iPad ‘Pro’ (sub-13” model)

  • 2014 release a possibility

  • Virtually certain to have higher resolution screen than current-generation iPad Air and Retina iPad mini

  • Sub-13” screen size is consensus

  • Likely to require more power than current iPads

Rumors suggest that Apple has been developing a larger version of the iPad. To date, most reports agree that the larger iPad will have a display slightly smaller than 13 inches — possibly 12.9 inches or 12 inches. In order to achieve “Retina” display standards, the screen will need to have a higher resolution than the current-generation 2048x1536 iPad displays, and rumors suggest that it will be close in resolution to the 4K screens on 13.3” Retina MacBook Pros.

Apple has also reportedly been working on a 17-watt power supply, possibly for a larger iPad — more power than is required for the current iPad, but far less than is required for the 11” MacBook Air.

We’re unsure of the name at this point, but our best guess at this point would be “iPad Pro,” based on current Apple naming conventions and possible features of a larger iPad.

Given the weight and physical size of current iPads, it’s unclear how users would be expected to hold a larger iPad, and likely that Apple is exploring improved stand options for this model. Should it be targeted at the professional market, an Apple-developed physical keyboard would be a natural first accessory.

Other rumors:

Apple is working with Taiwanese company Quanta on developing a 12-inch iPad.

New touchscreen technology is being explored for sensing differing degrees of pressure on an iPad screen, potentially to aid with stylus use, but may not make it into 2014 models.

Apple is sourcing screens for the new iPad from a “first-tier” Korean supplier, likely LG but possibly Samsung.

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