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DiskAid 6


DiskAid transfers music and video from the device library to iTunes - including playlists, ratings, counts and comments.
It copies files between the Mac and any iPhone, iPad or iPod through a USB cable or via the Wi-Fi network.

DiskAid also accesses iPhone data sets such as Text messages, MMS and iMessages, contacts, voicemail, notes and voice memos and saves the data onto the computer for backup or sharing.

DiskAid is an all purpose file transfer software that lets you browse the whole contents of the device file system and in doing so lets you transfer and store files to the all installed apps, store files on the device and view them on the go.

Other features include browsing and transfer iCloud files and Photo stream.

License: $29.90

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, iTunes 10, iPhone or iPad running iOS 4 or higher, any iPod

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DOT-POD - 1.0b10

Let the world enjoy your iPod as much as you do.
Share your iPod tracks with everyone in your home or office.
Share your iPod tracks with the world via any web browser
Only with DOT-POD - the ultimate iPod web server.
Get it NOW!

DOT-POD was conceived by a group of professional musicians who use their iPods for transporting their own copyright music and recordings and who wanted to be able to easily demonstrate their work to clients and to share ‘works in progress’ and other original compositions with others.

Here is an example of DOT-POD in action: Let’s say you’ve created some original music in GarageBand and you want to make it available to your clients, or friends and family. You can’t really email huge files to all your friends - the easy way is to copy them to your iPod and use DOT-POD to make them available on the web from your iPod so that your, clients, friends and family can download them from their web browser.

Step 1) Plug your iPod into your Mac
Step 2) Launch the DOT-POD application
Step 3) Select the music and recordings that you own or have the right to share (“your iPod tracks”)
Step 4) View, download and listen to your iPod tracks via any web browser - anywhere in the world.
That’s it.
DOT-POD doesn’t rely on the OSX built-in ‘web-sharing’, it contains a custom built web server specifically designed to serve the audio tracks on an iPod. Users will be limited only by the speed of their ISP connection as tracks are served at lightning speed from the DOT-POD application. Infact download speeds are virtually identical to those of high-end webservers like apache. You can also create usernames and passwords so that only authorised users can listen to and download your original music.

You don’t have to know anything about webservers, html files, audio streaming technology, web design, user authentication or any of that nonsense which others expect you to learn. Just use Stuffit Expander to extract the file, launch DOT-POD and sit back and enjoy your music playing from every computer in your house - and your friend’s house - and the office - and Aunty Beryl’s…

This is no little iPod utility - this is a fully blown iPod web server application.

You must remember at all times that if you do not own the sound recording of the music then you must not make it available to share with others unless you have legal permission to do so from the owner of the music and the owner of the sound recording.


Beta, $29.00


Mac OS X, iPod

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DOT-POD Client - 0.1b

DOT-POD Server allows you to share your own iPod music with the world via any web browser. But now you can stream tracks from a DOT-POD Server with the new FREE DOT-POD Client.
The only problem with listening to and downloading tracks via a web browser is that you need to keep clicking a link to play each track. Introducing DOT-POD Client, which streams tracks across the net from a DOT-POD Server - one after the other. NICE :-)





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DOT.TUNES is a fully developed web server application that supports mp3, AAC, aiff, .wav, mpeg, mp4, and .mov files, allowing you to share your iTunes library contents with your friends in other cities, your classmates across the dorm or the coworkers scattered throughout the building.[1] DOT.TUNES contains a custom web server designed specifically to serve the audio tracks from your iTunes at lightning fast speeds. Through seamless integration with your iTunes database, DOT.TUNES easily handles large libraries[2] without missing a beat.

Advanced features like the flash player, file uploads, podcasting and RSS feeds allow your subscribers to easily stay up-to-date with your latest adventures. Whether you’re making new music by the hour, doing bad pop karaoke in your living room or working on a video diary of your cat, keeping your friends in the loop is as easy as one click. DOT.TUNES allows you to create your own podcast just like the big boys, except with no server or subscription fees.

It’s been said that there are two types of computer users: Those who get this joke and those who don’t. Whichever category you fall in, you don’t have to worry with DOT.TUNES. You don’t have to don’t know HTML from http. If you’ve worked iTunes, you’re qualified. Download, installation and setup are that easy and intuitive.

Your computer and its contents are always secure. DOT.TUNES works by reading your iTunes library file and never interferes with the contents of your computer. You choose the listeners you invite to your private network and they only have access to the files that you decide. You choose how much access each person has. Dynamic controls allow for an endless array of possibilities spread out amongst as many users as you wish. And no one comes to the party without your say so.

Playing DJ at an iPod party or trying to settle an argument about song lyrics or has never been easier. As long as you have an internet connection, you can log onto your DOT.TUNES server and get the song you need when you need it. You can browse your collection by playlist, genre, artist, genre, album, composer or designated favorites. And, just like in iTunes, a powerful search function allows you to go through your music by keyword.

If you’re really in a crunch, you don’t even need a computer. Any web enabled phone, Sony PSP or PDA will do. DOT.TUNES works fine on all browsers.

With DOT.TUNES’ shared folder function, you never have to be without a vital piece of information again. Any file of any type can be made available to you via the web. And you never have to worry about the integrity of your computer. Access to the shared folder is controlled by the same protocols as your DOT.TUNES music. You decide who, if anyone, gets in. Ease your mind

Some Features:

Stream playlists to your blog/website
User created playlists and favorites
Streaming-only capability
Remote control ability over local networks
Real-time activity monitoring
Control/limit the amount of simultaneous downloads
Album art support
File Uploads
Remote Playlist Creation
Flash Player support
[1] DOT.TUNES is not to be used in violation of existing copyright laws. We do not encourage you to distribute files without the expressed permission of the owner(s).

[2] Libraries over 30,000 songs have been successfully tested.

You must remember at all times that if you do not own the sound recording of the music then you must not make it available to share with others unless you have legal permission to do so from the owner of the music and the owner of the sound recording.


Shareware, $30.00


Mac OS X 10.2 or higher, iTunes 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x

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DVDRemaster - 3.4.0

DVDRemaster is an utility for Mac OS X to recompress large DVDs so that they fit on standard DVD5 or video iPod. It can either copy an entire DVD and keep all tracks, copy the main feature only, or (in the Pro version) copy selected audio and video tracks only.


Update, $39.99


Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher (10.4 required for burning)

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DVDxDV - 1.34

DVDxDV is widely used through-out the television and film industry to create broadcast quality video from standard DVDs. Many prominent television shows, such as, Frontline on PBS, have used DVDxDV to create high quality video from DVD. DVDxDV is a program designed to extract your movies off of a DVD. After a DVD is created, the original source material can get lost or damaged. When this happens, there is no easy way to get the video off the DVD and back into the computer where it can be re-edited. DVDxDV makes it easy to get at your video when it’s on DVD. With DVDxDV you can quickly convert the DVD video back into any Quicktime video format. From there, it can be re-edited and burned onto a new DVD.


Shareware, $25.00


Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher

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DVDxDV Pro - 1.085

DVDxDV Pro is widely used through-out the television and film industry to create broadcast quality video from standard DVDs. Many prominent television shows, such as, Frontline on PBS, have used DVDxDV to create high quality video from DVD. DVDxDV Pro is professional DVD video extraction for users of Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro. Using the same video extraction engine as DVDxDV, DVDxDV Pro lets you extract multi-channel audio at up to 24 bit resolution. It can output video with lower field or upper field dominant interlacing. In addition, video can be cropped to a specific resolution.


Update, $80.00


Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher, DVD Studio Pro and Final Cut Pro or Express recommended, Quicktime 7.03 or higher required for iPod video export.

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EasyWMV - 1.2.3

EasyWMV can be used to convert or resize wmv, asf, avi, mp4, mpg, mpeg, mov, m4v, flv, nsv, swf and vob video files so that they can be used with QuickTime Player. EasyWMV has a very simple user interface, supports drag and drop as well as batch processing. EasyWMV can export video to mpeg and mpeg4 formats and can optimize videos for playback on iPod.

Main Features:

Input formats: asf, avi, flv, m4v, mp4, mpg, mpeg, mov, nsv, swf, vob, wmv
Output formats: mp4, mpg
Manual or automatic audio bit rate selection from source (32-320kbps)
Video encoding up to 2.5mbit/s
Support H.264 encoding for mpeg4 video
Creates video for QuickTime, Apple TV and iPod
Batch processing
Optimized for multi-core and multi-processor systems
Drag & drop of files and folders
iTunes integration


Shareware, $15.00


Mac OS X 10.2 or higher (Universal)

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Ejector - 0.8.1

Ejector adds an Eject icon to the Mac OS X menu bar.

From it you can eject any disks, e.g. an iPod, a CD, a DVD, an USB Key and even a .dmg or a hard disk (including external one).

You can then safely disconnect them from your mac.




Mac OS X 10.3 or higher

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El iPodo 1.1.1

El iPodo, is a small utility that lets you browse your Apple's iPod and copy files to your hard disk. This program is still in beta, and more features will be added before it reaches v1.0. New features in version 1.1.1: * Window re-sizing

License: Freeware

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.0 or later.

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eNotes - 1.3

eNotes is an easy to use and complete tool to manage electronic notes in your Mac and synchronize them with the iPod and with other computers. eNotes allows you to create electronic notes on the fly, just selecting and dragging any text from any application to eNotes. You can edit, modify, save the note or use it as memo or task with priorization and due date features. eNotes adds its own menu to the Finder menubar, showing anytime the notes with due date listed by priority. You can access easily to the notes from any application. • Create notes from any text snippet • Create tasks lists, reminders and alerts easily • Access your eNotes from any application • Organise and clasify your eNotes creating your own cathegories with your own icons • Synchronize your notes, tasks and calendar with other computers or your iPod and take them with you everywhere! eNotes is available in English, German, French and Spanish


Shareware, $14.95


Mac OS X 10.2.8

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