10 Apps for creating Beautiful Instagram Stories


Instagram is starting with its new Stories feature, posting short videos or photos. Further, the posts disappear after 24 hours with the feature becoming popular. With so many options available, Instagram is becoming exciting and unique. Instagram has over 500 million users, with brands wanting to promote their business with the Stories.

10 Apps for creating Beautiful Instagram Stories

Also, they can drive traffic to their websites quickly. Only sharing a simple story is not enough in the present times. Brands have to hire designers for creating eye-catching stories attracting customers. Besides, creating informative and engaging content is not easy without any help. Instagram Video Editor comes live in these cases. With so many apps in the market, creating Instagram stories has become easier than ever before.

Apps for creating Instagram stories

1. VideoCreek

One of the high rated Instagram stories editing apps is VideoCreek. Further, this app is so easy to use, which is fantastic for beginners as well. You can find so many themes and templates with filters. Secondly, you can use videocreek.com for creating stories directly. There are a plethora of design options from adding texts, fonts to filters, and themes. You can use 200 templates available in the software. Immediately, you can check out the weekly template addition.

2.              Canva

Canva is familiar with Instagram Video Editor for creating photos with text overlays. Besides, there are other effects present in Canva for making memorable stories. The graphic design consists of the highest template collections for the drafting of engaging Instagram stories. Likewise, you will be surprised to see the photo stock in the library. You can use these photos for background images; there are other photo editing features as well as changing text, fonts, filters, etc. It also contains design tools like photo blur, design grids, etc. 

3.              InShot

For creating enhancing Instagram Stories, why miss out on In Shot? It is a brilliant app offering cool easy to design templates for creating some beautiful stories. It gives a wide range of effects like cut, split, crop, merges, etc. Additionally, it comes with various filters and backgrounds as such. Adding music and sound effects have become more comfortable with the app. You can control the videos using the Speed control feature. Stickers, emojis, add whatever you want to your videos. Equally important are the design effects that you can’t leave out on.

4.              Typorama

If you are looking for an app for adding instant quirky and fun text, search no other than Typorama. It helps in creating typographic designs with ease and punctuality. Also, you simply need to search for the background for typing the text. There are various typographic templates and options to choose from. It has advanced text tools, and now, offers numerous editing features. Select from the 100+ fonts and layouts and using quotes on your Instagram Stories.

5.              Photo grid

If you are thinking of making collages, Photo Grid is the perfect app for it. With so many filters, stickers, and options, it can create customized images as well. Moreover, editing features are available just by clicking objects to the pictures. It gives some beautifying features like adding or removing makeup. Besides, you can take selfies that will be beautified automatically. The photo grid is also used for making memes in Instagram Stories. Also available is the GIF option, which is a fantastic one.

6.              Unfold

Just as the name, Unfold is made especially for customizing Instagram Stories. Secondly, it has got some premium and free features as well. You can create some minimalistic and straightforward video clips using this magical app. There are both video and photo options available with so many design options. Moreover, it depends on what you have to offer to your people and the audience. The app is free to start, and you don’t have to open an account. Just download the app, and you are ready to use it. With 25 free templates and 5+ font styles, Unfold is a definite try if you want fantastic Stories.

7.              8mm

It is a kind of vintage app helping to record videos in a retro fashion. Also, it records the videos in the retro 8mm camera fashion. It is a great Instagram story app for giving all the stories a retro touch. The app also offers the option of adding effects to all the existing videos in the gallery. But the only problem is that 8mm is available only in iOS having seven types of lenses like exact, Flickering Frame, etc. It has two free and three premium themes. Just in the same way, the jitter button is the best for frame shakes on retro 8mm cameras.

8.              Cut Story

Cut Story helps in making the 15 seconds Instagram Stories by making a long video short. Again, there is a point that Instagram stories have to be lesser than 15 seconds. This app helps in solving the problem by creating a continuous stream of 15 seconds. Those videos are posted directly as Instagram Stories. It supports all kinds of video formats, which is a good thing.

9.              Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is another app for creating some great Instagram stories. For instance, it adds video clips, or by combining pictures, it makes the videos. There are many effects you can use, as well. Fonts, animations, designs, etc. you can add anything appealing to you in a charming way.

10.           Microsoft Hyperlapse

Another Microsoft Hyperlapse creating time-lapse videos for adding to Instagram stories. You can modify the speed of the videos using this app. The excellent recording time for the lapses is 20 minutes. If you want to change the speed limit, you can increase the speed by 32 times the average rate. It supports high-resolution videos. 


Instagram Stories are a great way of attracting an audience to your business. Use these apps for putting that extra spark in your work! If you’re looking for something for youtube, hop over here.

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