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iThumbScan 3000

A funny "thumb scanner" that will tell the user all sorts of interesting information about themselves. Wait for the punch-line...


Train and improve your typing skills on your iPhone.

iWally Test

The iWally Tests are sets of lateral thinking questions. This type of test is often called Idiot or Moron tests.


Jokes on your iPhone.


LED MESSAGE displays LED style messages. To display a message, enter and store the message and turn your iPhone sideways.

Let It Roll

Yahtzee-like dice game that can be played with any number of people. Works in portrait and landscape modes!


3rd party iPhone-Xbox Live integration. At this stage, it only allows you to look up gamercards, but this will be expanded in the future to include MANY more features.


Lottoapp.com is an iPhone and iPod touch friendly app for Lottery enthusiasts that provides lottery results for all US States along with lucky number generators for various lotto games.

Maxim Hometown Hotties for iPhone

Browse over 1,000 Hometown Hottie profiles and play the Hottie Quiz Game, all in an iPhone-friendly format!

Maxim Hottie Weather

Two things that go great together: local weather forecasts and local hotties! If you've got the newest iPhone firmware, this is a great replacement for the standard Weather app, so make sure to add it…

Maxim Joke-o-Matic for iPhone

Get a random joke from our joke database in an iPhone-friendly format!

Mobiscope: Home / SOHO Surveillance

Turn your iPhone into a home surveillance system with Mobiscope software. No need to purchase any expensive equipment. All you need is a webcam on your computer to record everything that goes on when you…


Mock Dock makes your iPhone apps look more like native apps.

Mundu IM - iPhone Edition

Enter the url http://iphone.mundu.com into your iPhone browser and chat across leading IM services AIM®, MSN®, Yahoo®, and Google Talk®, through a single chat window Mundu IM – iPhone Edition: -…

Mystic 8-Ball

A mystic 8-ball that gives yes or no answers. We even shake it for you! You can choose between a standard shaking animation and a more interesting "spastic" animation. Your settings are stored and remembered…


What is Natuba? Natuba is the original iPhone photo sharing site. It’s the easiest way to put your iPhone photos on the web for your friends to see and discuss. Why did we create Natuba? After getting…

Nostradamus: The Centuries

Nostradamus: The Centuries provides Quatrains for the centuries.

NY Talk

The object of the application is to learn how to talk like a NY'er.


Looking for a quick dose of inspiration? Already gone through all your bookmarks and it feels like there's nothing left to read on the Web today? Quip can let you pass a minute (or two, or ten) with a…


SEXCAL computes the pregnancy dates for a couple that wants an specific sex for their baby. The website notes that the results should not be taken as definitive.


If you're in a loud room or you wanna a super-chic way of saying "Hey" to that stranger across the room, why not use your iPhone? You write the message and watch as heads turn to see your message scrolling…


Signal turns your iPhone, iPod touch, or Pocket PC into an advanced wireless remote control for iTunes, Winamp, or Windows Media Player. Control playback, browse or search your media library, and edit…

Spades Scorekeeper

Keep track of your game of Spades without having to scribble down on paper. Handles bags and being set and even blind nil bids for you!


This site helps to calculate the average velocity over a given distance. Use this to measure e.g. your walking and running speed or to calibrate your car speedometer.


We monitor all your favorite celeb gossip sites for you, saving you hours of work! Become a Celebrity!! Post stories about you and your friends or your favorite celebs. If they get voted to the top you'll…

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