3 Benefits of Cloud Computing


In today’s work-from-anywhere environment, cloud computing plays an integral role in terms of collaboration, speed of process and accessibility. Those who are considering an open cloud environment can gain these three benefits.

3 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Strategic Value

Open cloud platforms such as FutureOn enable organizations to concentrate on what’s important, including application development and completing tasks. In a cloud environment, collaboration is streamlined and easy as it allows multiple participants to work on a singular project and contribute as needed.

Cloud platforms are constantly updated to provide the most up-to-date technology in their niche. Underlying infrastructure will be handled by the provider, which means teams and businesses can get more done. As far as beating the competition is concerned, cloud computing is more agile than traditional software and applications.


Cloud is supremely flexible in that it allows for easy scalability. Depending on demand, it can grow and expand to meet the organization’s needs and increasing workflows. Most services will offer several degrees of control, including infrastructure as service, platform as service or software as service.

Companies won’t have to come up with their own tools and features and thus can save time and money having to hire a developer or programmer, or to purchase additional software and tools. Aside from scalability, cloud environments have up-to-date security measures such as API keys, encryption and setting up virtual private cloud sessions.


‘Efficient’ takes on several forms for a company that uses a cloud computing environment. Aside from saving on equipment (since cloud has remote resources), you won’t need to rent or purchase additional servers to scale and begin working on the cloud.

Working in the cloud allows for near real-time updates, so collaboration is more seamless compared to traditional work models. Furthermore, workers can log in anywhere and in supported devices to share, work or contribute on a project.

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