One of the few sports that can truly claim to be international is football. No other sport can claim the number of fans it does. Football season is a time of celebration worldwide, and both fans and non-fans tune in for the thrilling games. 

2021's Must-Try Football Scores Apps for iOS

Due to this soaring popularity, many parallel industries have emerged, such as merchandise, apps, and more. These apps have made it easier for fans to keep up with the popular sport. You can keep your finger on the pulse with live scores and instant updates of your game at your fingertips.

We have listed a few apps that are the best in the business for you to use, so you never miss any action. Alternatively, you can always check the livescore on Buaksib.


SofaScore is one of the best apps in the market that provides live updates of football scores. They also provide updates for 25 sports. 

A notable feature is that this app can be connected to an Android smartwatch. They also provide a video clip of the goal within five minutes of the goal being made. You can also check your team’s statistics. The timely updates and player’s ratings make this app a unique one. 

You can also engage with your fellow sports enthusiast through the chat option. In addition, there are quizzes available on this platform to help you get better engaged with the sport, and you can test your knowledge on the go.

Goal Live

Goal Live is provided by and provides the fastest score updates among all apps in the market, with instant notifications. It also does a great job at providing live scores, live coverage, line-ups, ratings, and in-game statistics.

Stats giants Opta are behind this speedy information dispersal. It also provides pre-match info such as the form of the teams and any breaking news. 


LiveScore has been providing football scores since 1988, so it’s safe to say that they have carved a niche for themselves in the market. They also provide live statistics for other sports like tennis, hockey, football, basketball, and soccer. 

The best part of this app is that they provide live commentary and matches, which is certainly a feature that puts it above par with the rest. Additionally, users are given options to move their favorite game to the favorite section.

It offers a pitch view to keep track of the ball, as well as calendar notifications for upcoming games. 


It is also known by the name Soccer Scores Pro. One of the few apps in the market that are free, Fotmob is available for Android as well as iOS users. Fotmob comes packed with a plethora of information regarding upcoming games, schedules, match stats, and TV schedules too. Users from China and other restricted countries can experience problems with accessing this app. If that’s your case, you can install one of these VPNs.

It also provides information regarding your favorite teams and leagues live, as it covers almost all of the major leagues in play. The only in-app purchases are to get rid of advertisements.

Football score apps are projected to grow as the popularity of football doesn’t seem to be waning.

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