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The Loan Amortization Calculator determines the payment amount per period and creates a summarized amortization schedule. The payment frequency determines how the interest is compounded. The calculators…

Loan Calculator

Basic monthly payment calculator.

Media Converter

Convert video, sound and other files for your iPhone


This site helps to calculate the mileage of your car quick and easy. In addition it can give you the cost per distance and maximum range of your car. Make sure you find the cheapest gas station near you…

Mortgage Payment Calculator

This mortgage payment calculator determines the payment for a fixed-rate mortgage. The payment includes principal+interest, but not insurance and property taxes. The calculator also estimates the total…


Your ovulation date is normally 14 days before the start of your next period. If you have a regular menstrual cycle, you start with the first day of your last period and add the number of days in your…


WHAT THIS PREGNANCY CALCULATOR ESTIMATES: Your baby's due date Your ovulation date The end of your 1st and 2nd trimeters The number of weeks along you are on a specified date


HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR DUE DATE Add 40 weeks to the date of the first day of your last menstrual period. This assumes an average menstrual cycle length of 28 days, so if your average menstrual cycle length…

Programmer’s Calculator

A basic programmer's calculator

Resistor Value Calculator

Calculates the value of a resistor by simply inputting the band colors .

Salary Calculator

Converts hourly wage to annual salary or vice versa.


A Scientific Calculator for the iPhone


Calculate your payment on a basic loan.


SPEED CONVERSIONS 1 mph = 1.609344* km/hr 1 mph = 88* ft/min 1 mph = 0.44704* m/s 1 m/s = 3.6* km/hr 1 ft/s = 0.3048* m/s 1 ft/s = 1.09728* km/hr 1 knot(intnl) = 1.852* km/hr 1 c = 299792458* m/s * Exact…


This site helps to calculate the average velocity over a given distance. Use this to measure e.g. your walking and running speed or to calibrate your car speedometer.

Talking iPhone Translator

A foreign language phrase book that provides translations into six languages these phrase books actually speak the selected phrase through your iPhone's speaker.


"Normal" body temperature is about 98.24°F (36.8°C) but that may vary by as much as 1.3°F (0.7°C) above or below throughout the day, depending on your activity level and time of day.

Tip Calculator for iPhone

A free Web-based application for calculating gratuities for bar and restaurant bills--designed specifically for the iPhone's Safari browser. The application offers two different calculation methods (percent…


A tip calculator for your iPhone.


A tip calculator for your iPhone/mobile.


A tip calculator that calculates the tip based on your rating of the service. It even splits the check for you. Settings screen allows you to customize the percentage associated with each star and Kudit…


This tip calculator designed for the iPhone and iPodTouch will calculate a tip based on getting the total to be a whole number. Type in your own tip % and it can also split the bill for you.

Unit Converter

Converts over 500 different units of measure from one unit to another. It even does currency conversion using the latest exchange rates.

Vin Decoder

The Apple iPhone version of our VIN Decoder. Please enter a Classic or Modern VIN in the Box above and we'll tell you about the car. We have data on cars from 1953 through 2008.


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