Digital marketing is a growing field. It is the most dynamic field of 2021, making it quite difficult to stay in touch with the current innovations.

Organizations have seen close to 75% of their marketing expenses being reduced.

With an enhanced approach towards targeting the consumer segmentation of the market and improving the positioning of the product, digital marketing has actually brought all the marketing concepts in a nutshell.

With the pandemic shooting our lives like Hell, 2021 has had some good news for the digital marketing aficionados.

Without wasting any further time, let’s get straight into the trends for us. 

2021's Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends You Must Know

 If you have been searching for questions on Google Quiet lately, you must have observed a small text box wherein you can find your answers from a particular website. This is called the featured snippet.

When an answer features in the top search result in the form of explaining you the queries, it is often tough for businesses to get leads or impressions. In this case, what should be the solution?

Provide as much as it can spark an interest in the minds of the user.

Often sharing too much information in this snippet would lead to the user not clicking on the same.

Use this space only to provoke interest of the consumer, not to give an answer completely.

2. Micro segmentation is rising and it’s time you capture on the wave:

New customers have always been one of the Holy Grails of marketing knowledge. So much data available about each and every user along with the tech giants. It is quite natural for organizations to dig even deeper into the customers.

This is where micro segmentation comes into play.

Segmenting your customers on a deeper level such that you can find out even the nitty gritty of them is actually going to help the businesses grow faster. Learning about the habits as well as learning about the behavior is going to boost the business to target them effectively.

3. Great landing pages on Instagram posts can help you increase your check out:

If you are into e-commerce, then this is the most important tip that you’ve ever heard. Don’t simply show the product, sell them.

As easy as it sounds, when it goes ahead to implementation, it can be quite tricky if the landing page is not quite clear. With more than 45% of the users purchasing a product from Instagram sponsored posts, it is quite clear to understand how landing pages are important.

4. Reverse image search is the new trend:

 If you have not yet integrated voice search in your marketing campaign, you must not miss out on the reverse image search. Searching with the images with the help of the alt tag is a key trend which is catching up right now.

Finding out the awesome location that your friend has snapped a pic in is no more difficult as you only need to snap the picture uploaded in the reverse search and voila, you’re there!

5. Enjoying the non-linearity in the customer journeys:

The customer journeys are no longer linear. people have broken out from the linearized pattern of purchasing their products at a fixed time.

6. Contents becoming ephemeral:

After Snapchat popularized ephemeral content, Facebook and Instagram have not been too far. Such content, gaining a lot of popularity 2021 is going to be the year when digital marketers need to capitalize on this growth. The best thing about ephemeral content is it makes it look very special.

The only challenge is going to be here is the content cannot be reused. But if it is used properly, it’s one of the best things that every digital marketing agency must like to try out.

7. Be 24/7 available:

24/7 availability is becoming one of the key concerns with the customers. Get your queries addressed with chat bots that are trendy. AI chatbots are taking digital marketing by storm – don’t think twice!

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.