Best Apple Watch Series 5 Bands for 44mm and 40mm


Need new Apple Watch Series 5 40mm and 44mm bands? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected the best bands that are compatible with your Apple Watch and has a few useful features as well.

Apple Watch Series 5 Bands 44mm and 40mm

From Milanese loops to authentic leather and trendy silicone bands, we’ve got you covered. All of these items come with free express shipping worldwide and are backed by a 30-day moneyback guarantee. You’ll love how the bands look on your wrist and turn your Apple Watch into a fashion statement.

Here are the best 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5 Bands

1. Nylon Soft Band

This is the Nylon soft band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Need an Apple Watch 5 Series band that you can use as a daily driver? The Nylon Soft Band is the perfect accompaniment for your device. It’s tough, stylish and works on both 40mm and 44mm models.

Dual colored banks make for a fashionable, casual statement. You’ll love how the nylon mesh material is comfortable even when you wear it all day. The sporty, trendy designs work in a number of settings and will surely last a long time without the threads fraying or the color fading.

2. Milanese Loop Band

This is the Milanese Loop Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

The Milanese Loop is a superb system that’s made to fit all wrist shapes and sizes. If you’re one of the few who can’t seem to get the right band, or just want an easy way to get the right fit anytime they wear their Apple Watch, this is for you.

Fine metals are interlinked together and make for a seemingly fluid band. The Milanese Loop Band comes in a variety of eye-catching colors, including sky blue, purple and silver, among others. Fitting is as simple as wrapping it around your wrists and letting the magnet do its job.

3. Soft Silicone Band

This is the Soft Silicone Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Silicone material for watch bands gives the user a pleasant tactile experience. The Soft Silicone Band is a great example of fine craftsmanship coupled with timeless design. It has all your favorite colors and more. The fit is excellent and allows your skin to breathe all throughout the day.

Aside from its attractive color, the bands work wonders when it comes to protecting your Apple Watch. It shakes off dust, smudges, fingerprints and can survive a hard knock or two. You can wear a different color every day and become a trendsetter among friends and colleagues.

4. Stainless Steel Band

This is the Stainless Steel Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Stainless steel looks amazing when paired up with the Apple Watch’s aluminum shell. The Stainless Steel Band comes in several classic hues such as gold, rose gold and ‘look at me’ options such as red and blue. The Milanese Loop mechanism ensures a perfect fit every time!

Installing your smartwatch is a relatively easy affair. Slot the watch in the full protective case, close the lid and go through the motions of securing the band. Aside from looking fashionable your accessory is now fully protected from knocks, bumps, and scratches from hard and sharp objects!

5. Eastar Band

This is the Eastar Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

You may have a modern smartwatch but you still prefer the timeless look of leather. Believe it or not, you can get the best of both worlds when you buy the Eastar Band for your Apple Watch Series 5. High-quality craftsmanship will be apparent the moment you lay your eyes on the band. The look and feel of leather are genuine, even down to the detailed stitching!

The band’s genuine leather material is made from cowhide and provides a tactile experience. It’s also naturally dust-proof and fingerprint-proof. The Eastar Band will be your Apple Watch’s companion for a long time!

6. EIMO Band

This is the Eimo Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Before, the gold standard of watch bands as they had to provide an excellent fit to a wide audience base. If it’s too loose or too tight, then it’s left in favor of other bands. The introduction of Milanese loops brought these problems to an end, thanks to its unique mechanism of providing a perfect fit no matter your wrist girth or shape.

The EIMO Band adds shine and color-thru staples such as sky blue, green and lavender, or dual ones like black gold, red gold, and silver-green, among others. The smooth mesh wraps fluidly and is supremely comfortable, to boot.

7. Colorful Silicone Band

This is the Colorful Silicone Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Want something other than the usual colors for your Apple Watch? The Colorful Silicone Band serves as the perfect complement to your smartwatch and has more than a dozen available hues. You’ll love the way the material hugs your wrist and keeps your watch from falling.

The band’s thickness is just right for either male or female wearers. You can even buy several and change it up every now and then. Silicone staves off smudges and spills and has the ability to retain its color for a long time.

8. Nylon Band

This is the Nylon Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

The Nylon Band presents a texture that’s pleasing to both the eye and skin. You’re assured a perfect fit, thanks to the velcro straps that attach itself around the band. You won’t have your style cramped as you can choose from more than a dozen different designs, including Pride Edition, Khaki, Pink Blast and more.

Stitched patterns make the nylon material breathable so you can wear your Apple Watch all day without feeling uncomfortable. Attaching the band is easy enough that you can do it in minutes.

9. Milanese Band

This is the Milanese Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Fine stainless steel mesh is great for casual and formal settings. This means you can wear it on dinner parties, events and even the usual Friday night out with friends and it won’t look out of place.

The Milanese Band can be had in multicolor or solid hues such as deep purple, gray, orange, and others. In terms of comfort, the band is second to none. Cleaning the band is just a matter of wiping it every now and then with a piece of cloth. It’s a must-add to your Apple Watch band collection!

10. Ladies Stainless Steel Band

This is the Steel Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

How about an Apple Watch band that presents an unmistakable aura of elegance and sophistication? Metal links that are encrusted with studded bling come together to form a band for your Apple Watch Series 5. Your smartwatch will look a thousand times better and is sure to draw the attention of the crowd!

Spring automatic lock mechanism and tight link construction hold everything together for the utmost flexibility and durability. Plated metal is naturally resistant against dust and the occasional knocks and scuffs. Choose from five available colors that match your sense of fashion and you’re good to go!

11. Black Loop Band

This is the Black Loop Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

The Black Loop Band is a no-frills Milanese loop style band for your Apple Watch. Black never really goes out of style and looks great on all Apple Watch, regardless of model. Its carbon appearance can be matched on any outfit as well!

Closely-linked mesh provides a solid yet fluid fit and wraps around your wrist, conforming to its shape. Surprisingly, the band is lightweight and doesn’t add to the watch’s overall heft. It’s made for all-day wear because it’s comfortable and has breathable material.

12. Fashion Band

This is the Fashion Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Are you ready for something different? Take the Fashion Band and you’ll be sure to turn heads wherever you go. It’s unique, kiss-adorned band shouts a playful tone to all those who would view it. The silicone material is soft to the touch and has excellent anti-dust, smudge, and anti-scratch properties, all of which are useful for everyday use.

Installing the Fashion Band only takes a few seconds. You can fasten the button and not worry about getting your skin scratched as you wear it every day. The kiss logos are embossed and won’t fade or come loose for a long time!

13. Sports Band

This is the Sports Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

The Sports Band is undeniably tough and works as a companion for when you need to wear your Apple Watch Series 5 while you run, bike, do yoga or high-intensity exercises. What’s more, you can choose matching colors for your outfit, adding to the overall effect.

The silicone band is a joy to install- just slide the end into the watch’s groove and do the same for the other. Then, tie it around your wrist like a normal timepiece and you’re good to go. The quality material touts long-lasting colors and acts as a shield against scratches, abrasions, and day-to-day bumps.

14. Canvas Leather Band

This is the Canvas Leather Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Canvas and leather make for an interesting combination, which is highlighted in the Leather Band. Canvas provides a ‘soft’ look, tempered by the leather bands that fasten the band to your wrist. The effect is a rugged appearance that’s as tough and durable as it looks.

The Leather Band accommodates almost all wrist sizes and contours. When you want something different and separates you from the pack, this is the one to get. Premium build and craftsmanship goes a long way when you want a stylish Apple Watch band for all occasions!

15. Correa Band

This is the Correa Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

One band not enough for your Apple Watch needs? Consider getting the Correa Band, a one-of-a-kind accessory that elevates you from the thousands of Apple Watch owners out there. One thing you’ll immediately notice is the two additional ‘bands’ on the sides that can turn into fashionable statements.

Premium stitching on leather is always nice to have. The band’s material staves away fingerprints, smudges and can resist the occasional coffee or water spills. You can take your pick on color options, including beige, brown, red and dark brown, among others.

16. Loop Band

This is the Loop Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Think you’ve seen all Milanese bands in every color or design? Think again- the Loop Band is sure to tickle your fancy in a visual sense. You can get them in patterns such as stripes, checkered or animal skins, the American flag and even in a checkerboard style.

The Loop Band gives you a perfect fit every time, thanks to the magnetic mechanism and aluminum mesh. The band’s ease of use and the way it provides wearing comfort will make it your favorite in no time!

17. Cinturino Band

This is the Cinturino Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

The Cinturino Band is a classically-inspired accessory to your Apple Watch Series 5. Aged leather is a marvelous sight to behold, and it doesn’t look out of place when paired up with a smartwatch. In fact, the felt texture and extra stitching add a layer of sophistication to your style.

Choose from brown, gray or black variants, as well as metal studs in different shapes and forms. The ends fit snugly on the anchor and fasten without making it look unnatural. The overall effect should work well on just about any outfit in your wardrobe!

18. Multi Silicone Band

This is the Multi Silicone Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Choosing a band for your Apple Watch doesn’t have to be boring. Case in point- the Multi Silicone Band offers interesting patterns such as butterfly, flower, skull, nature and paint splatter. Each one has high definition prints that make your smartwatch stand out from the crowd.

The Multi Silicone Band comes with instructions on how to install them. There’s really no limit to how many you buy- you can even change into a fresh one daily depending on your mood and what you’re wearing. The good thing about these bands is that they’re made to last practically forever.

19. Straps Band

This is the Straps Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Metal bands for the Apple Watch Series 5 are the perfect choice for those who want a premium look and feel for their devices. The Straps Band features brushed stainless steel and several color choices such as silver rose gold gold and black. The interlinked design and superb craftsmanship add to the elegance of your smartwatch.

The metallic material is easy to clean using just water. Wipe with a soft cloth and it will look new again. At the ends are patented butterfly clasps that fasten quickly and can be made to close or open with just one hand!

20. Horloge Band

This is the Horloge Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Love the feel of genuine leather caressing your wrists every time you put on your Apple Watch? You’ll adore the Horloge Band and its authentic leather material. Excellent craftsmanship and stitching invokes a timeless classic and melds age-old design with modern technology!

The band is available in khaki, black, brown and green. Fastening the band is a matter of using the stainless steel buckle for a tight fit. Leather is naturally sweat-absorbent and anti-slip, plus it’s very comfortable even when you’re wearing it all day.

21. Women’s Band

This is the Women's Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Elegant? Check. Comes in your favorite colors? Check. Stylish and looks great with your purse and other accessories? Check. The Women’s Band has all of these and more. The bands are made to conform to feminine wrists and accentuate their slenderness with single-line vertical bars. Near the watch are diamond pieces that add to the overall shine.

The Women’s Band features a quick, two-step install that only takes a few minutes. High-quality craftsmanship holds your smartwatch secure and makes it look better in the process. If comfort is an important factor to you, then you’ll be happy to know that the band’s slim form is lightweight yet durable enough to withstand everyday stress.

22. Nato Band

This is the Nato Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

The Nato Band foregoes the single-color design and makes for a unique accessory for your Apple Watch. Three color stripes run vertically along the length and out on the fastening buttons. Or, you can get one that has a single stripe depending on your mood and style.

The high-quality silicone material resists dust, dirt and smudges and the occasional spill from liquids such as coffee, water or soda. It can survive a drop and scratches meant for your Apple Watch. The colors won’t fade or diminish in time.

23. Women’s Diamond Band

This is the Women's Diamond Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

How would you like to turn your Apple Watch into one-of-a-kind jewelry? The Women’s Diamond Band allows you to do exactly that. At first glance, it looks like a fashionable bracelet, but pop in your smartwatch and it becomes more than that. You’ll be able to tell the time, use apps and monitor your heart rate for health and workout purposes.

The Women’s Diamond Band touts exquisite detailing, from the diamond lining to the thin chains that hold the metal regulator for fastening the accessory to your wrist. It’s a first-rate band for your precious device!

24. Luxury Diamond Band

This is the Luxury Diamond Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Get the utmost luxury in every sense of the word when you pair your Apple Watch with the Luxury Diamond Band. Like sparkles? You’ll love the array of small diamonds running down the exterior links’ length. It comes in expressive colors such as black, light gold, silver, and gold depending on your preference.

Faux diamonds and glitter aside, the craftsmanship is impeccable and is made to be unisex, which means it will fit on both male and female wrists. Slide the bands in and you can wear your Apple Watch fashionably and in just about any occasion!

25. Handmade Wood Band

This is the Handmade Wood Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Tired of seeing the same bands and want something totally unique for your Apple Watch? How about a handcrafted band made from hematite wood or agate? The Handmade Wood Band is an accessory for your Apple Watch in every sense of the word, but it’s something more than that.

Spiral flexible cords tie the wooden balls together to create an organic effect. Slide the ends into your Apple Watch and it wraps around your wrist. Then, tiny metal screws tie the two together to create a complete loop. The end result is a statement that’s sure to attract anyone’s eye!

26. Stainless Steel Band

This is the Stainless Steel Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Stainless steel is an excellent choice when you want something that’s light and durable at the same time. The Stainless Steel Band adds enough bling to turn it into a fashion statement that goes well with anything you wear. No matter the occasion, day or event, your Apple Watch is sure to turn heads no matter where you go.

You can take your pick from silver, gold, rose gold and black, and each one has color plating designed to last forever. It’s light yet durable enough to take on daily wear and tear.

27. Sports Bracelet Band

This is the Sports Bracelet Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

The Sports Bracelet Band offers top quality material and elegant craftsmanship. 316L stainless steel alloy gets a brushed surface treatment, which gives it unequaled durability, elegance and makes for an excellent fashion statement. Better yet, you can get it in black, gold, rose gold and silver.

Pair your Apple Watch Series 5 and the overall effect is glamorous and natural at the same time. The metal clasp at the end secures your watch to your wrist for comfortable all-day wearing. Cleaning is just a matter of polishing with a clean cloth.

28. Silicone Band

This is the Silicone Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

They’re trendy, sporty and come in a variety of colors. The Silicone Band is an excellent addition to your collection of Apple Watch bands in a number of ways. The holes allow for maximum breathability and can be made to fit your particular wrist. Silicone naturally wards off dust, smudges, and fingerprints and feels nice to the touch.

Simply attach your Apple Watch in the included case and you’ll have a device with a brand new look. The metal parts of the Silicone Band are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel that won’t cause irritations or allergies.

29. Correa Watch Band

This is the Correa Watch Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Correa Watch Bands come in your favorite color combinations- black and white, silver and yellow and black and green, among others. All of them offer the same thing- a stylish band that works on a variety of occasions and outfits!

Multiple holes in the band bring a sporty accent and serves a securing function. You also get a bonus mini-case that can secure your Apple Watch in protective silicone. It’s lightweight yet durable enough to shake off everyday dust, scrapes, and abrasions. The Correa Watch Band will surely become one of your favorites once you put it on your wrist!

30. Genuine Leather Band

This is the Genuine Leather Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Leather bands were once exclusive only to analog watches, but with the popularity of Apple’s wearable smartwatch those who want it can now get it. The Genuine Leather Band is made from real leather material and can act as an excellent backup band for your Apple Watch. Who knows? You may even like it that much that it’s become your daily driver.

Leather ages really well over time and acquire a softer texture. Plus, the colors won’t fade even after years of use. You can turn your Apple Watch into a classic timepiece easily and without any hassles!

31. Handmade Band

This is the Handmade Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Your Apple Watch can easily double as beautiful jewelry with this handmade band. This elegant-looking silver band for the Series 5 44mm or 40mm version will stay comfortable around your wrist as you wear it through any special occasion.

The elastic material allows the band to be stretched, so it will be easy to put on your smartwatch and take it off at the end of the day or night. Complete your outfit with thing bling silver band, whether with white beads and pearls, purple-hued beads, soft pink beads or grey pearls.

32. MicroFiber Band

This is the Microfiber Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Microfiber leather is a great alternative for the plain colored Apple Watch band. Though a bit more costly than PU leather, this type of band is worth it. It’s way better when it comes to comfort, durability, and resistance to normal wear and tear.

Made of high-quality material, the color will stay vibrant and its texture will remain intact over time. The Microfiber Band comes in fun and lively stripes designs with dominant orange, blue, pink or black to suit your style.

33. Geometrical Band

This is the Geometrical Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Geometric patterns rank among the most visually appealing graphic designs. This Apple Watch Series 5 band captures the beauty of the creative work of art.

Arriving with a pin buckle, this geometrical band delivers a modern look with its perfect combinations of shapes, lines and vibrant colors. Get your new band in blue, silver, or black which is available in matte or shiny for a stunning ensemble!

34. Classic Band

This is the Classic Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Create a classic look with this genuine leather watch band. Apart from being a timeless fashion, leather is made to last in terms of both the material’s quality and everyday use.

Quality craftsmanship, breathability, and comfort are added reasons that make the Classic Band a wise choice. You have a few color and style options- a brown leather band with a silver or black buckle, or the black band with a silver or black buckle.

35. Bracelet Band

This is the Bracelet Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

A bracelet band is a perfect finish for a classy and chic fashion style. Pu leather captures the beauty of the real thing and is also comfortable for daily use. Laden with flowers across its length, this Apple Watch Series 5 band is quite adorable! Choose your Bracelet Band from 5 different floral combinations.

Light themes include white-red and white-blue designs, while dark themes feature red or blue flowers on a black band, and there’s also a black and white band that’s simply beautiful!

36. Milanese Printing Band

This is the Milanese Printing Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Milanese bands are so popular given the quality of stainless steel, its smooth texture, and luxurious look. The breathable mesh style is designed to wrap fluidly around your skin, which also makes your watch easy to slip on or off.

The Milanese Printing Band spruces it up with a myriad of fashionable choices from black and white to floral, to zebra and leopard prints to camouflage bands. Give your Series 5 Apple Watch a personal touch by dressing it up with any of these unique designs!

37. Fashion Scrunchie Band

This is the Fashion Scrunchie Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Feeling happy and bubbly? Get this super cute Fashion Scrunchie Band for your Apple Watch. It’s a great way to show off your fun side and lighten up. The stylish fabric is thick and durable while it remains comfortable to wear.

You’ve got lots of colorful band choices to quickly match your outfit for the day. There’s plain or printed, light or dark shades, checkered or zigzag, animal skin patterns, floral, and more. Order yours and complete your look today!

38. MidNight Green Band

This is the MidNight Green Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Is green your favorite color? If so, then this luxury Midnight-Green Band is perfect for you. This milanese style Apple Watch Series 5 band for 44mm and 40mm versions suits both men and women.

Stainless steel material exhibits exquisite craftsmanship with its smooth-textured and finely polished woven metal that’s made to fluidly wrap on the wrist. Since its fully magnetic, the clasp on the band can be infinitely adjusted so you can achieve the most comfortable fit.

39. Leather pulsos band

This is the Leather pulsos band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Leather never fails to add class and glamour to any fashion style when worn around the wrist. The stitching accent makes this Leather pulsos band unique. Not only does it look trendy, but this band brings added comfort with quality materials and craftsmanship.

It holds a remarkable appearance that’s meant to complement the refined and prestigious Apple Watch. Get your buckled band in blue, black, brown or dark brown band, or army green color.

40. Crystal Diamond Band

This is the Crystal Diamond Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Dress up your Series 5 Apple Watch with this high-fashion Crystal Diamond band for a dab of elegance. The stylish accessory is filled with dazzling rhinestones that will sparkle under any kind of light. It’s certain to look beautiful once worn on your wrist and is bound to attract compliments!

This bling band for the Apple Watch also makes for a gorgeous gift for a girlfriend no matter the occasion, as well as family and friends. Whether at work, girl’s night out, or special event, she’ll be wearing her lovely watch with a smile. Order this crystal band now!

41. Pearl Strap Band

This is the Pearl Strap Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Pearls are women’s best friends and in full force with the elegant and sophisticated Pearl Strap Band. The handmade band features four layers of high-quality and lustrous pearls fastened together with an elastic string. Near the edges are diamond-laded rings that attach to the Apple Watch.

Wear it on formal events, parties and girls’ night outs and your Apple Watch will be the topic of conversation. You can choose from classic white or black, or go for something contemporary in red and pink. The colors and design will be sure to match your outfit for the day and any accessories, such as your necklace, bracelet, and rings!

42. Floral Print Band

This is the Floral Print Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Floral prints never go out in style, and as such are solid choices for when you need a unique Apple Watch Series 5 band. The Floral Print Band comes to the rescue, offering highly detailed designs in various colors. It also provides a perfect fit, thanks to easy-adjust mechanisms and sturdy materials.

The material used is soft and made for wearing. Attaching it to your Apple Watch is mainly a 5-second task. Prints on the band and fastener are colorful and give your smartwatch a fresh new vibe. The band should go well with just about any outfit in your wardrobe!

43. Dark Leather Band

This is the Dark Leather Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Old-timers who want their bands to last forever should get the Dark Leather Band. It has a variety of colors ranging from beige to retro dark brown and everything in between. It emulates the original look of leather and adds a level of sophistication to your smart watch. Once installed, you’ll never want to change it ever again!

Authentic leather material features skin-friendly surface and superior stitching on the edges. Simply slide the end into the Apple Watch groove, and voila! you get an instant classic. Genuine leather material is tough yet flexible to accommodate your wrist and stave off scuffs and daily wear and tear.

44. Cartoon Band

This is the Cartoon Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

The holiday season may have passed, but who says you can’t still celebrate it? Cute cartoon drawings adorn the Cartoon Band- stockings, candy canes and of course, gifts and fireworks. The festive effect brightens the mood and makes for an excellent conversation starter among friends and colleagues.

The silicone band has high definition prints on one side and a soft white surface on the other. You’ll love how it feels on the skin and how durable it is even after years of use. What’s more, the colors won’t fade and stay bright even when you wear it as your daily driver!

45. Serilabee Band

This is the Serilabee Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

The Serilabee Band takes traditional leather and gives it a playful splash of color. Dual-toned hues look amazing when worn along with your Apple Watch and are fade-resistant, to boot. You get the benefits of full grain leather in a new and stylish fashion!

Leather is naturally resistant to smudges, spills and everyday damage. Handcrafted material shows impeccable detail, such as superb stitching and inner lining. A stainless steel clasp and two collars fasten securely around your wrist so it won’t come loose as you complete your day-to-day activities.

46. Nike Band

This is the Nike Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Change up the look of your Apple Watch with a Nike Band. The fun and colorful designs make it easy to mix and match with your sneakers and outfit, whether casual wear or for fitness or sports. Made of flexible silicone material, you can easily attach and switch to another design by sliding the band at the top and bottom of your smartwatch.

Circular vents ensure breathability and comfort while adding to the overall style of both 40mm and 44mm Series 5 Apple Watch sizes. It’s available in a variety of colors in light and dark shades that create the perfect combination.

47. Steel Loop Band

This is the Steel Loop Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Wear the latest Apple Watch style by switching the original bands to Milanese. This material is sought after for its elegance, breathability, and ease of use. Stainless steel fluidly wraps around the wrist with a magnetic buckle to attain a comfortable fit and keep the bracelet in place.

The Steel Loop Band provides stylish enhancements with vivid color choices along with unique color offerings such as cyan, lavender, dragon fruit, or the classic black and white combination.

48. Silicone Rubber Band

This is the Silicone Rubber Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Silicone is a great choice of material for Apple Watch bands since it’s light in weight, flexible and nice to the touch. Made of premium material, this band exhibits durability, ease of use and provides maximum comfort. It’s the closest you can get to the original without the added expense.

The Silicone Rubber Band arrives in a variety of colors to suit your mood and style. Pick the same color theme as the clothes in your wardrobe, your friend’s favorite shade, or get two matching bands to wear as a couple!

49. Slim Fit Band

This is the Slim Fit Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Leather watch bands are a popular choice for being a long-lasting material that never goes out of style. The Slim Fit Band is beautiful, fashionable, and feels great on your wrist! It features a unique design that promotes breathability while adding to the band’s stylishness.

This band secures your smartwatch with a durable stainless steel buckle. Create a classic and elegant look with plain band colors including black, white, grey and brown. For a chic and fancy look, choose flashy Apple Watch bands in glittery pink, black, silver or gold.

50. Nylon Fabric Band

This is the Nylon Fabric Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

For a tough and durable band you can wear on your adventures, get a Nylon Fabric Band. This type of band is a popular choice for offering practicality and comfortability in a timeless design.

Excellent quality is evident with braided nylon attached to connectors and a hard buckle to keep your smartwatch secure wherever you go. The material is finely knitted to produce vibrant colored bands in red, orange, army green, light grey, dark brown, blue and black colors. You can also pick among camouflage designs in varying hues.

51. Floral Band

This is the Floral Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Roses are red, violets are blue. Whichever color or flower you like, this floral band is for you! Endow a touch of nature on your smartwatch with bright sunflowers, red roses or colorful butterflies.

Take your pick among the beautiful patterns that can be worn for work, sports, casual attire or parties. Silicone material makes for a breathable, sweat-resistant band that’ll keep your wrist comfy all day. Since it’s soft and flexible, you can easily achieve a snug fit with this Floral Band.

52. Double Layer Band

This is the Double Layer Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Glam up your outfit with stylish, glitzy, stretchy and comfy Apple Watch bands! Made with two layers of elastic material, this quality band is durable while staying light and breathable. You simply need to stretch it to wear your smartwatch on your wrist.

The Double Layer Band comes in multiple patterns including colorful stripes, animal skin designs, bright pink or blue, and classy silver or gold. It’s a great way to accessorize and give as a gift that all gals will surely adore on any occasion!

53. Hot Nylon Band

This is the Hot Nylon Band for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Get the woven nylon band Apple Watch look for less with this high quality yet very affordable band. Nylon material is reliably sturdy while keeping you comfortable whenever you wear it around your wrist, given the lightweight and breathable characteristic of the nylon watch band.

You can quickly attach and secure it onto your watch, and then remove it as needed without a fuss. It’s suitable for both men and women with Apple Watch Series 5 sizes 40mm and 44mm. Enjoy modern and stylish designs to complete your look with the option to use bands with solid colors, stripes or camouflage in varying hues.

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