10 Popular Web Apps made with React


React.js is an excellent platform for building robust, scalable and secure web apps. It has constantly proven its merit against popular web app framework giants such as Angular, Django, Laravel, etc. There is no one correct answer for which framework is the best among all the available options. However, if you plan and strategize correctly, it will help you narrow down your choices.

10 Popular Web Apps made with React

React.js has been the ideal choice for powering their web apps for many globally successful companies. If not entirely, they do use many libraries of React.js to power one or two aspects of their web apps. One of the many advantages of React.js is that it is platform-agnostic, which means it can be used with any third-party library or framework with ease. This opens up many possibilities of utilizing React to power any web app with tons of customization options available to the user. Here we will discuss 7 such popular web apps that use or are made with React.js.

You should hire React.js developers from a trusted web app development company to develop a reliable and robust cross-browser compatible web app for your business. Here is a list of top web apps made with React and how React plays a role in powering these web apps –

1. New York Times

Red Carpet Project, an initiative by the New York Times, was created using React.js. The concept behind this web app was to create a page where their readers and subscribers could stimulate various looks of their favourite celebrities on the red carpet. Apart from this, NYT also uses React for managing the connection between their data and UI on the front-end. They also extend their use of React in their mobile application by powering it with React Native.

2. Netflix

The mammoth streaming service Netflix also uses React.js libraries for many elements of its website. Netflix uses React.js for their website and React Native for their mobile app. Netflix also had published a blog explaining why they decided to use React.js to meet the demands and capacity requirements of their expansion plans. They mentioned using React was beneficial to increase their start-up speed, runtime performance and modularity.

3. Instagram

Instagram is probably one of the most significant users of the React.js library. Its web application is entirely based on this library. Of course, the part reason behind this is that both Instagram and React are Meta products. However, React.js is robust and scalable enough to power the entire app, including Instagram’s UI, Google Maps API and Hashtags. Instagram started experimenting with React in the user’s profile page first, then gradually updated all their pages on React.

4. Asana

Asana is a popular work management platform used by teams and offices across the globe to manage their projects, deadlines and day to day operations. The team at Asana was earlier working on creating their reactive framework named Luna back in 2008 before they decided to shift to React for their in-house functionality. They were able to seamlessly implement the designs they created with Luna in React.    

5. AirBnB

AirBnB is a revolutionary company that redefined holidays and planning vacations globally. It offers vacation rentals, homestay, lodging, and other hospitality and tourism solutions. AirBnB has a long history with React.js and React Native. They wanted to build a cross-platform solution that is both sustainable and future-ready. React.js is the best bet for runtime performance and flexibility of integration with all operating environments. AirBnB was so actively involved with React.js that they created many open-source React.js libraries that are still heavily used by many websites and companies to date.

6. Khan Academy

Khan Academy faced severe issues with web page loading times and other website challenges before they shifted to React.js. They saw a measurable difference in performance after implementing the React.js library. With React.js, they could also add many new features and eliminate extra re-renders. One of the biggest benefits of React that appealed to Khan Academy was its component isolation feature.

7. Uber

Uber is one of the most popular cab booking services globally. They have millions of active users across the globe that rely on Uber for their daily commute. Though the mobile app is more frequently used for booking rides, many users also prefer to book their cabs from the website. Unlike other companies that shifted to React eventually, Uber started using React from the beginning. Like AirBnB, Uber has contributed sigificantly to creating open-source libraries for React, most of them for mapping and visualization. They also created Base Web, which provides reusable React components for UI development. Uber primarily opted for React for its accessibility, customization and reliability.

8. Reddit

Reddit is the front page of the internet that allows users to submit links, create content and have proper discussions on topics they’re interested in. They make use of React to create their minimalistic and functional UI.

9. Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. It has over 2.85 billion users on a monthly basis. Facebook is also a Meta Product; hence it is no surprise that it is developed using React.js (also a Meta product). Their webpage is built using React.js, and their mobile app is developed on React Native.

10. Dropbox

Dropbox is a globally used file hosting service where users can store and share important files, collaborate on projects and enable global teams to work together efficiently. They use React.js for their website and React Native for their mobile app. Dropbox shifted to React.js and React Native for benefits like smaller file size, increasing the app’s user-friendliness, improving reloading speed, and improving the overall look and feel of the app.

Final Words

These are the top 10 popular web apps made with React. This should give you a brief idea about React’s potential and flexibility in developing a different kinds of web apps. More and more React libraries and components are added regularly, making React a reliable and trustworthy framework for your modern web app project.

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