Logo trends evolve every passing year. Although the start of this new decade isn’t anywhere near what we expected, brands are in need of having a solid front more than ever. The following guide on the best 10 logo design trends will give you the idea of whether your logo design needs to be updated according to current trends or not.

10 Logo Design trends in 2021

The minimalistic design agenda still continues and is pursued to a great extent in 2021. Designers focus more on how to make the design simpler and memorable rather than adding stuff and making it more complicated. A straightforward and uncomplicated design is easier to grasp and lingers longer in one’s mind after just one glance.

10 Logo Design trends in 2021

The following designs are the top 10 trends of logo designs in 2021:                                           

1. Perspective illustrations

As stated above, designers go for a simple, minimalistic approach to their designs. That way, the design remains decent and effectively conveys the brand’s message and identity to the public. Therefore, flat designs have been popular and widely used for some time.

However, designers are beginning to notice an over-simplification of logo designs in the name of ‘minimalistic’ designs, which ultimately takes out the essence of the brand itself. Logo designers have started to incorporate perspective angles in their designs. The perspective angles give a certain depth to the design, making it seem like an illusion without making the design seem too complicated. Designers have found a middle ground between over-simplified and complicated designs. They use drawing techniques like curvature, linear perspective, and foreshortening in their designs to make the design seem as if it’s literally jumping out of the screen.

2. Wordmark logos

Wordmark logo design isn’t really a new concept. It’s been around for quite some time now but was abandoned when designers and brands started going for illustrations in their logo designs. A wordmark is simply the brand’s name styled in a peculiar and artistic way.

Wordmarks give into the minimalistic approach in designs and have, therefore, made a comeback in 2021. Inventive typography plays a huge role in wordmarks and gives an artistic feel to the design. While designing wordmarks, designers are free to let their imagination run wild and think out of the box. Hire professional custom logo design services to come up with creative and artistic typography techniques to make your wordmark as unique as possible. But the designs still need to stay within the boundaries of an easily comprehendible and recognizable logo.

3. Geometric designs

Lately, logo designers have started incorporating geometric shapes in their logo designs. Shapes are yet another approach to the minimalistic concept. Just some circles, triangles, and squares added to designs can make the logo turn out simple yet memorable. The different shapes, when layered together, provide depths to the logo design.

The simple shapes, in turn, give room for rich, vivid, and saturated colors to be included in the design, eventually balancing the entire logo.

4. Portraits

It’s for a fact that people tend to seek faces everywhere. Logo designs with faces or portraits illustrated feel more connected to the brand and make it seem personalized and distinctive.

10 Logo Design trends in 2021

Just like KFC’s popular logo featuring the founder of KFC, Colonel Sanders brings an emotional connection to the logo and the brand. The portraits can include diverse races, genders, traditions, cultures, and age groups that signify the brand’s message.

5. Symmetrical designs

Symmetry gives even the most intricate and complex designs a perfect balance and order. Symmetry incorporated in logos provides a feeling of stability and steadiness to the brand.

Previously, symmetry was only used with geometrical shapes. However, logo designers have now started to use symmetry in hand-drawn and illustrated logos.

6. Illustrated characters

Businesses dealing with entertainment look forward to unique out-of-the-box designs that bring a feeling of comfort and satisfaction to customers. Playful characters and edgy and witty illustrations are popular among the young generation. A little bit of humor added to illustrations puts customers at ease and helps improve the brand’s identity.

10 Logo Design trends in 2021

7. Ancient Symbolism

Logo designers add symbolism in logo designs that fit right into the brand’s message. A lamp in the dark, a rising sun, or a phoenix regenerating from its ashes all have deep meanings hidden in them. Logo designs with such symbolism bring across a meaningful and emotional connection to the brand. Therefore in 2021, logo designers use ancient symbolism in logos to strongly covey and solidify the brand’s message.

8. Static motion

Animated logos have been popular for quite some time now. Following the animated logo trend, designers have started to create logos that appear as if they’re in motion when they’re really just a picture. Blurry effects, fluid shapes, splattered particles, and action lines are used to create such illusions that a motionless picture might seem as if it’s moving.

This new technology is popular among tech businesses. Such logos help in making the brand image innovative and creative.

9. Cognate color schemes

Applying the right color schemes is a crucial part of designing a logo. Designers are taught the basics of color schemes from the beginning. For a logo design to appear appealing to the audience, the color scheme needs to be in harmony. Contrast color schemes that were used in the past now seem unpleasant to the viewer’s eyes.

The color scheme is the first thing that a viewer would notice in a logo. Therefore, getting the color scheme right is extremely important for the logo to remain memorable.

10. Monograms

Monograms in logos have been around since the 19th century and aren’t going away anytime sooner. Monograms have a way of staying memorable to the viewers’ eyes, given their simple yet unique design. The most popular brands use monograms to this day regardless of the nature of their business. Seeing the New York Yankees’ monogram on caps, Chanel and Gucci’s C’s and G’s, Netflix’s animated N, monograms can be seen in every brand.

10 Logo Design trends in 2021

What makes the monogram different despite the same letters being used is the amount of creativity placed in it. Just the different typography and color schemes of the M in McDonald’s and Gmail make them completely different and equally memorable.

It’s the start of a new decade, so it’s time for your brand to have a fresh start as well. Hire professional logo design services right now and update your brand’s logo to keep up with the current trends!

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