car chargers has arrived, and minimalist design is the name of the game. InCharge Auto ($20) is an ultra-simple black and gray car charger with a coiled cord, a low-profile Dock Connector, and a matte black charging bulb -- no frills, save for a 1 Amp charger that provides a faster recharge for iPhones, nice for the asking price. The Home ($30) and Home Plus ($40) versions of InCharge differ based on pack-ins: both are dual USB wall chargers with detachable power blades, but whereas Home comes with only U.S./Canada/Japan-ready blades, Home Plus includes additional travel-friendly blades suited to international use, as well. Each version comes with one USB-to-Dock Connector cable, leaving you to supply the second USB cable yourself; they output 1 Amp per port for fast charging.


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