10 Free Cheating Spouse App for Android

You think everything is going well with your relationship, but then it all suddenly falls apart. Your partner begins to drift away from you. Even worse – you think they may be seeing someone else:

  • Is your partner constantly texting on the phone with someone you don’t know?
  • Do they spend a suspiciously long time on social media?
  •  Are they at “work” when you know for a fact that they have a day off?
  • Do they keep receiving calls from the same unknown number?
10 Free Cheating Spouse App for Android

If you could somehow access their phone, you could find out for sure whether they’re cheating and with who. Luckily, there are spy apps out there that help you find out if your spouse is cheating. Spy apps are easy to use and, most importantly, 100% discreet!

10 Free Cheating Spouse App for Android

We offer the 10 best free cheating spouse apps for Android in this article. Note that some apps here only offer a free trial or demo. Spy apps are expensive to make and maintain. And you get what you pay for.

#1 Spyier – Uncovers All Your Cheating Spouse’s Secrets

Spyier is a powerful, popular spy app for Android. It’s used by over a million people around the world to keep an eye on their wayward spouses. The app is our #1 recommendation because it’s fast, powerful, and impossible to detect. 


Spyier is a recognized name in the market. It’s often featured on major outlets such as Forbes, PC World, BuzzFeed, CNET, and Android Authority. You can use the app to monitor any modern Android smartphone or tablet running OS 4.0 and up.

1.1 Is Your Spouse in Touch With a New Lover on Their Phone? 

With Spyier, you can take a peek at your spouse’s phone activity and find out if they’re indeed cheating on you with someone:

  • Read texts: Spyier allows you to read your partner’s incoming and outgoing text messages. Find out if they’re texting with their ex or new lover behind your back.
  • View social media activity: Does your spouse communicate with them on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp? Spyier gives you full access to a range of popular social media apps.
  • Check contacts: You can access your spouse’s address book and find out the names, photos, job descriptions, email addresses, and other personal information about their contacts.
  • Follow GPS locations: Where does your spouse go off to when they’re not with you? You can follow their movements on a virtual map. Get details such as their present location, location history, and geographical coordinates.
  • Download media files: Is your spouse sending private pictures to someone? You can find out by downloading and viewing the media files on their phones. Spyier tracks photos as well as videos.
  • Find deleted messages: What if your spouse is paranoid enough to delete the messages they’re sending to someone? Not to worry. Spyier backs up all messages to your account, so you’ll be able to access their deleted messages too.

Spyier offers regular updates on your spouse’s phone activity. These updates are delivered to an online private dashboard, which you can access from any web browser.

1.2 Find Out if Your Spouse is Cheating On You in 10 Minutes 

You can set up Spyier and maybe catch your cheating spouse in quick time. The app is easy to get up and running. All you need is a computer or a smartphone. You don’t need any special technical know-how.

Note that in order to install Spyier, you’ll need to access your spouse’s phone for 3 minutes. This is so you can download and set up a small 2MB app on it.

**Beware: No Android cheating spouse catching spy app or service works without an app download and install. If an Android spy app claims to work remotely without software, it’s a scam, a phishing attempt, or a virus.**

Are you ready to install Spyier? Here are the simple steps to follow:

Step 1: Head to the official Spyier website. Here, sign up for your Spyier account with an email ID.  


Step 2: Buy a monthly Spyier plan. If your spouse owns a single device, you’ll need the Premium version. If your spouse owns multiple devices, you’ll need the Family or Corporate plans.

Step 3: You’ll receive setup instructions in your inbox via email.

First, set Android as the target platform. Afterward, download and install a small 2MB app on the smartphone or tablet. Finally, you can hide the app. That way, your spouse won’t know it’s there. Wait 10 minutes until Spyier syncs with the device.

Step 4: That’s it! You have now set up Spyier successfully on the target Android smartphone or tablet. The Spyier control panel offers an overview of the device activity. For access to the app’s various features, take a look at the selection panel to the left.


1.3 Spyier is Amongst the Best Cheating Spouse Spy Apps for Android in Town

Spyier is a crowd favorite worldwide. It makes for an excellent spouse monitoring tool: 

1. Spyier can monitor your spouse’s phone without root

You don’t need to tinker with your spouse’s phone much to use Spyier. You won’t need to root their phone and risk making them suspicious either. Spyier is an advanced tool that runs on stock Android devices with little hassle.

2. The app is trustworthy and secure

Over a million people from all parts of the world use Spyier. The app is popular in 190+ countries. It’s vetted by countless users and can be relied upon. Further, Spyier operates under strict privacy policy and safeguards your personal details.

3. Spyier is a true spy app

Spyier is impossible to detect. It’s small at less than 2MBs, runs in the background, and doesn’t use much of the phone’s battery. As a result, your spouse will never know it’s there. You can spy on them without getting caught. 

4. Everyone can use Spyier

Finally, Spyier is easy to set up and use. It has a great user interface with many visual cues and easy-to-follow menus. Also, you can use the app from any web browser, from either your PC or your smartphone.  

Further, you can buy Spyier for a reasonable monthly fee. It costs far less than many of the other solutions on the market with comparable features.

#2 Spyic – For Catching Your Cheating Spouse Red-handed

The second Android spy app to catch a cheating spouse we have for you is Spyic. This is a top-rated phone monitoring solution. You may have seen it featured online on channels such as the New York Times and Mashable.

Spyic is #2 on our list because the app offers worthwhile features at a pocket-friendly price. You can use the app to spy on your spouse’s phone long-term and see what they get up to behind your back.

2.1 Spyic Packs in Powerful Features

You’ll be able to monitor your spouse’s phone or tablet without being found out with Spyic:

  • You can read your spouse’s text messages and social media messages.
  • Check your partner’s call logs and view their most popular callers.
  • Find out where your partner has been to with the GPS trackers.
  • Track your partner’s browser activity, calendar events, and much more.

Spyic offers over 12 unique features in total.

2.2 Spyic is a Reliable Brand  

We can recommend Spyic because it’s a well-known brand and is an advanced app to boot:

1. Spyic is super-easy to set up

Spyic is user-friendly. You need no technical skills or advanced equipment to use or set up or use it. The app works via any web browser. You won’t have to root the target device. You get messages delivered to your private account.

2. The app is secure

You can use Spyic risk-free. The app works without the phone user’s awareness. Also, the app itself is secure, user-verified, and virus-free. You don’t have to worry about the privacy of your or your spouse’s data.

3. You can access it from anywhere

Spyic is a web-based app. Once you install it, you’ll be able to monitor your spouse’s phone remotely from any web browser. You don’t have to be physically near your spouse’s phone. In fact, you can track them from anywhere in the world.

Spyic is available for a monthly fee. The developers also offer a free demo, if you want to try it out firsthand.

#3 Cocospy

The third Android spy cheating spouse catching tool we have for you is called Cocospy. The Cocospy makers have been in the cybersecurity business for over a decade. Cocospy happens to be a well-designed app with premium features.

Cocospy gives you full access to your spouse’s phone

You can use Cocospy to monitor your spouse’s phone from your web browser:

  • Check your spouse’s texts, social media messages, and notes.
  • Find out their login credentials with the keylogger.
  • View their web browser activity, emails, and much more.

The app is discreet as well as powerful

Cocospy is recommended because the app can’t be detected and is user-vetted:

  • Cocospy works in the background as a hidden spy app.
  • The app is used around the world and is user-verified.
  • The app comes with a free live demo.

Cocospy is third on this list because it’s easy to use, powerful, reliable, and capable of monitoring your spouse on the sly.

#4 HelloSpy

The 4th solution we have for you is HelloSpy. HelloSpy is a phone monitoring app with some unique features, such as an ambient sound recording. It’s a reliable tool if you’re trying to catch your cheating spouse.

Here are some of HelloSpy’s best features:

  • HelloSpy offers a nice social media viewing feature.
  • The ambient sounds recorder may be able to record your spouse talking.

HelloSpy requires rooting

We can’t fully recommend HelloSpy for multiple reasons:

  • HelloSpy requires root, which makes it a hassle to set up.
  • It lacks an Android keylogging function.

Rooting is tough, compromises the device’s security, cancels the warranty, and can cause data loss. While HelloSpy works, there are no root solutions like Spyic you can use instead.

#5 Fami360

The 5th cheating spouse catcher we have for you is Fami360. This is actually a parental control app, but it can also be used to monitor your spouse’s phone in a pinch. The app works with both smartphones as well as tablets.

Fami360 allows you to keep tabs on any Android smartphone remotely:

  • Check messages, social media, and call logs.
  • View locations, access the web browser history and log account credentials.

Fami360 is a well-rounded spy app

Fami360 is a good app to track any cheating spouse:

  • Fami360 has an excellent, intuitive user-interface.
  • The app packs in multiple powerful features.

You’ll receive regular updates on your spouse’s activity in your online account.

#6 SpyBubble

SpyBubble is what you call a multi-platform spy app. In addition to Android, SpyBubble also works with Windows and Mac laptops and PCs. The app is known to be secure and also provides several useful features.

10 Free Cheating Spouse App for Android

You’ll be able to check if your spouse is cheating with SpyBubble:

  • SpyBubble can monitor social media platforms such as WhatsApp.
  • The app comes with a text message as well as a call log viewer.

SpyBubble requires root

Unfortunately, SpyBubble is tough to recommend:

  • SpyBubble requires rooting, which is a risky proposition.
  • It is missing some key features such as an account credentials logger.

SpyBubble works as advertised, but is low down on our list because it’s missing some key features, requires root, and is known to drain the device battery.

#7 Spyera

The 7th solution we have for you is called Spyera. Spyera is an advanced app with a good reputation. It offers some features that not many spy apps offer. It makes for an effective cheating spouse buster. 

Given below are some of the top features of the app:

  • Spyera can log usernames and passwords.
  • The app comes with a VOIP call recording feature.

Spyera needs root and is expensive too

However, Spyera has some drawbacks:

  • Spyera requires you to root the target device first.
  • Spyera is expensive, costing about $189 for 3 months.

These drawbacks make Spyera not as good a deal as an app like Spyier.

#8 Mobistealth

Next, we have an app called Mobistealth. This is another specialized parental monitoring app. However, its parental control features also make it an effective spouse monitor. The app is easy to use and has a good user interface.

Here are some reasons why Mobistealth is a popular app:

  • Mobistealth can monitor messages as well as social media.
  • The app comes with an advanced email monitoring tool.

Mobistealth is super expensive

Be aware that Mobistealth costs a lot:

  • You pay $69.99 per month for the Pro-X version of Mobistealth.
  • You have to pay separately to monitor multiple devices.

As apps such as Cocospy offer the same features for less, Mobistealth is #8 on the list.

#9 Copy9

The 9th entry is called Copy9. This is a well-known app with a useful FB password cracking feature. The app can be used to keep tabs on your spouse’s social media as well as their phone in general.

10 Free Cheating Spouse App for Android

Here is what makes Copy9 is a good app:

  • The app offers useful phone monitoring features.
  • It has a keylogger.

Copy9 is outdated

Copy9 has some compatibility problems with some modern Android smartphones:

  • Copy9 may not work with all Android smartphones.
  • The app has an outdated user interface.

We found Copy9 hard to use, though it does work.

#10 GuestSpy

The last spot on the list goes to GuestSpy. This is a bare-bones app that can monitor Android smartphones and tablets.

GuestSpy offers some useful features:

  • GuestSpy allows you to track your spouse’s messages and calls.  
  • The app can be set up lightning-quick and is secret.

GuestSpy is not user-friendly

GuestSpy doesn’t offer a good user experience:

  • The app has a dated user interface.
  • Installation guides and how-to instructions are missing.

The other apps we featured offer a smoother experience in general and have better user interfaces. 


That concludes our selection of 10 free cheating spouse apps for Android. Using any one of these apps – especially the ones at the top – can save you a ton of money. A spy app certainly beats hiring a private eye for $50 per hour.