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iquiz SAT

SAT multiple choice on your iPhone.

iquiz science

Science multiple choice questions on the iPhone.

iquiz simpsons

A simpsons movie multiple choice question game.

iquiz sports

A sports multiple choice question game for the iPhone.

iquiz stocks

Stock market related multiple choice questions.

iquiz superhero

A quiz game based on superhero multiple choice questions.

iquiz world series

World_series multiple choice questions on your iphone.


Move the squares around to complete the picture.

It’s a Mac Mac World

The object of the game is to remember where the matches are.


Rules: 1) Puzzle speed = 80+700/level miliseconds, the smaller value the faster puzzle falls 2) If puzzles created in current level >= 10+level*2 then increase level 3) After puzzle falling score is increased…


iTouch is a new game for the iPhone which tests your reflexes. See how quick you can touch the dots on the screen.


iTrek is a turn-based web-game written in JavaScript and designed for the iPhone. The object is to defeat the Klingon Empire's evil plans to conquer the galaxy. The Federation is the only remaining force…


Try and match like pairs before you run out of time.


Have hours of fun as you use play the slots Vegas style!

iWally Test

The iWally Tests are sets of lateral thinking questions. This type of test is often called Idiot or Moron tests.


Like whack-a-mole, but a little different...

Jacks or Better

The most common variation of video poker, Jacks or Better for your iPhone.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Try to assemble the picture in the center of the screen. Bring in pieces form the outside of the screen by clicking on them once to select, and then clicking on the space where you wish to place the piece.…

Jirbo Match

Try and match the image pairs before the clock runs out.


A tetris-like game with a Jirbo twist.


Hit connecting Jirbo Animals! At least 3 Jirbos have to be connected. Points are alloted for bigger groups of Jirbos!

Knight And Squire

The object of the game is to clear the board by landing on every object on the board. To move, click on an object in the same row or column as your knight, who is wearing red. Clear all of the objects…

Let It Roll

Yahtzee-like dice game that can be played with any number of people. Works in portrait and landscape modes!


3rd party iPhone-Xbox Live integration. At this stage, it only allows you to look up gamercards, but this will be expanded in the future to include MANY more features.


A logic game for your iPhone.

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