15 useful apps for students

Smart Alarm Clock.

If you’re the kind of person who turns off the alarm clock and turns to the other side to finish your sleep, you’ll appreciate this app. It’s not enough to push a button to turn off your alarm clock. You have to regain consciousness and solve a task – not a difficult one, but it will be enough to jumpstart your sleepy brain. iOS platform.

Puzzle Alarm Clock

Similar to the previous application on Android

15 useful apps for students


One of the unique applications, which collected a variety of courses on a wide variety of subjects from leading institutions and universities around the world. A great chance to get useful information from Western sources.

Platform iOS / Android


An ordinary recorder, but with a very important function. While recording, you can highlight important moments. It is very good to save time when searching for the right information.

Platform iOS

Panecal Scientific calculator

Remember those engineering calculators with lots of buttons? If you need one for your studies, here’s a ready-made app. Download it and do the math or use it as cpm homework help.

Android Platform

MyScript Calculator

A calculator that recognizes handwriting, replaces what you’ve written with signs and solves written examples all by itself. If you’re not a fan of complicated scientific calculators, and in general by hand you get everything clearer and faster, the application is good for you.

 iOS / Android platform


A great app for those who are often distracted and hang out on social networking sites instead of studying for class. The app blocks access to selected sites for a selected amount of time. The trick is that you can not cancel the block earlier, even a reboot will not reset the settings.

The iOS platform

Book aloud (Audiobooks)

Reading books is recognized as the most effective way to pass the time. But it’s not always convenient to read while walking and in a crowded subway car. In this case, audiobooks come to the rescue – compact, you can listen inconspicuously almost anywhere. In addition, they do not take up space in your bag.

Platform iOS / Android

Dict EN-RU

English-Russian dictionary, where you can find everything. Or almost everything.   

Platform iOS / Android


This app teaches you speed reading, a skill that is simply indispensable nowadays. Keeping your entire library in one single device is no longer a problem, all that’s left is to read it. Just practice and you’ll get results in no time.

iOS / Android platform


One of the best planners around, according to users. It is far from new, but it is growing in popularity. With its help, it is possible to organize if not everything in your life, then very much. This is exactly what we need.

iOS / Android platform


Down with heavy organizers and diaries! Lectures, seminar schedules, homework and notes can now be stored in a handy app.

Android platform

iStudieZ Pro

Also very nice student organizer with rich functionality and neat design.

 iOS platform

Cheat sheet: Sopromat

Guide to solopromat in your phone: it will help you during the lecture and during the exam.

Android platform


Another highly specialized application – a chemistry reference book. Mendeleev table, solubility table and a lot of other useful information in one application.

Android Platform