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Mobile Scavenger Hunt

Hunt for real mysteries hidden in your locality by participate with your community of friends or workers to win points by being first to solve a mystery. Work to decipher photos and clues on the way to…


The mobile community, games and news portal, has added a custom UI for iPhone users, including links to iPhone news and widgets. Also an iPhone chat room, iPhone polls. iPhone users can create their own…


Run, jump, shoot, avoid or kill the monsters.


Enjoy hours of fun with this mind-bending puzzle game. Clear the board by jumping one colorful tile over another. A bewitching brain teaser, Mosaic poses infinite variety and will test your logic and spacial…

Multi-Player Word War

Multi-Player Word War is a word game for your iPhone or iPodTouch where you battle other players with words in real-time. Steal letters or make new words in English and a dozen other languages. Maintain…


A virtual metronome right on your iPhone.

MyNuMo Blackjack

MyNuMo Blackjack is a quality casino game that demonstrates the capabilities of the iPhone. Equals or exceeds the quality of any mobile casino game and uniquely adapted to the iPhone's touchscreen interface

Mystic 8-Ball

A mystic 8-ball that gives yes or no answers. We even shake it for you! You can choose between a standard shaking animation and a more interesting "spastic" animation. Your settings are stored and remembered…

Ninja Ropes

Ninja has two ropes. Tap screen to throw rope. If rope touches circle, it binds and moves ninja.


OmegaBall is a puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You remove balls from the board by jumping a single ball. Just clear the balls until one remains and you win.


Othelli is the classic strategy game of Othello / Reversi optimized for the iPod touch or iPhone with a slick interface. Play against the computer, choose from 3 different levels with options to highlight…


Classic Othello on your iPhone or iPodTouch.

P2P iPhone Battleship

Set your ships positions and then join the public pool and wait for the first person ready to play. You can use the chat to talk smack, or just make it more realistic. Want to play with just your friends?…

Peace, love and happiness

Eliminate groups of symbols.

Peg Solitaire

The aim of the game is to clear the board down to only one peg.


Jump with any peg horizontally or vertically across an adjacent peg in an open space. The peg that has been "jumped" will automatically be removed. The aim of the game is to jump all the pegs until only…


Pigs need feeding and you have only so much food to make them pop off the field. These pigs are a considerate bunch, so if you pop one he'll kindly pass on some grub to his neighbors. Do it right and youll…

Poke Your iOut

The object of the game is to poke all the eyes out.


Poker on your iPhone.

Poker Manga

Poker on your iPhone with a Manga twist.

ppQuiz iPhone edition

Educational and fun quizzes! From entertainment Trivia quiz to SAT vocabulary and math quiz.


A multiple choice question game on presidents.

Puzzle Manga

Move the pieces around to unscramble the image.


An iPhone take on the classic video game, Qix.

Quad Words

This is a word game where you must rotate letters to form words in various shapes that are also attached via common letters.

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