100K Followers On Instagram Are Not Long in Coming With These Tips


It’s a rare entrepreneurship who is not looking for the Holy Grail that would allow them to not only make their business venture a success but also expand it globally. Fortunately, there is no need to look for a mythical item now that we have access to the source of unlimited power and untold wealth, which is Instagram.

100K Followers On Instagram Are Not Long in Coming With These Tips

Lots of people, including celebrities, politicians, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and just random users, who managed to catch the right wave, have gained immense popularity and amassed considerable wealth upon having increased their Instagram follower count. You also can be one of those lucky guys if you come up with an effective strategy that will go a long way in getting more clicks, more views, more Instagram likes, and more followers, of course.

Things to Know to Stop Making Ineffective Decisions

On having conducted countless studies on social media usage and analyzed more than enough most-followed Instagram accounts and posts, social media researchers and marketing pundits reached some important conclusions all brands and marketers should definitely take note of. Below is only a bit of what have been found:

  • The vast majority of social media users are visuals, which means that it’s the visual marketing you need to hone in on to gain more Instagram followers. Videos are reported to go viral considerably faster and receive twice as many comments as any other type of content on Instagram.
  • Tagging other users is commonly considered a classic strategy that can purportedly increase Instagram engagements.  But if you’re determined to make your brand a success as soon as possible, we suggest that you forget about it. Spare those poor guys that got tagged (and annoyed) on a daily basis, stop sharing content and binge-tagging. Oftentimes, it doesn’t bear on engagements rates and is not tantamount to more likes.
  • Almost 83 percent of brands find the amount of Instagram followings a decisive key performance indicator of a campaign.

There are umpteen posts and applications on the Internet that promise to tell you about the subtleties of amassing followership numbers. Some of the programs that help you reach the right audience and get them follow you on Instagram may prove to be quite effective, especially those that can identify the scope of their interests and track users’ activity based on the day of the week. You can make considerable progress, provided that you follow the data and tailor your marketing strategy accordingly. It’s a good starting point for those who want to score a number of loyal followers without spending a bundle. But we’re in no way attempting to talk you out of buying for followership. Go on reading to learn more.

It’s not criminal to buy Instagram followers

Lots of beginner entrepreneurs don’t know where to start to increase their follower rates. Therefore, they start with paying for what they need. So consider it bad karma to “cheat” and make others believe that your brand is more popular with other users than it is in reality. But as long as you offer high-quality products or services, why not spark your potential followers’ interest? Also, when what you do or offer goes viral, the odds are good slews of Instagram users will want to join you simply because it’s on the crest of a wave. If you consider paying for followers, check out the following link https://us.all-smm.com/instagram/buy-instagram-followers. We’ll bet it will help you make a correct decision much quicker.

Adding videos on a regular basis

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We’ve already noted how important videos are for your popularity on Instagram. The most obvious and easiest recipe to attracting more followers is posting more video content. If you’re more into photos, don’t get upset. Make sure to add some eye-catching videos along with your usual content. It’s also a good idea to create a multiple-image photo carousel post to attract more users.

Don’t mess with hashtags 

The current tendency to overuse hashtags may result in unexpected and unwanted consequences, the foremost of which is a substantial decrease in the number of followers. It’s definitely not something you were expecting when typing that Hashtag, weren’t you? So, we highly recommend that you come up with relevant and to the point hashtags to succeed at Instagram.

Tagging your followers

Yeah, we know that we were advising you against tagging your current followers in the begging of our post. But, as you know, tagging was created for purpose, which means that in some situations it can be quite beneficial. It may be meaningless to tag your current followers or tag those who have no interest in what you’re aiming to promote at the initial stage. Still, as soon as your brand rises to fame and you can boast impressive Instagram engagement rates, you can start tagging your users. But do it wisely. Otherwise, you may run the risk of achieving the reverse effect.

Building Community

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It takes a lot of time and effort to create a solid followership. Even if you increase your Instagram following manifold, it doesn’t necessarily make you immune to losing what you have. Experts draw your attention to the fact that presently, they are exactly micro-influencers that play the first fiddle on Instagram. With this in mind, hone in on creating a smaller, more engaged community whose members will be constantly interacting with you and remain loyal to your brand. Also, take care to maintain your followership and cherish it. Thus, you’ll be able to succeed at Instagram.

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