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A-Highly Recommended

IK Multimedia iRig KEYS PRO

Review published: December 03, 2013

AHighly Recommended

IK Multimedia iRig PRO Audio/MIDI Interface

Review published: September 16, 2013


IK Multimedia iKlip Stand for iPad

Review published: August 30, 2013

A-Highly Recommended

IK Multimedia iRig HD

Review published: May 30, 2013

IK Multimedia iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit

First Look published: March 11, 2013

A-Highly Recommended

Blue Microphones Spark Digital Studio-Grade Microphone

Review published: February 26, 2013


Apogee Electronics MiC Studio Quality Microphone

Review published: February 22, 2013

A-Highly Recommended

IK Multimedia iRig Stomp

Review published: October 31, 2012

B-Limited Recommendation

Focusrite iTrack Solo

Review published: October 05, 2012

A-Highly Recommended

IK Multimedia iRig PRE XLR Microphone Interface

Review published: October 05, 2012

B-Limited Recommendation

Blue Microphones Mikey Digital

Review published: September 05, 2012

A-Highly Recommended

Griffin StudioConnect for iPad

Review published: July 27, 2012


Samson Carbon 49 USB MIDI Controller

Review published: June 07, 2012


IK Multimedia iRig MIDI + SampleTank for iOS

Review published: March 27, 2012


IK Multimedia DJ Rig

Review published: March 23, 2012

Inspired Instruments You Rock Guitar YRG-1000

Review published: September 13, 2011

iRig Mic

IK Multimedia iRig Mic + VocaLive

Review published: March 29, 2011

Blue Microphones Mikey for iPod

First Look published: November 24, 2010


Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer for iPhone + iPod touch

Review published: August 27, 2010

AmpliTube for iPad
iRig Accessory
AmpliTube for iPhone

IK Multimedia Amplitube iRig for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Review published: August 27, 2010


Blue Microphones Mikey

Review published: March 31, 2009

A-Highly Recommended

SwitchEasy ThumbTacks Micro-Microphone

Review published: March 25, 2009

Numark iDJ2

Review published: January 05, 2009

B-Limited Recommendation

Memorex SingStand MKS-SS1 Microphone and Speaker System

Review published: December 23, 2008

AHighly Recommended

Incipio Lloyd Microphone Adapter for iPod nano 4G

Review published: December 19, 2008

Belkin GoStudio Audio Recorder

Review published: September 25, 2008

B-Limited Recommendation

Numark TTi USB Turntable with Universal Dock

Review published: July 04, 2008

Belkin TuneStudio 4-Channel Mixer for iPod

First Look published: January 29, 2008

Used With iPod classic, iPod nano 3G
Used With iPod 5G, nano 2G

Tunewear Stereo Sound Recorder for iPod

Review published: November 29, 2007

Numark iDJ2 Mobile DJ Workstation

First Look published: September 17, 2007

Sergio iSpin iPod Sound Effect Mixer

First Look published: August 23, 2007

A-Highly Recommended

Griffin radio SHARK 2 AM/FM/Internet Radio Recorder

Review published: March 21, 2007


XtremeMac MicroMemo for iPod nano 2nd Generation

Review published: January 22, 2007

XtremeMac MemoMic for MicroMemo

Review published: January 15, 2007


BlueBox miJam Guitar, Mixer, and Drummer

Review published: November 15, 2006


Griffin iKaraoke Karaoke for Your iPod

Review published: November 09, 2006


doPi Karaoke video iPod / video MP3 Player

Review published: November 08, 2006


Griffin iTalkPro Stereo Microphone for iPod 5G

Review published: October 25, 2006

Gemini Sound Products iTRAX iPod Mixer Console

First Look published: September 07, 2006

B-Limited Recommendation

CAVS IPS-11G Karaoke Station

Review published: August 31, 2006

PMIX-100 Personal Audio Mixer

Review published: July 04, 2006


Belkin TuneTalk Stereo for iPod with video

Review published: June 30, 2006

Instant Music for Mac

Review published: April 05, 2006

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