Our teachers used to tell us it was important to learn math because we couldn’t rely on carrying around a calculator in our pocket.

Dog Apps In Apple App Store

I think it’s safe to say they would be pretty flabbergasted to learn that not only do we always have a calculator on hand, we also have a barrage of ways to shop, order food, track our health, and better take care of our pets.

That’s why I’m bringing you my 10 favorite pet apps in the Apple Store for caring for your best furbuddy.


Sit back and relax because thanks to the help of Chewy, always having your pupper’s favorite treats, food, toys, you name it, on hand has never been easier. You can even order your pet’s prescription medication right to your doorstep with Chewy. How cool is that!

Beyond the luxury of never having to step foot into a pet store again, Chewy frequently offers deals, has great customer service, and a fantastic return policy! Chewy will refund you for the item but let you donate it to a shelter instead of returning it.

Innovet Pet

If your puppy needs help with common issues such as anxiety, mobility support, or skin issues like allergies, Innovetpet.com might just have the key to finally solving their problems.


Known for their popular CBD, Innovet Pet has spent nearly two decades crafting unique and innovative products that solve common but hard-to-treat problems. From ear cleaners to wellness supplements to their Whole Foods-approved Shampoo line, the Innovet Pet app puts an arsenal of health in your hands.


Featured on Apple’s Editor’s Choice list, Puppr is no stranger to popularity. Simply put, if you need help with training, then Puppr should be on your phone.

Puppr has a little something for dogs of any skill level. Want to turn your pup into a circus star with advanced tricks taught by renowned dog trainer Sara Carson? Or simply looking to get your dog to sit on command? Puppr can help!

iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

Need to get your dog’s attention and your voice isn’t doing the trick, jammed pack with over 50 animal sound effects, squeaky toys, and the classic dog whistle? Then this app has your back.

But perhaps the best feature is the tried-and-true training clicker. If there was one training technique I wish I started doing with my dogs, earlier it’s the clicker.


Taking your dog on long car rides and vacations can be a blast, but sometimes it’s just not feasible. And during those times when you need to leave your dog for extended periods, there is the Rover App.

The best thing about Rover is they solve a major problem many dog owners have about leaving their dog at an unfamiliar place like a kennel while traveling. With Rover, you connect yourself to a network of pet sitters and others that come to your house.


Getting your dog in better shape couldn’t be easier thanks to FitBark. By attaching a surprisingly small device to their collar, you can access everything from how many calories they are burning to scores on things like their sleep quality to their overall wellness.

One of my favorites is FitBark’s focus on the details, allowing you to set fitness goals that reflect your dog’s peers (breed, age, and weight).

GoodPup: Dog Training At Home

GoodPup is a blessing in the age of staying at home to reduce exposure to Covid-19. GoodPup connects you to one-on-one video chat training, connecting you to the top trainers in the country.

GoodPup is great for those newer to training a dog because the trainer is there to reassure you you’re doing a great job. And that’s important because raising a puppy can be hard and cause a lot of doubts.


Wag! is similar to Rover, connecting you to professional dog walkers, pet sitters, and on. The big difference is Wag! features work for trainers while Rover allows doggy daycares. 

Bring Fido

Looking to include your dog on your adventures or want to give them a vacation of their own?  Then you’ll have to download Bring Fido! Bring Fido gives you dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, events, destination spots, and more. 

Pet First Aid

Last on our list might just be the most important. Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross is the next best thing to a physical veterinarian when it comes to answering emergency questions you have about your dog. Pet First Aid includes videos, health lessons, and more to help you best care for your pup.

My favorite feature has to be that the app is fully functional without an internet connection — after installing, of course. This makes it a true emergency app in my opinion.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.