AirPods Pro Foam Tips: Listen to your music more comfortably

Samantha Wiley
By Samantha Wiley  - Senior News Editor
AirPods Pro with Foam Tips

Getting proper noise isolation and a comfortable fit will depend on your AirPods Pro foam tips. Since you’ve already invested in a pair of Apple AirPods Pro, why not get an accessory that maximizes the experience?

Eartips can help funnel sound better and improve immersion when it comes to playing your favorite music, games or watching Apple TV+. Provided you use quality foam tips, it can also keep your Bluetooth earbuds securely in place. Your AirPods Pro won’t get dislodged easily even as you run, cycle or complete your workout.

AirPods Pro with Foam Tips

Here are our highly recommended AirPods Pro foam tips. It comes with free express shipping anywhere in the world. Best of all, it has a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

AirPods Pro Foam Tips

AirPods Pro Foam Tips

These Memory Foam Ear Tips attach themselves securely on your AirPods Pro without any problems. Enjoy music, podcasts and watching your favorite series without the fatigue that goes with in-ear headphones. You’ll also love how the noise cancellation feature is improved and won’t become easily dislodged even with vigorous movement.

You can now exercise to your heart’s content and not worry about your AirPods Pro coming loose and dropping on the floor. The Memory Foam Ear Tips can fit in as you charge your AirPods Pro in the case so you won’t have to take it out every now and then. If you’re really serious about your AirPods Pro, these excellent foam tips are a must-buy!

Why Buy Foam Tips for the AirPods Pro? The Advantages

Ear tips have become somewhat of an afterthought. When you buy a set of wired or wireless earbuds, the manufacturer usually includes small, medium and large foam or silicone tips. The user will then test out each size to find out the best fit, but at the end of the day, they’ll have to settle for what’s available.

Blocks Sound and Improves Noise Cancellation

Most earphones make use of silicone tip material, which provides an okay fit. However, it doesn’t always give you the best seal, and as a result, the bass quality suffers.

Memory foam has been in use for pillows and mattresses, and it’s only now that we’re seeing them as tips for the AirPods Pro. The material is rated more adaptable, which means it can form a seal better than silicone. When you absolutely want zero outside noise and want to enjoy the best sounds possible, then it’s in your best interests to get memory foam-based tips instead of silicone ones.

Higher Sound Quality

How many times have you wondered if what you’re hearing is the best quality? This happens when your favorite music sounds off, e.g., lacking bass or they sound so far away when streamed through the AirPods Pro. In fact, some would take the wireless earbuds out and push them back in several times just so they’ll be satisfied.

Foam-style ear tips eliminate the need to do this. Each time you take out your AirPods Pro and put them in your ears, you’re guaranteed a perfect fit and seal each and every time. There’s no second-guessing if there’s a richer sound than what you’re already hearing because it’s already that way the moment you put them on. You won’t look weird in public while trying to aim for a complete seal and better tones.

Man using the AirPods Pro Foam Tips.

Bluetooth Earbuds Won’t Come Loose

Memory foam has a unique characteristic- it ‘remembers’ and holds its shape whenever there’s pressure. So when you put them in your ear, the material assumes the exact shape and provides a snug fit each and every time. Custom-fitted foam is much better compared to standard silicone ones as it conforms to your inner ear’s shape.

As such, you won’t have to worry about your AirPods Pro ‘popping’ out in the middle of running, doing yoga, commuting and while walking. Some AirPods Pro foam is small enough that they can fit in comfortably inside an AirPods case when not in use.

Better, More Comfortable Fit

The only thing that’s keeping in-ear headphones from becoming an undisputed favorite is that most people experience ‘ear fatigue’ after an hour or so of listening. You’ll feel your ears kind of aching, caused by hard silicone material and will want to remove it even when you’re enjoying yourself.

Compared to silicone, foam tips don’t have that kind of ‘wear’ on your ears. Instead, they conform to the shape of your inner ears and don’t push any muscle out. If you’ve worn memory foam earplugs, then AirPods Pro foam tips are the same, only they have holes in the middle to allow sound to pass through.

Once you get foam tips you won’t go back to silicone ever again. Ear fatigue and aches are gone, allowing you to listen to your favorite music or watch a movie marathon without getting uncomfortable each passing hour. Earbuds are better than headphones are they won’t cause your head to heat up during extended use, and now they’re even better when you switch to foam tips.

AirPods Pro Foam Tips Questions & Answers

How Should I Wear The Foam Tips?

There isn’t an exact way to wear earbud foam tips, but there are a few practices that can make it easier and more comfortable. First, hold the foam tip right between your thumb and pointing finger. Then, begin a rolling motion that makes it into a thinner and round cylinder. If you’ve used earplugs before, then do the same thing before putting them on your AirPods Pro and into your ears.

Once the foam is ready, you should align the material to your ear. Hold your AirPods Pro in one hand and gently pull on your ear with the other. This primes your ear canal for the memory foam and ‘stretches’ it to receive the earbuds. Slowly put in your AirPods to your ears and push the foam tip in the ear canal. As a safety tip, don’t force your AirPods Pro in without compressing it with the ‘rolling’ technique.

AirPods Pro Foam Tips inside ears

If the foam expands without getting inserted, start over so you can get a better fit. It may be tedious at first, but over time you’ll get used to it and will become second nature.

Once the foam is in place, hold your AirPods Pro for anywhere between fifteen to thirty seconds. Let go, and you’ll find your AirPods Pro will be snug in your ear and you’ll be perfectly comfortable listening for a long time.

Will The AirPods Pro Foam Tips Fit In The Charging Case?

Thankfully, you won’t have to remove the foam tips every time you put the AirPods Pro back in the case. It can be secured together with the foam tips; simply fit the ends at the bottom before you close the lid. The foam pops out when you open it, ready for insertion in both ears anytime.

How Do You Take Care Of The Earbuds Foam Tips?

Observing basic hygiene goes a long way towards keeping your foam tips nice and functional. You can make your AirPods Pro foam tips last longer by cleaning the tips regularly to remove the buildup of particles.

Sweat, earwax and natural oils can ruin a memory foam’s composition and make it less effective in sealing over time. That said, if you’re constantly using your AirPods Pro you can expect to replace the tips more frequently than a casual user. Store in a clean and dry place when not in use.

How Do You Clean Foam Tips?

Debris such as oils, wax, and others can be cleaned using simple water. You can use a cloth, a cotton bud or similar material to wipe them away gently.

Here’s what you can do. Take a cotton bud and dip it in water, or get a damp cloth and carefully wipe the foam to clear dead skin, earwax and other debris on the buds. Allow the tips to dry before using them again.

By Samantha Wiley Senior News Editor
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