Best Apple Watch Series 5 Cases for 44mm and 40mm

Apple Watch Series 5 40mm and 44mm cases should be your next search after you purchase Apple’s newest smartwatch. With a protective case, you can maximize your Apple Watch’s capabilities without compromising on protection.

The best Apple Watch cases shield your device from everyday wear and tear, including bumps, drops, and scratches. Moreover, they allow you full access to the crown, button, speakers and mic, and unfettered access to when you need a charge.

apple watch series 5 case for 44mm and 40mm

Check out our list of Apple Watch Series 5 cases, collated for easier shopping. Every single item has free express shipping worldwide and a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

Here are the best 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5 cases

1. Slim Case.

This is the Slim Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

It will be almost impossible to get your Apple Watch back to its brand-new state once it’s been scratched. But why take chances when you can get the Slim Case and continue using your smartwatch the way it was meant to be used? Discerning fashionistas can get a matching color with their dress or shirt, or get the transparent option for that ‘barely there’ look.

Soft TPU case hugs every outline and hardware of the Apple Watch for 360-degree, 24/7 protection. What’s great is that you won’t ever need to remove the case again even if you need to charge or adjust the crown and buttons.

2. Matte Hard Case.

This is the Matte Hard Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Feeling stylish, trendy or aiming for that preppy look with your Watch? The Matte Hard Case comes in brightly-colored hues so you can make a statement among friends, co-workers and peers alike. There’s enough variety that you could change cases every day to wrap your Apple Watch in something new!

At the front is tempered glass that can resist all but the hardest impact. You’ll still be able to use the Watch’s touchscreen for opening apps, viewing exercise stats and heart rate. Matte material shakes off dust, dirt, and fingerprints and stays functional for a long time.

3. Hard Bumper Case.

This is the Hard Bumper Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Need an ultra-tough armor case for your Apple Watch Series 5? The Hard Bumper Case is for you. Premium, tensile materials make up the smartwatch case and yet doesn’t change the form or look of your Apple Watch in any way. It can take the toughest knocks, abrasions, and bumps while leaving the insides unscathed.

You can choose from classic colors such as black or gold or opt for contemporary hues like rose gold or silver. Precise cutouts leave the crown and buttons unhindered for full access. You won’t wear your Apple Watch unprotected ever again!

4. Protector Case.

This is the Protector Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

The Protector Case offers the best of both worlds in a stylish colored case with a tempered film on the front. Featuring your favorite hues and rare ones like pine green, mint, ice blue, and khaki, you’ll be sure to see one that tickles your fancy.

But that’s not all- the tempered film is a marvelous shield when it comes to protecting your Apple Watch’s display. The 3D cover is rated 9H in hardness and can withstand impacts and scratching from hard objects. Your smartwatch will look good as new even after years of use.

5. Bumper Case.

This is the Bumper Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Get one of these Bumper Cases and your Apple Watch Series 5 suddenly becomes the highlight of the day. Get ready for tons of comments saying how your ‘new’ Apple Watch looks great and goes well with your clothing.

Candy colors range from standard red, soft pink and lavender to bright ones like pine green, yellow and aqua. In terms of fit, no curve is lost and your smartwatch retains that original Apple look. Precision cutouts give you complete access to the crown, buttons and wireless charging capabilities, eliminating the need to remove the case.

6. 3D Glass Case.

This is the 3D Glass Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Sometimes, all you need is front cover glass that can protect your precious Apple Watch from harm. But it shouldn’t be just any smartwatch cover- get the 3D Glass Case for the ultimate shield against everyday wear and tear.

The display case is molded in 3D and has a 9H hardness rating, which gives you 360-degree anti-knock, anti-abrasion and anti-scuffing aspects. The clear material transmits all the details in HD while being highly responsive to touch commands. What’s more, the 3D Glass Case is fingerprint-resistant so you won’t have to wipe every time.

7. Transparent Case.

This is the Transparent Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

It’s there, but it isn’t. This should give you an idea of just how good and invisible the Transparent Case is when you install it on your Apple Watch. In fact, you may not remember you had it until your smartwatch is saved from a drop or impact that could have damaged its display permanently.

The Transparent Case is lightweight and attaches naturally to the Watch’s curves. It’s flexible and transmits touch commands really well. Specially-made cutouts give total access to all necessities, including the crown and side button, as well as when you need to charge it up.

8. Perfect Case.

This is the Perfect Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Highlight, not hide your Apple Watch’s graceful curves with the Perfect Case. Featuring a variety of colors and matte texture, the end outcome is visually stunning and accentuates the beauty of your Apple Watch Series 5. The bumper aspect means your smartwatch will be shielded against all kinds of everyday punishment, e.g., knocks, scrapes, and encounters with hard or sharp objects that would render your device imperfect.

Strap it on and you’ll find yourself still being able to use the side crown and buttons. Angled design makes it easier for you to see without having to take a closer look!

9. ProBefit Case.

This is the ProBefit Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Maximum shine requires maximum plating, and for that, the ProBefit Case doesn’t disappoint. You can choose from metallic hues such as sky blue, red, rose gold and even gunmetal gray or gold options. When bling is of the utmost importance, you’ll be pleased to know that the case can deliver!

Special cutouts and flexible TPU material make it easy to install and remove. The ProBefit Case supports wireless charging and optimal touch response. You’ll be sure to get envious looks and comments on how fashionable your Watch looks from colleagues and friends!

10. Colored ShockProof Case.

This is the Colored ShockProof Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Candy-colored cases lend a playful tone to your Apple Watch Series 5. Match it up with an equally cute and bright face and your smartwatch will look entirely new!

The bumper case is made of shock-proof TPU and hard shell material for 2-in-1, 360-degree always-on protection. It looks good and staves off unwanted bumps and bruises at the same time. Rugged construction and a raised front bezel stop your Apple Watch’s display from breaking. Engineered cutouts give you complete access to your device’s microphone, speaker, crown and power button.

11. Double Rows Diamond Case.

This is the Double Rows Diamond Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

For some people, bling is a lifestyle. Whether in shoes, necklaces or your Apple Watch, everything must be ‘blinged out’. The Double Rows Diamond Case follows exactly that- a layer of shiny diamonds that capture ambient light and reflect it towards the viewer. The case matches perfectly with all your other sparkly accessories.

The Double Rows Diamond Case can be had in rose gold, rose pink, gold, black and silver variants. Despite its presence, the case is thin and light and has a plating color that won’t fade. The high-quality PC material also stops shocks, scratches, and scuffs cold!

12. Soft Silicone Case.

This is the Soft Silicone Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Silicone has plenty of benefits as an Apple Watch protective case. For one, it doesn’t attract smudges, fingerprints and can ward away liquid spills and moisture. Two, it’s soft and has a pleasant texture that feels great. The Soft Silicone Case offers the best of silicone in varying colors, which means you get a protective accessory that comes in your favorite hue and doubles as a reliable shield.

Precise holes in strategic places that let you use your Apple Watch Series 5 to its full potential. The crown, buttons, mic, and speaker are unhindered, as is the display’s touch function.

13. Protective Case.

This is the Protective Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Need full armor for your Apple Watch? The Protective Case is your best bet. It offers full edge coverage and is made of shock-proof material to keep bumps, scratches, and drops from marring your smart watch. More than that, it comes in a variety of hues, including grape, maroon, orange, cocoa, and fog, among others.

Installing the case will only take a few seconds and yet provides a lifetime of protection. The color stays vibrant and won’t fade even when constantly exposed to the sunlight. You’ll be sure to get your money’s worth with the Protective Case.

14. Magnetic Adsorption Case.

This is the Magnetic Adsorption Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

The Magnetic Adsorption Case uses the power of magnetism to make installation a five-second affair. Simply lift the upper side up and away it comes. Then, insert your Apple Watch into the case and put the other half on top. Magnetic material on the edges connects the two together for round the clock smartwatch protection.

The metal frame is stylish and comes in silver, red or black. Special cut-aways reveal the Apple Watch’s full features, including the speakers, mic, button, and crown. It’s durable, lightweight and doesn’t add to the heft or bulk of your device.

15. Frame Carbon Case.

This is the Frame Carbon Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Carbon fiber is an excellent material that’s super durable and very lightweight. When used as a case for the Apple Watch, it adds a whole new dimension not just in protective aspects but in fashion as well.

The unmistakable carbon pattern accentuates your smart wearable device. You’ll barely feel the added weight and yet thank the case when you accidentally swing your arms and hit a wall, table or heavy objects. It’s unobtrusive in that you can still access the watch buttons, crown, mic, and speakers even with the case installed. You can even charge your watch wirelessly as if it’s not there!

16. Protective Shell Case.

This is the Protective Shell Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

The Protective Shell Case melds an ultra-clear front display with a colorful side bumper to bring absolute protection for your Apple Watch. Touch commands won’t be lost in translation, thanks to the responsive material and HD clarity.

Affixing the case is just a matter of putting it on top and gently pressing down. Afterward, your smart watch will look brand new. Show it off to your colleagues and friends and they’ll tell you how beautiful it looks. Leave it on and you can be guaranteed an extended lifespan, thanks to the case’s anti-scratch and anti-bump aspects.

17. Hard Armor Case.

This is the Hard Armor Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Need the toughest shielding available on the market? You’ll want the Hard Armor Case, a rugged Apple Watch case with stylish looks. It’s available in your favorite colors, including black green, blue pink, blue white and black gray, among others. The dual hues accentuate the case borders and make for an eye-catching accessory!

Being made of PC and silicone material, you can subject your device to the harshest conditions and it will still come out unscathed. This means scratches from sharp objects are absorbed, as well as daily wear and tear. Special cut-outs allow you to manipulate the crown and buttons with zero hindrances!

18. Metal Watch Case.

This is the Metal Watch Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Looking to add more color to your Apple Watch Series 5? How about a premium Metal Watch Case that accentuates your watch’s every curve? It comes in rose gold, silver and champagne gold depending on your fashion preference.

Installing is just a matter of putting it on top of your device and pressing down lightly. There’s no film or screen material in-between you and your watch display. Excellent craftsmanship allows you to turn the crown, press buttons and give out Siri commands perfectly and with little to no hassle. Best of all, you won’t have to take the case out to charge it!

19. Soft TPU Case.

This is the Soft TPU Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is a serious investment that deserves serious protection. When nothing but the best will suffice, you can get the Soft TPU Case for your device. It comes in stylish color-combination hues such as black blue, white pink, black red and black white and makes for pleasing eye candy.

Soft TPU material hugs the natural curves of your watch and won’t come off easily. Aside from aesthetic benefits, it acts as a barrier to everyday wear and tear, including dust, dirt, scraps and the occasional drop.

20. 360 Slim Case.

This is the 360 Slim Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Give your Apple Watch Series 5 a personal touch with an elegant case featuring a glossy border design. The 360 Slim Case arrives in pink, black, gray, gold, rose gold, and silver. You can also opt for the transparent case to retain the look of your prestigious Apple device while keeping the watch face free from bumps and scratches.

This case has a seamless fit on the Series 5 44mm or 40mm models so your smartwatch gets extra protection without obstructing access to buttons and device features. The hollow back allows for unhindered charging and at the same time makes the case easy to install.

21. Nike Style Case.

This is the Nike Style Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Sports and fitness enthusiasts will surely like this Nike Style Case. The Apple Watch Series 5 gets full protection with a rugged case made with raised bezels and a shatter-resistant bumper. This cool case is quite tough yet remarkably slim and lightweight such that it won’t add any bulk to your smartwatch.

Take your pick from the bright bezel colors including pink, yellow, red and gray on a white or solid black bumper. Once you get your case, simply snap it on to protect your watch as you play or exercise and extend the life of your Apple Watch!

22. Cartoon Case.

This is the Cartoon Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Our next pick among the best Apple Watch Series 5 Cases is a must-have for Mickey Mouse fans. Young or old alike will love this cartoon case that delivers both style and protection. Get one for yourself or give as a gift to family and friends.

Take the black case if you like Mickey, red for Minnie, or choose gray, mint green or purple for an attractive watch with a pop of color! Shaped in the form of the classic Disney ears, these well-crafted stylish cases can be quickly attached to the watch to instantly complete your outfit.

23. 3D Glass Case.

This is the 3D Glass Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Get enhanced protection from this tempered glass screen with 9H hardness. It’s quite tough— built for the Apple Watch to prolong its lifespan and service to you.  This case is easy to snap on as it perfectly fits the Series 5 model, giving you easy access to the watch buttons and the back part for charging.

The glass film keeps the screen clean of smudges and unsightly fingerprints. Along with the surrounding case, the protective screen cover can effectively keep your smartwatch safe from scratches and breakage. The 3D Glass Case may also be useful any time liquid is accidentally spilled, thus preventing water damage.

24. Bumper Silicone Case.

This is the Bumper Silicone Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

If you’re looking for a case that will fit any purpose, then get a Bumper Silicone Case for your Series 5 Apple Watch. This protective accessory is great for everyday wear, for sports, office use, or on special occasions. Made of silicone material, this case is flexible and easy to attach then remove as needed.

The eco-friendly, soft and breathable case does not emit any unpleasant odor. It’s also very light so it won’t be an added bulk on the watch and on your wrist. Choose any of the vivid dark silicone cases or bright shades to suit your style and color preference.

25. Luxury Frame Case.

This is the Luxury Frame Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Enclose your Apple Watch in a stylish case that can make a statement. This Luxury Frame Case spells elegance in every way and from any angle. It complements the Apple Watch while letting you express yourself with colors that match your taste.

Choose from shiny gold, rose gold, silver, brilliant black or vibrant red. Quality plastic material has been contoured for the Series 5 44mm and 40mm models. This hardshell case will easily snap on to achieve a perfect fit so you can use all buttons with all features and charge up your watch as you normally do.

26. Ultra-Thin Case.

This is the Ultra Thin Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Thinking twice about getting a protective case for your Apple Watch? To help you decide, we suggest getting this Ultra-Thin Case which was designed for the 44mm and 40mm watch models.

Made of high-quality plastic material, this hard case sports a sleek and stylish profile that won’t look bulky once attached to the smartwatch.

It’s super slim design closely retains the form of the Series 5 Watch while effectively protecting against scratches and at the same time adding a dab of color. Get yours in black, grey, red or rose gold today!

27. Cartoon Minnie Case.

This is the Cartoon Minnie Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Who doesn’t know and simply love Minnie Mouse? Get yourself an adorable Cartoon Minnie Case and nurture your childhood Disney dream! It’s also the perfect gift for family and friends for fun-filled days using their smartwatch within the character Apple Watch Series 5 case.

The TPU material and exquisite craftsmanship make for a comfortable and stylish, high-quality case that will last. Choose from different color combinations including the classic red ribbon over black ears, red/pink, red/white, pink/white, pale and soft-hued pretty-in-pink or the classy-looking all-black case.

28. Classic Case.

This is the Classic Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

The Classic Case is a simple yet stylish and effective way to keep your smartwatch protected at all times. Flexible silicone material ensures a perfect fit for 44mm and 40mm versions of the Apple Watch Series 5. Once installed, access to all buttons along with watch features and charging areas won’t be obstructed.

It’s light and comfortable too and the material used does not have any unpleasant odor. This high-quality softshell case comes in almost every color whereas you can choose from the darker shades deep blue, red and black or lighter hues including white, light blue, green, yellow, purple or pink.

29. Premium Metal Case.

This is the Premium Metal Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Suit up your Apple Watch in a stylish, intricately crafted stainless steel armor case. Premium metal material provides stronger protection for a lasting investment on an expensive Apple device. Simply snap onto your smartwatch to keep it from getting scratched, damaged and to remain protected against everyday wear and tear.

The well-designed case solidly encloses the watch front and back without hindering access to all the features and functions. Paired with the bracelet strap that’s sold separately, this Apple Watch Series 5 case can instantly turn your smartwatch into an accessory that delivers a stunning look!

30. Plating Gradient Case.

This is the Plating Gradient Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Gradient colors are all the rage these days due to the unique effect they bring. A quick turn and the viewer gets to see several colors at once. The Plating Gradient Case is an excellent product that goes really well with your Apple Watch. You get a shiny plated shell and a screen protector for the price of one.

Soft TPU material absorbs impact from knocks and bruises against hard objects. The gradient hue works well in combination with your favorite strap. You’ll attract admiring glances from strangers and friends when you check your watch for the time!

31. Dual Color Case.

This is the Dual Color Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Can’t decide on what single color to get your Apple Watch Series 5? Don’t compromise- instead, pick the Dual Color Case, which offers striking color combinations. You can get one in gray-green, black white, white pink, black green, and black red. Your Apple Watch will get the protection it needs while looking fashionable at the same time.

Once on, you won’t have to remove it to charge or use the Apple Watch’s features. Simply place the device on top of the wireless charger and the battery should begin juicing up. Full protection means your smart watch will be safe from knocks, accidental drops and the occasional scrapes on hard or sharp objects!

32. HOCO Plating Case.

This is the HOCO Plating Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

How is the HOCO Plating Case different from other Apple Watch Series 5 cases? At first glance, you’ll see that it’s made from high-quality materials. The hard cover and design work as a bumper to stave off knocks, impacts, and abrasions. It comes in classic colors such as black, silver and sand pink.

1:1 machining ratio means the curves are a perfect fit for any Apple Watch. Moreover, precision cut-outs for the buttons, crown, speakers, and mic allow you to press without impedance and use Siri with absolute clarity. The HOCO Plating Case is sure to be your device’s lifelong companion!

33. Serilabee Stitch Case.

This is the Serilabee Stitch Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Kids and those who are young at heart will squeal at the chance to have the Serilabee Stitch Case on their Apple Watch. The soft TPU case is shaped like Stitch from the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch and comes in pink, sky blue, and blue varieties.

At the back, crown and side are openings so you can tune your smartwatch without any impedance. As a decorative case, there’s none like it. What’s more, the material is naturally dust-proof and fingerprint-proof while giving you protection in the scratch and bump department.

34. Shell Protector Case.

This is the Shell Protector Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

The Shell Protector Case is a 2-in-1 cover for your Apple Watch. First, there’s the PC shell in various shades, including pink, rose, green, ice blue and others, which gives your smartwatch a second skin. Then, a tempered glass takes care of things that could happen to your watch’s display.

You won’t need to remove the case as it’s charging, thanks to the precision holes in the case. Adjusting the crown, buttons and speaking to the mic can be done as if the case isn’t there. Touch commands translate really well, and the screen remains in clear high definition.

35. Luxury Metal Case.

This is the Luxury Metal Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Want a premium case that can match the quality and craftsmanship of your Apple Watch Series 5? We’d recommend the Luxury Metal Case. It’s available in gradient, rose gold, red, pink and more and serves as a complement to your smartwatch.

The Luxury Metal Case is slimmer than most protective cases and really makes your Apple Watch’s profile stand out. Being made of metal and TPU material gives you superb protection against knocks, scuffs, and abrasions. Having it installed gives you peace of mind knowing that nothing will harm your precious watch!

36. Gradient Color Case.

This is the Gradient Color Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Who could resist the contemporary appeal and the rainbow-like colors gradient effects can bring? If you’re the type who wants more than one color on all your devices, then the Gradient Color Case is a must-buy.

The case’s full cover feature means physical damage from all sides will be prevented 24/7. The TPU soft case material is flexible and hugs every outline of your device. A clear film sits on top of the display and translates your touch commands accurately. The bright, vivid colors will be sure to attract the attention of friends and colleagues alike.

37. Colorful Screen Case.

This is the Colorful Screen Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Infuse your Apple Watch with fresh new colors in a semi-translucent form. The Colorful Screen Case comes in your favorite hues, including blue, green and black. The soft case isn’t just for show, though- it does a good job of keeping untimely scuffs and drops from damaging your precious smartwatch.

Get the freedom of movement without worrying about your smart watch. The good thing about the Colorful Screen Case is that it has holes that allow you to manipulate the crown and button. Every purchase comes with a screen protector as a bonus!

38. SuperColor Case.

This is the SuperColor Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Got a gradient case for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and want more? Add the SuperColor Case and you have yourself a squad. The slim-form TPU is light as a feather and doesn’t add the heft of your device. Raised bumps give you a tactile feel whenever you’re making adjustments with the crown or button.

The clear film on top translates faithfully and is ultra-responsive to the touch. Your Apple Watch gets the color you want and the protection it deserves. With the SuperColor Case, your watch is now the color you truly like!

39. Diamond Luxury Case.

This is the Diamond Luxury Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Get your Apple Watch Series 5 bedecked in dazzling diamonds with the Diamond Luxury Case. Your device will shine even brighter without getting its appearance changed, thanks to the case’s slim form and special cut-out design.

Turning your wrist slightly will result in your watch capturing the light and reflecting it back to the viewer. The case comes in red, black, silver and pink. Installing it is easy and fits like a glove. Premium metal material is highly resistant against scuffs, bumps and the occasional drop to the pavement.

40. Hello Kitty Case.

This is the Hello Kitty Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Transform your Apple Watch Series 5 into your favorite cartoon character with the Hello Kitty Case. The wildly popular cat-person is now skin for your smartwatch and comes in classic white, black, pink and more, with matching ribbon to boot. Watch as your device becomes the envy of your friends and classmates when you bring it out!

The Hello Kitty Case is made of silicone material, which feels soft and smooth to the touch. It’s naturally resistant against sweat, dust, and scratches against sharp objects. In terms of the cute factor, it sure elicits a squeal of delight!

41. Macaron Case.

This is the Macaron Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

The Macaron Case is unique from other watch cases in that it’s made from natural straw wheat, which is bio-degradable. If you’re one of those who use only sustainable products, this is for you. The textured material comes in classic black, red or lively lemon yellow, sakura pink and tea or gemstone green.

The bumper cover is quite easy to install and lasts a long time. It highlights the shape and aesthetics of your Apple Watch while simultaneously shaking off bumps and scrapes in the process. Careful cut-outs give you 100% access to your smartwatch’s buttons, mic, and crown.

42. Thermoplastic Case.

This is the Thermoplastic Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Thermoplastic polyurethane has become the go-to material for protecting small electronics such as phones, tablets, and smart wearables. The Thermoplastic Case is one example of excellent craftsmanship. Many color options make it possible for you to mix and match with your outfits. You can even change cases depending on your mood.

Precise cut-outs let you move the crown, press buttons and charge your smartwatch as if there’s no case. Speaking of which, you won’t need to remove the case as your watch’s functionality won’t be impeded. The Thermoplastic Case’s colors stay bright and keep your device looking good as new for years to come!

43. Candy Element Case.

This is the Candy Element Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Candy-colored cases are chic and can become quite the fashion statement in casual, work and formal wear. Pair it up with straps or a Milanese loop and you’ll be sure to draw admirers from the crowd. The best part about the Candy Element Case is that they’re made from environmental-friendly material that naturally decomposes when it comes in contact with the soil.

TPU material keeps dust, smudges, and fingerprints away as you use your Apple Watch daily. Your device will now be able to survive the occasional bumps and falls, thanks to the durable watch case!

44. Camouflage Soft Case.

This is the Camouflage Soft Case for 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5.

Who knew that camouflage can look so good on your Apple Watch Series 5? TPU cases in violet, yellow, light blue, green and black are available depending on your preference. Mix it up with a camouflage strap and your watch becomes superb eye candy to the viewer.

Special cut-outs allow complete access to the watch’s crown, buttons, and touch screen. You can continue to use your device as if it weren’t there. You can even charge your smartwatch and the soft case won’t get in your way!