3 Best Dota 2 Boosting Websites in 2023-24 Reviewed

Increasing Dota 2 Rank is not easy anymore because of Smurf players against us. To overcome that, we have found a way known as Dota 2 boosting that will help players push their rank to their desired rank.

Unfortunately, there are many scam websites out there that might just end up taking your money and not completing your boosting order. To overcome that, we decided to look for 50+ Dota 2 account-boosting websites and choose the top 3 and in this blog, we will be doing a complete review of the top 3 Dota 2 MMR-boosting websites.

3 Best Dota 2 Boosting Websites in 2023-24 Reviewed

Top 3 picks

After doing complete research we came up with the top three Dota account boosting websites that are performing super well and have a lot of audiences. We will review these companies and tell you all the pros and cons of each one of them.

  1. Mmr-boost.com  – Best for Dota 2 MMR Boosting Service
  2. Immortalboost.com – Best for professional Dota 2 Boost
  3. Dota2boost.shop – Best for Dota 2 Account Boosting 
WebsiteRatingKey features
MMR-BOOST.COM  Trustpilot 4.8/10
Sitejabber 4.7/10
Orders are always started within 10-15 minutes  
IMMORTALBOOST.COMTrustpilot 4.9/10
Sitejabber 4.9/10
Have Dota 2 boosters worldwide.
DOTA2BOOST.SHOPTrustpilot 4.8/10
Sitejabber 4.9/10
Can boost rank up to 10,000.

Let’s have a look at these sites in detail and see what they have to offer!

1. MMR-boost.com

3 Best Dota 2 Boosting Websites in 2023-24 Reviewed

Best for: MMR-boost.com is considered one of the safest Dota 2 boosting companies that is operating in the market since 2016. They have professional boosters who can boost your Dota 2 rank in no time. Many Dota 2 players have only one concern and that is the anonymity of the service. MMR-Boost.com is 100% anonymous and their boosters always play offline so that no one can know that the account is being boosted. This service is also a parent company of many other boosting websites. This Dota 2 boosting website also offers the cheapest Dota 2 boosting rates that no one can offer as they care the most about their clients.

How does it work?

You just simply have to open the website and click on the check prices button. It will redirect you to a pricing page. You need to enter your current Dota 2 MMR and desired MMR and checkout. Make sure that you mention the correct Discord ID so that this company can contact you as their main mean of communication is Discord. Once the order is placed, MMR-Boost.com will add you on Discord, get all the useful details from you, and begin your Dota account boosting. \

  • Safe and Secure Boosting
  • Order starts within 10 minutes
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Up to 40% discounts
  • If concerned about privacy, players are advised to first read the review of this website and then place the order.
  • They do not operate via Facebook or Instagram.

2. Immortalboost.com

3 Best Dota 2 Boosting Websites in 2023-24 Reviewed

Best for: Immortalboost own the largest Dota 2 boosting clients they are in the market since 2014. Immortalboost is one of the oldest sites when it comes to Dota 2 boosting service. They started off with Dota 2 account boosting but later on, they re-designed their complete website and now they are offering multiple boosting services for different games.

How does it work?

As many companies have the same design and working method, immortalboost also has the same method as MMR-Boost.com – Simply open the website, select your current and desired Dota 2 rank and place the order. They also communicate via Email and Discord. It’s a plus point for players. Immortalboost also allows you to communicate with your Dota 2 boosters.

  • 1500+ trusted reviews
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • They offer Dota 2 account boosting as well as Dota 2 coaching services
  • Always make sure to check the website reviews before placing an order.
  • They do not have a mobile application for boosting.

3. Dota2boost.shop

3 Best Dota 2 Boosting Websites in 2023-24 Reviewed

Dota2boost.shop is not that old website but this Dota 2 MMR boosting website has earned his respect throughout the internet. This website helped players reach the top MMR than any of the other websites. In their recent orders, this website pushed rank from 3500 to 11,000 MMR. Their communication method is via Email, Discord, and WhatsApp.

This website works a little differently. You can even place an order via WhatsApp as they also accept Express PayPal. They will calculate your Dota 2 booting price and let you know and you can simply PayPal the amount or get an invoice.

  •  Can boost Dota 2 Account upto 10,000
  • Have professional boosters
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Sometimes the website does not instantly update the recent Dota 2 orders.
  • Have limited Dota 2 Boosting Services.

To Sum up

Each Dota 2 boosting company website have its own strength and weakness but when it comes to choosing the best service that can complete and deliver your order in no time is MMR-Boost.com. With the help of Dota 2 account boosting, many Dota 2 players are now able to reach their original rank and happily enjoying the game.