10 Innovative Smart Men Wallets for 2021


When functionality meets style, a smart wallet comes in handy. More than simply keeping your valuables, smart wallets offer the opportunity to express your taste and keep your valuables protected, even when you leave it at a restaurant.

10 Innovative Smart Men Wallets for 2021

The perfect minimalist smart wallet is a combination of form & functionalities. These can withstand everyday use and offer high-end design appeal. Well, you know the ideal wallet is one that you can take delight in whipping out when you’re out in a meeting or with in-laws.

Your wallet should complement your style & must feel luxurious. Whether you are going for a meeting or rushing for a night drink, no single wallet user is the same & that’s what this smart wallet emphasizes ‘the unique you!’

Whether you want to have an eye-catching accessory or something for more practical use, there’s a wallet for you! With dozens of designs, textures, and materials, you can find the one that complements your lifestyle. Smart wallets are now a digital trend, so we have rounded off the top 10 innovative smart wallets for men from everyday use to unique accessories.

Here’s a list of the best smart wallets for every man’s taste, style, and function.

10 Innovative Smart Men Wallets for 2021

1. Walleon

Walleon is one of the most reliable smart wallets that offers global tracking and better precision. In addition, it offers wireless charging of both your wallet and other devices plus location tracking to locate & discover lost or stolen. Created with care and dedication to making your life more peaceful, Walleon is a next-gen innovation that every man desires to have. Designed with the commitment to serve all your needs, Walleon ensures you never lose it and keep your belongings secured.

10 Innovative Smart Men Wallets for 2021

With a sound alert alarm system and RFID blocking to keep your cards safe, your belongings are protected. And to add even more security, Walleon has a hidden compartment to protect your cash or important documents.

While most smart wallets offer only Bluetooth tracking with a limited range, Walleon offers Global tracking with the Helium network and the LongFi technology.

Walleon comes with a built-in Power bank (1600 mah) that can charge your phone both wireless and cable, depending on your choice.

The LED adds a sense of modern and luxury look, but you can always turn it off if you want to save the full battery or doesn’t fit your style. You can also pick different color options based on your outfit. In addition, Walleon comes with a proximity sensor that is made to save battery and turn the LED off when in your pocket.

10 Innovative Smart Men Wallets for 2021

With a new generation design, highest quality Italian leather, and excellent build to create something astonishing, blend the futuristic idea with smart features into a product that Walleon was made ready for.

Walleon can fit up to six cards, cash, documents and has two mini pockets for a Micro SD card, phone sim pin, or something else.

2. Ekster Parliament

The innovative Ekster combines power-packed features like quick access to cards, location tracking, and RFID blocking to manage any skimming. This sophisticated leather finish offers both functionality & style. The compact & distinctive look of Ekster provides everything that your heart desires. You can even select exterior leather from seven different colors.

10 Innovative Smart Men Wallets for 2021

Features like the trigger mechanism pop-up cards in the aluminum card holder for quick and easy access to your cards. As you open the wallet, you’ll have two card slots & an elastic strap to hold added documents. There’s an aluminum card holder with room for 3-4 cards, with RFID blocking & ensures that your cards are never bent.    

You’ll find space for optional tracking card slots at the back, having about 200 feet tracking range, and operates through the Chipolo app for Android or iOS.

Overall, the look & feel of this smart wallet is worth buying; however, the best feature is the trigger that pops the cards up. The only downside we see is less storage space for card slots.

All Ekster wallets are made of environmentally certified leather. They created vegan leather from old recycled windshields.

3. Nodus Compact Card

If you travel often and want to keep it light, the Nodus Compact Card wallet is the best companion you can have.

10 Innovative Smart Men Wallets for 2021

We don’t often need a big wallet for everyday use and always look for something slim & minimalist. With Nodus, you can have everything you ever needed when you travel. The finish is full-grain vegetable-tanned Italian leather in four different colors, and the octopus Nodus logo creates a classy look.

This compact 3.8X2.5 inches wallet offers a slot for a card or two on each side with an added space for cash & a key holder notch for a single key. So whether you are going for a date night or client meeting, or business travel, you can fit in important valuables perfectly.

One side of the wallet has an RFID blocking shield, while the other has an RFID-enabled feature to offer protection and easy pay at contactless terminals without having to take your card out of the wallet. Unfortunately, the tracking feature isn’t yet available; however, you can always slip in a Tile Slim or Chipolo Card for such added features.

4. Nomad Slim Wallet

Nomad is a slim smart wallet that is foldable and offers a hidden pocket with a tile slim tracking device & room for seven cards. If you are someone who still prefers a foldable wallet, you’ll probably like what Nomad has to offer.

10 Innovative Smart Men Wallets for 2021

The beautiful brown or black leather from Chicago-based tannery is combined with smart tracking features to locate your lost or stolen wallet with the support of your smartphone.

This classic bi-fold wallet also has an exterior pocket at the back with four card slots and a beautifully carved Nomad and Horween logo. The other side offers room for a few ID cards or maybe a folded bill or two.

To track the location, you need to have the Tile app on your Android or iOS. Approximately 100 feet tracking range and 1-year battery life make it one of the best picks for smart wallets. IF you ever leave your phone, you can double press the button on the center of the Tile Slim to locate your phone & vice-versa. It utilizes a proximity sensor to perform this type of tracking. Tile also supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa so that you can have your wallet or phone ring using Tile with either voice assistant.

This gorgeous wallet with enough room for card slots features stealth pockets that make it one of the best men’s wallets of 2021. Nomad wallets usually come with a two-year warranty.

5. Pitaka MagEZ wallet

Pitaka MagEZ wallet presents a futuristic carbon fiber finish with a modular magnetic design to make a statement wherever you go.

10 Innovative Smart Men Wallets for 2021

The slim minimalist wallet is light-weight magnetic carbon fiber and offers a modular design that enables you to add extra space for card slots, keys, and a tracker. Pitaka MagEZ wallet comes in a genuine carbon fiber finish & is very light in weight with only 54 grams of mass. It offers easy access to quickly slide open the card you need, with ample space for card slots in various sections of the wallet held together with magnets. The best thing is that no matter how much you fill the wallet, it remains slim.

If you are worried about accidentally dropping a layer or two while opening, you won’t once you get the hold of it; however, you can’t use magnetic swipe cards with this wallet. Moreover, contactless cards and IDs are acceptable. You can also have RFID Blocking technology as well as it makes sure cards never get bent accidentally, and you also get a limited lifetime warranty.

6. Bellroy Travel Wallet

Bellroy smart wallet offers plenty of space to keep your essential cards, cash & other docs. You can even have a compact pen along for declarations & documentations. Alongside ample room, you have RFID protection, so you don’t have to worry about skimming threats. Being a sustainable design, Bellroy designs their wallet under gold-rated Leather Working Group environment protocols.

10 Innovative Smart Men Wallets for 2021

Designed similar to a passport, this wallet offers you enough space to snuggle in when traveling & otherwise. RFID blockers help shield your passport cards and other confidential docs from skimming and a built-in pen to fill custom forms on the fly.

7. Secrid Mini Wallet

Whether you’re looking for an uber-cool or an elaborate card-holding fidget toy, Secrid Mini Wallet is the one for you. The premium leather finish on the outside and a metal case inside with a plastic trigger pull to draw cards out in a terrific cascading way.

10 Innovative Smart Men Wallets for 2021

With RFID scanning & shielding, your cards are always protected and no one can steal your card information.

8. OGON Mini Safe Wallet

The most innovative wallet comes with a feature that simply holds cash and cards, but the OGON mini wallet comes with a lock that seals the money and cards.

10 Innovative Smart Men Wallets for 2021

So, it’s more of a vault than a wallet with a combination of locks securing your valuables inside. Made of aluminum and polycarbonate components, it’s safe and rigid. However, you need a few extra seconds to open up and make payments, although you never have to worry about anything going missing.

9. Volterman

Volterman is a smart wallet that has caught the eye since its Indiegogo campaign & great advertisement. With functions like wireless charging, global wifi hotspot, built-in memory card space, distance alarm, GPS tracking, RFID blocking technology, and many other features, it is a great pick for men looking for added features in a compact wallet.

10 Innovative Smart Men Wallets for 2021

10. Dango Dapper EDC Wallet

Dango Dapper EDC Wallet is a minimalist budget-friendly option when it comes to smart wallets. Finished in a simple leather design, it comes with RFID blocking, CNC Aluminium, unusual color & design, and many features to complement your pocket.

10 Innovative Smart Men Wallets for 2021

To sum up, there are incredible features offered by different smart wallets. Depending upon your needs, you can look for a combination of form & function. Before purchasing a smart wallet, do your research and check reviews for a better description.

How does the RFID technology works?

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification that protects against skimming thefts. It is used to track when lost or stolen and smart-scan essential when you go out shopping.

When it comes to debit & credit cards, RFID protection helps you track down thieves that try to steal your valuable financial information. These are designed to block people from accessing your card details.

In addition to protection & security, Smart Wallets offer ergonomic design & provides a rich, tasteful look for the stylish man in you. So whether you’re going out on a date or to a meeting, smart wallets are for everyone. The best part- they don’t negatively affect your cards.


When you like carrying a physical wallet with cash, cards, and IDs, but the risk of theft and loss seems to be a matter of contention, consider a smart wallet that offers features like RFID protection & location tracking.

The best smart wallet that most people have considered is Walleon. However, in this article, we have listed various other options as well. 

Even with digital payments on the rise, many people still consider carrying a physical wallet with valuables like credit cards, IDs, membership cards, and cash. But with increasing thefts and vandalism, there’s fear of loss and loot. So while you want to keep that humble folded leather wallet in your pockets, you also want to keep your valuables protected.

To grant your wish, a new wave of smart wallets hitting the market has introduced a great way to keep your money & cards protected. You may be wondering why you need a smart wallet to do that! With tracking abilities and theft protection, you can still be safe when your wallet goes missing.

New smart wallets have been designed with innovative advancements, including quick card removal, special compartments, travel safe, and other added features to offer maximum protection to your valuables. In addition, with smart wallet tracking abilities, you get a warning when you leave it behind & can track its location through GPS on your phone. If you want to find the best smart wallets with GPS tracking, read this article.

And yes, for extra added protection, you can always slip in trackers like Tile Slim or Chipolo cards. We have compiled a list of some of the best smart wallets available in 2021. Based on reviews and user impressions, you can pick one that suits your needs, from feature-packed to minimalist.

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