10 easy and simple tricks to better your chances in Warzone!


Warzone can be deemed as one of the best cross-platform free-to-play combat games based on the Modern Warfare franchise. It comes in two modes, each with its own set of mechanics, and may be won using a variety of techniques and tactics.

10 easy and simple tricks to better your chances in Warzone!

Regardless of how you choose to play Warzone, you got to keep some handy points and facts in mind. Still, before jumping on to the tips, let’s take a brief overview of Warzone’s evolution over the past few years.

Warzone had a rousing first year, and with over 100 million gamers around the world finding themselves with more free time at home due to recent lockdown situation, the hype and craze around is only going northwards.

Adding more glitters to its popularity, the developers have added some amazing features and settings to the latest version. The popularity of the game hasn’t changed since the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the most recent mainstream COD title.

Yet, there are times when you may not go well with all the newly added settings or features instantly. For all such instances, you can take help of the Pros who’ve gone into the zone more times than anyone else, while practicing and honing with some beneficial tactics and ideas that you can apply in your own sessions.

These Professional players, often known as game boosters, can help you become a perfect Warzone player in no time. That said, we here bring you some handy tips and suggestions, right  from the armory of our pool of Warzone gaming masters.

1. Add the Hardline perk to your load out and lower down the cost of Killstreaks, Field Upgrades, and Armor Plates by 25% at Buy Stations. If you’re a team member who goes shopping frequently, ad it up to your load out in order to save some good money.

2. Kill Chain is a perk that improves your chances of discovering Killstreaks, such as UAVs and Cluster Strikes, in Supply Boxes, making looting a little bit easier. So, instead of four-leaf clovers, take this perk if you’re hoping for a fortunate break for Killstreaks.

3. In Plunder, try to add a launcher to your load out to use against Attack Choppers during the bonus round. Attack Choppers are loaded with cash, and bringing one down may tip the game in your favour.

4. Before starting a Plunder match, add Pointman to your load out to boost your profits. When contracts are fulfilled, this perk provides all members of your team additional money.

5. Weapon Blueprints are great for creating load outs in Warzone since they let you employ higher-level attachments that you would not have otherwise. Grab as much information as you can from Warzone boost services about Weapon Blueprints and proposed load outs.

6. To optimize your earnings and rewards, carefully plan your challenge completions and activate XP tokens. For example, if you are nearing the end of a daily challenge, a weekly challenge, and an Operator Mission, activates one XP token. Once done, complete all three to receive a significant XP boost that may prove crucial in all the other combats and war fares.

7. While we’re on the subject of planning, consider flying out to the distant zones of Verdansk during Plunder matches. Because other players may be lured to designated places, buildings in distant areas, such as above the Dam, are more likely to hold unclaimed treasure.

8. When you become a “Prisoner of Warzone,” you might be transported to one of three different Gulags. Each has its own set of tips and techniques, so familiarize yourself with the layout before attempting to improve your odds. Get a deep insight on each Gulag layout from the professional game boosters that can help you with the right Warzone Strategy Guide.

9. While this isn’t the most crucial tip, the winners of each Warzone match get to see their whole crew in an ending sequence. Consider getting some stylish skins for your Operators to make your foes envious of both your talents and your fashion sense.

10. In Battle Royale, any player may acquire their load out via a Load out Drop, even if they haven’t called it in. If you look for the red smoke, you could get a distracted adversary who is waiting for the drop and access to your load out once it arrives.

Final words

There could be situations where you may not go perfectly with all the combats and situations in the game play. So, it’s always advisable to connect with the game boosters that come aboard with some big expertise and experience in the entire game play.

These professionals not only help you to clear through any combat efficiently, but will further hone up your skills and impact on the game.


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