10 WhatsApp Tricks That Will Change The Way You Text


WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app which is used by more than a billion people. The interface of WhatsApp is very user-friendly and simple to an extent. Apart from the basic features clearly visible on the surface, there are many more cool functionalities on WhatsApp that will change the way you text or use WhatsApp. Here is a list of ten WhatsApp tips and tricks which will definitely make this an interesting app for you.

10 WhatsApp Tricks That Will Change The Way You Text

1. Hide that you have read the message without turning off the read receipt

If you want to hide the fact that you have read a message altogether for each and every contact on WhatsApp, then of course turning off the read receipt is the only possible solution. However, if there are rare occasions where you want to hide that you have read a message without turning off the read receipt, then here’s a tip to do it. When the message arrives, reject all the notifications. Turn on the airplane mode to switch off both mobile data and Wi-Fi connection. Open WhatsApp, read the message and close the app and then turn off the Airplane mode. Now even though you have read the message, a blue tick won’t appear till the next time you open the app.

2. Change the text into bold, italicized and stuck-through

It is now possible to change the way you want the text to appear. For making a text bold, place an asterisk before and after the word like *bold*. For turning the text into italics, use underscore on either side of the word like _italics_ and to strike through a word, use ~ on either side of the word like ~strikethrough~.

3. Get the pulsating heart

Are you confused about how the red heart behaves differently when you use those emoticons? You might have noticed sometimes, you get a pulsating heart while other times you do not. When you send the red heart without any extra emoji, it results in a pulsating heart. When used along with other emojis, it appears like a normal heart. The next time when your best friend sends their Sexy Photos, try to show your approval by sending them a pulsating heart.

4. The Broadcast list is like ‘bcc’ of an e-mail

The broadcasting option on WhatsApp allows the users to send the same message to multiple contacts with no one having the idea that you have the same message for everyone. You can compare this feature with the bcc of email. Broadcasting a message is the best option to invite people to a party while touching the text personally. Please note that when you broadcast a message, you will see a megaphone symbol on your screen, however, only you would be able to see it and not the people to whom you have sent the message to.

5. Check with whom do you chat the most

This is a cool feature to check with whom you spend most of your time while chatting on WhatsApp. To check it, go to “Settings”, tap on “Account” and then open “Storage Usage” and tap on “Messages” or “Size” to check with whom you chat the most.

6. Turn video in a gif

It is possible to turn a video into a gif right on WhatsApp. Select the video you want to send to your friend or upload as a status for doing it. Now select the frame you want to send as a gif and then toggle on the gif option to convert the video into a gif.

7. Stop automatic saving of media on your phone.

Most random group chats come with random pictures and videos, including even Whatsapp Dp of the people they have recently changed. The struggle is real when all such media are automatically saved on the phone. You can now save memory by eliminating this problem by following, “WhatsApp > Settings > Chats > Turn off the Save Incoming Media” option.

8. Lock the voice note feature for long WhatsApp voice note

Everyone knows how to add a mini WhatsApp voice note. However, if you need to send a long voice note to someone, instead of holding the microphone symbol continuously, hold the microphone and swipe it up to lock it to free your hands.

9. WhatsApp supports video call

For an instant video, group chat, instead of scheduling and inviting people to other apps, simply use WhatsApp itself for the video call. Just tap on the video icon to start a video call amongst the group members. Please note that WhatsApp supports video calls for up to eight people.

10. Check who has checked the message on the group

If not all the members have read the message on the group, the blue tick won’t appear. However, you can still check who has checked the message by holding down the message you have sent and then tapping on the info icon. The information available in it include who has read, received the message and when.

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