10 Modern Educational Apps to Look for in the AppStore

From children to lifelong learners, the App Store has become a treasure trove of instructional apps. These applications make learning more interesting, dynamic, and accessible by leveraging technology.

In this article, we will look at ten current educational applications that are accessible on the App Store and are intended to improve various parts of education.

10 Modern Educational Apps to Look for in the AppStore

Promova: a One-Stop Solution For All Your Language Learning Needs

The app proposes a personalized learning experience through bite-sized lessons, practice communities, tutoring, conversation clubs, and progress tracking for learners of all levels. Promova offers 9 languages, including five of the most popular languages in the world, as well as authored courses for Korean and Ukrainian, and also dialect and slang words learning such as British slang words and etc. Learners can choose a language to study and the language in which they receive explanations. Currently, Promova has been downloaded 10 million times across the globe.

Cost & Rate: Promova provides a free trial, but full access requires a membership. Monthly memberships can cost between $4.99 and $19.99 per month, with yearly subscriptions costing between $29.99 and $99.99 per year.


  • Instant feedback on tempo, tone, and clarity.
  • Improves the structure of the content.
  • Enhances presentation abilities by utilizing AI-driven features.

Learn a New Language with Duolingo

When it comes to language study, Duolingo has become a household brand. Duolingo’s user-friendly design and gamified courses make learning a new language enjoyable and accessible. The app provides classes in over 30 languages, making it accessible to students of various ages and backgrounds.

Cost & Rate: Duolingo offers a free version with ads as well as a Duolingo Plus membership for an ad-free experience and more features. Duolingo Plus is usually $9.99 per month.


  • The gamified method makes learning more entertaining.
  • There are several languages to pick from.
  • Provides bite-sized lessons for easy learning.

Khan Academy: World-Class Education for Free

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational portal that provides video courses, practice tasks, and resources on a variety of topics. Khan Academy offers free, high-quality instructional content ranging from mathematics and physics to the humanities and arts to learners of all ages and ability levels.

Cost & Rate: There are no subscription fees or hidden expenses when using Khan Academy.


  • Comprehensive instructional content collection.
  • Learn at your own speed with interactive activities.
  • Suitable for students of all ages.

Quizlet: Flashcards for Studying

Quizlet is a flexible study tool that allows users to design and use flashcards to help them learn more effectively. Users may make their own flashcards or choose from a large collection of pre-made flashcards covering a variety of topics. To promote learning, the app also includes interactive games and practice assessments.

Price and Plan: Quizlet has both free and premium options. Quizlet Plus, which includes features like offline access and ad-free studying, costs $23.88 a year.


  • Personalized learning with customizable flashcards.
  • Engaging activities include interactive games and practice tests.
  • A large collection of user-generated flashcards is available.

Math Problem Solver Using Photos

Many pupils find mathematics to be a difficult subject. Photomath streamlines the math problem-solving process by allowing users to scan handwritten or printed arithmetic problems using their camera. The program then delivers step-by-step explanations and answers, making math more approachable and less daunting.

Photomath provides a free version with rudimentary capabilities. Photomath Plus costs $9.99 per month or $59.99 per year to unlock premium features including step-by-step explanations and limitless problem solving.


  • Quick solutions to hard arithmetic problems.
  • Explanations in detail for a better understanding.
  • Aids in the development of numerical problem-solving abilities.


Coursera is an online platform that provides a diverse selection of courses and certificates from leading colleges and organizations throughout the world. Whether you want to study about artificial intelligence, digital marketing, or ancient history, Coursera may help you develop new skills and boost your career.

Coursera provides free individual courses, but also Coursera Plus memberships, which enable access to a large choice of courses for a monthly cost. Coursera Plus is normally $59 per month.


  • Access to courses from prestigious universities.
  • A wide range of disciplines and specializations are available.
  • Learning that is adaptable and self-paced.

TED: Thoughts Worth Spreading

The TED app is an excellent resource for anybody looking to broaden their knowledge and acquire insights on a variety of topics. It contains hundreds of TED Talks in which professionals and thought leaders share their ideas, experiences, and research results. These speeches span a wide range of topics, such as science, technology, psychology, and creativity.

Cost & Rate: The TED app is free to download and provides free access to a wide range of lectures.


  • Inspiring and educational speeches.
  • Experts and opinion leaders are available.
  • There are several subjects to investigate.

Google Classroom: Simplifying Learning

Google Classroom is a valuable resource for both instructors and students. It makes creating, sharing, and grading assignments easier, making it an ideal platform for remote learning and collaboration. Teachers may use it to organize their courses, exchange materials, and connect with students, while students can use it to obtain assignments, submit work, and participate in conversations.

Google Classroom is free for educational institutions and individuals to utilize.


  • Makes assignment management easier for teachers.
  • Communication and collaboration are simple.
  • Assignments and materials are available from any location.

Computational Knowledge Engine Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is an extremely strong computational knowledge engine that can answer and solve a wide range of queries and issues. Wolfram Alpha can deliver precise and thorough solutions to complicated mathematical computations, scientific enquiries, and data analysis, making it a helpful tool for students and professionals in STEM subjects.

Wolfram Alpha provides a free version with restricted capabilities. Wolfram Alpha Pro is offered for $6.99 a month to gain access to higher computational capabilities and more data.


  • Provides precise answers and solutions.
  • This is useful for STEM-related questions.
  • Data and computational tools are available.


Scratch is a programming language for children that allows them to build interactive tales, animations, and games. It’s a great way to introduce kids and novices to the world of coding and computer science. Scratch has a block-based interface that is simple to understand and apply, even for individuals with no prior coding knowledge.

Scratch is entirely free to use, with no membership fees or in-app purchases.


  • Promotes creativity and coding abilities.
  • Suitable for beginners and youngsters, with a simple block-based interface.


The AppStore has a wealth of current educational apps for students of all ages and interests. There’s an app for that, whether you want to enhance your presentation abilities with Promova, learn a new language with Duolingo, or explore the world of online courses with Coursera. These applications use technology to make learning more interesting, dynamic, and accessible, allowing people to gain new skills and information.