19 Top Story & Post Templates to Boost Your Instagram Presence

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett  - Contributing Editor
19 Top Story & Post Templates to Boost Your Instagram Presence

Instagram has evolved from simply a way of sharing a striking image from a moment in your in life and following those of others you care about. Today, the platform has become an essential communication and marketing medium, allowing creators, businesses, and professional influencers to reach out and sell their products and services.

Tell your story, grow, and earn a living

No matter your industry or profession, an Instagram presence is almost obligatory these days, quite simply because of the number of users on the platform. Instagram and parent company Facebook have made it known that they aim to provide “a home base” for creators to tell their story, grow, and earn a living.

19 Top Story & Post Templates to Boost Your Instagram Presence

Whether you are just starting out or are firmly established, Instagram has recently launched several innovations supporting creators and providing new ways for them to accomplish their goals. Instagram has a strong foundation in place where creators can use the platform to partner with brands, sell their own merchandise, earn money from their supporters, and earn a portion of revenue from ads that run against their video content.

Still primarily an image-driven social media platform, successful Instagram posts should originate from photographic or video content, preferably of the highest quality to boost the number of likes you’ll earn and followers you’ll attract. A social media template source such as Mojo-app.com brings a huge variety of customizable templates which you can apply to story posts, helping you make a living and build your personal and professional brand.

Integrating Instagram into your digital strategy in a striking, consistent, and thoughtful manner can help a simple post go viral in a day. Going viral is the “Holy Grail” of social media and can’t be ignored, and the more you post on Instagram, the greater the potential to go viral.

How to create a buzz on Instagram

Creating high quality posts on Instagram is simple with templates such as Mojo-App’s. Here’s a curated selection of some of the categories available, along with some further advice on how you can leverage your social media posts for success without shelling out for expensive graphic design and copywriting services.

1. Typography:

These simple start templates turn texts into highly dynamic compositions.

2. Digital:

Providing super, versatile compositions, these templates combine well with all kinds of media in both stories and posts, making a powerful visual statement.

3. Shop:

Perfect templates to showcase a collection of items for sale.

4. Storytelling:

Superb for combining text and media transforming your content into a highly visual and engaging narrative.

5. Cinema:

Designed to emphasize “sober”, “high-minded” videos, dark framing and subtle fading are the ingredients of fare that evokes the “film experience” in all senses of the term.

6. Fashion:

Showcase a succession of photos or videos of your clothing line with a subtle touch of elegance evocative of the craft behind your handiwork.

7. Minimal:

Designed for high aesthetic value and straightforward presentations, these templates are ideal for an honest and clean presentation for any story type.

8. Glitch:

Use this fun option to stir up the atmosphere of photos or videos, creating a discordant or simply off-beat effect.

9. Film View:

Perfect for entertaining your audience and impressing with a fully responsive and customizable visual sensibility.

10. Photography:

Stylish, elegant templates designed to dazzle with unique and simple photographic layouts.

11. News:

Sharing important news is a vital component of a digital marketing strategy; use this template to beautify newsworthy releases.

12. Classical:

These versatile designs are effective in a wide variety of applications and make it easy to broach more serious topics while keeping it light.

13. Marketing:

A perfect category of templates for stories presenting on topics such as promotions, reviews, and products.

14. Food:

Sharing food pics is very popular on Instagram and this offering is great for any restaurant, chef or food influencer looking to highlight a meal and share mouth-watering stories.

15. Pop:

Fun and colorful templates to spice up any story, these templates use powerful color combinations for an eye-popping look.

16. Sports:

Perfect for displaying sport or fitness techniques, achievements, or advice and share your passion for action.

17. Replay:

A unique category lending information a fresh, well-designed look.

18. Golden:

Present a sleek, elegant finish.

19. Blank:

Fully editable and easy to use templates for any occasion.

In addition to using templates such as these for an impactful “look and feel”, here are a few tips to further bolster your digital strategy:

Combine Instagram stories with feed posts for maximum impact and reach. Since stories are short-lived, breaking into more detail in a post will give your followers a better understanding of your message.

Create a consistent template for each story and post by selecting colors that match your brand style guide so that users can remember you very easily.

Use the same filters across your stories, additionally bringing consistency to your messaging, as well as adding depth. Grab attention with your look and followers will more likely watch your entire post and engage with you.

Interact with followers who watch your stories fully. Followers really like to see creative and unique responses to their comments and engagements. Pay special attention to those who comment on and interact with your stories, follow them back, and perhaps encourage them to become ambassadors and spread the word about your brand to their community.

Help your cause by sending direct messages thanking followers for their commitment, be it a short text or even an original video created just for them. Get creative with your interactions with your followers by creating a beautiful design template tailored just for them.

Creativity—above all—is the keyword in your Instagram storytelling, be it posts—photos or videos—or stories. Customize your posts, for example, according to the weather, season, time of day, or your location. If you are not comfortable talking to camera, create Instagram stories and posts providing original captions using the many template tools such as those outlined above.

The possibilities are endless and exciting, especially on the news that in the coming months Instagram will begin testing a native affiliate tool that will allow creators to discover new products available on checkout, share them with their followers, and earn commissions for the purchases they drive.

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By Lucy Bennett Contributing Editor
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