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Description: Meet the lowest-tech way to communicate using your iPhone or iPod touch. The Marq web application scrolls messages, marquee-style across your device for others to view from fifteen, twenty-five, or more feet away. You can save your favorite messages and options or just bookmark the main Marq web page and create new messages anytime inspiration strikes. Marq fields: * Text: Enter the message you wish to display. * Speed: Set the update speed from Faster to Slower (default Medium). * Jump: Set the movement amount from Lowest to Highest (default Middle). * Colors: Set the text and background colors individually (default White text on a Black background). You can enter a 6-digit hexadecimal color value by selecting the #other option. Marq buttons: * Show Message: display your message. You can drag the screen up to enter a new message or change the options while your previous message is still displaying. * Make Bookmarkable: display your message and put a bookmarkable string in the location bar. Then tap on Safari's '+' button (reached by tapping on the title bar or scrolling the screen up) to bookmark your customized message. * Clear Text: start over with an empty message. This immediately stops the current message if there is one. Note: tapping Go in the keyboard dialog invokes the Make Bookmarkable button not the Show Message button. This goes back to the server and is slower, so most of the time you'll want to press the Done button and then hit the Show Message button. There is even a special local version of Marq at http://www.rjen.com/marqx.html especially for iPod touch users that works without an Internet connection. Click on the link on that page and then bookmark the resulting data url. You can then use your bookmark anytime, anywhere.


iPhone Link: http://rjen.com/marq.html

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