Vinyl stickers are a cut above the rest since they have several inherent benefits that are useful in a number of scenarios.

3 Benefits of Vinyl Sticker Printing

When you choose to have custom printed vinyl stickers you can look forward to these 3 benefits:

Possibilities are Endless

With vinyl sticker printing the only limits is your imagination. It can create virtually anything you want in a design standpoint as long as it can fit the picture.

Furthermore, you can choose any shape and have it cut to any size for any application. Premium custom vinyl stickers should be your canvas whenever you have an idea or inspiration. You can be sure that it will be doable if your medium is vinyl sticker.

Wide Variety of Options

You’ll quickly discover a whole lot of options when going the vinyl sticker route.

You can choose clear stickers, high tack, fluorescent or metallic vinyl stickers depending on your preference. Each has its own sets of pros- for example, a clear sticker can blend in with its background and create an eye-catching effect.

High tack stickers are very durable and can last and stay where they are for a long time. Fluorescent is when you need neon in yellow, orange, green or red, while metallic have that shiny finish in silver or gold.

Incredible Versatility

Custom vinyl sticker prints can be seen everywhere, which speaks volumes about its versatility.

Vinyl is an excellent medium for outdoor use as it’s waterproof and withstand the constant wear and tear of any environment. Businesses and households can use it for food labels, signs and more.

UV ink and waterproof adhesive can make vinyl stickers tougher and more durable than ever. Compared to other types of stickers, vinyl won’t fade even when it’s exposed to all-day sunlight and won’t run off or unstick even during rainy or wet weather.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

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