3 Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers and Retweets (Cheap and Fast)


Creating a successful marketing strategy on social media platforms requires gaining both followers and retweets.

3 Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers and Retweets (Cheap and Fast)

The more activity an account has, the more likely it will draw in targeted followers.

One method of attracting new fans is to buy Twitter followers and retweets to help make the page look more lively and inviting.

Inside Look At The Best Places to Buy Twitter Followers & Retweets

1. Best overall – SocialsUp

2. Good variety of services – SocialBoss

3. Best budget-friendly – TweetBoost.net

SocialsUp Review Pros and Cons

SocialsUp is a company focused on providing customers with the ability to grow social media accounts. Not only do they specialize in Twitter, but also other major social media platforms such as SoundCloud, Facebook, and Instagram.

The company ensures that you can see quick results, generally 40 hours after you place your order. When buying Twitter followers all are genuine Twitter followers that will stay subscribed to your profile. This ensures that you get your money’s worth.

3 Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers and Retweets (Cheap and Fast)

Aside from that, the company also provides profile Ads method+ plan, which can help pay businesses to promote their content on their websites. Overall, this is a bit more expensive but has been proven to provide effective results.

Platforms & Services

SocialsUp provides services to the following social media platforms:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • SoundCloud

Payment & Pricing

Each type of service for Twitter varies in pricing depending on what you want to be done. Their current payment methods include Apple/Google Pay, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

Below, we’ll provide a summary of the following options.

  • Followers – 100/$7.99, 200/$10.19, 400/$115.99
  • Likes – 20/$1.99, 50/$3.99, 100/$5.99, 1000/$24.99
  • Poll Votes – 100/$2.09, 500/$5.27, 1000/$10.57, 5000/$52.78


When you are to buy Twitter followers or anything else for social media, you’ll want to ensure that you don’t get scammed. Using ScamAdviser, they give this website a Trustscore of 96/100. This ensures that the website is trustworthy, and you will get what you paid for.

Here is a summary of positive highlights from the site:

  • It gets lots of traffic
  • Offers multiple payment methods
  • SSL security certificate is valid
  • Completely secure payment gateway
  • Provides gradual delivery
  • Provides 30-day refund and refill guarantee
  • The website has been around for years

SocialBoss Review Pros and Cons

SocialBoss is your go-to social media boosting service. They include a wide variety of services covering most social media platforms. Some major ones include YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

If you’re looking for the fastest delivery, then SocialBoss will exceed your expectations. It only takes 2-5 minutes after your payment has been processed for them to begin delivering likes, retweets, etc., to your social media platforms. The only exception is their YouTube views which may take up to 48 hours.

3 Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers and Retweets (Cheap and Fast)

Another benefit is that SocialBoss encourages its customers to contact their support page if they can’t find a service they’re looking for. They will help you find a service that would fit your needs. When contacted, provide what you want in terms of platform, followers, likes, views, etc.

Platforms & Services

SocialsUp provides services to the following social media platforms:

  • Twitter – Followers, likes, retweets, video views, automatic likes, poll votes, impressions.
  • Instagram – followers, likes, auto likes, views, auto views, random comments, custom comments, mentions, etc.
  • SoundCloud – plays, likes, followers, reposts, comments.
  • Etc.

For more services, you can head to SocialBoss’s homepage for a summary of their other platforms and services.

Payment & Pricing

Each type of service for Twitter varies in pricing depending on what you want to be done. Their accepted payment methods include MasterCard, Visa, Apple Pay, Google Pay, cryptos such as BTC , LTC and ETH.

Below, we’ll provide a summary of the following options.

  • Followers – set at $3.99
  • Targeted Twitter Followers – set at $5.99
  • Likes – starts from $1.99
  • Automatic Likes – start from $69.99 per month
  • Video Views – start at $0.69

Aside from that, SocialBoss also includes multiple packages, which can help you save some money due to offering a discount or promotion. The packages sometimes change, so it’s best to look for what they are offering.


According to TrustPilot, there seem to be mixed reviews when you buy real Twitter followers. While some have stated that they have gotten their services, others have not. So, it’s best to be skeptical and test out the order first before placing a larger one. Aside from that, positive highlights include:

  • The website existed for years and has solid reputation
  • Provides flexible payment options
  • Provides a simple and clear ordering process.
  • Provides legit followers and social signals with high retention
  • Protects customer privacy and account security
  • Provides refill and money back guarantee

TweetBoost.net Review Pros and Cons

TweetBoost is a reliable social media boosting platform that provides services catered explicitly toward Twitter users. They allow you to order social signals and include multiple options in terms of packages. It’s perfect for purchasing bundles in bulk, such as 50 to 3,000 followers at once.

They promise that they will start delivering results 24 hours after the payment has been processed in terms of delivery. Although, there is a bit of variation depending on the package and services chosen. The company encourages customers to reach out to their support team if they haven’t seen results within 24 hours of the payment process.

3 Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers and Retweets (Cheap and Fast)

 Their goal is to provide outstanding services that can help get your page more views. Utilize their educated social media experts who can help walk you through the entire process from start to finish. That way, you can see results on your page and hit your goals.

Platforms & Services

TweetBoost.net only provides services for Twitter. Unfortunately, if you need other social media boosts, you will have to find another service. Otherwise, TweetBoost does work well for your Twitter platform boosting needs.

Payment & Pricing

Each type of service varies in pricing depending on what you want to be done, but they are the best to buy cheap Twitter followers. Their accepted payment methods include credit and debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay wallets, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin.

 Below, we’ll provide a summary of the following options.

  • Followers – 100/$5.99, 500/$15.99, 5000/$129.99
  • Retweets – 50/$2.99, 200/$8.99, 1000/$29.99, 5000/$139.99
  • Likes – 25/$1.39, 50/$2.49, 300/$10.99, 1000/$29.99
  • Automatic Likes – 25/$69.99, 100/$249.99, 250/$539.99 per month
  • Poll Votes – 100/$1.69, 1000/$8.79, 10000/$87.99
  • Video Views – 100/$0.69, 1000/$5.99, 15000/$89.99


According to ScamAdviser, TweetBoost.net has a trust score of 100/100 which means they are a legitimate site to buy Twitter followers. Overall, everyone has listed that they have received services after paying for them. Aside from that, positive highlights include:

  • External review system
  • Positive reviews
  • Xolphin SSL Check valid
  • Long domain name history
  • The website existed for years
  • Affordable prices

Guide to How to Purchase Twitter Followers and Retweets

Paid followers and retweets can be expensive, and the last thing you want to do is get scammed. There are hundreds of sites that enable you to buy Twitter retweets, but not all of them are created equal. Below, we’ve created a guide that can help you get the most from your investment and help you select trusted websites.

How to Choose a Reliable Website to Buy Twitter Followers Cheap & Buy Twitter Retweets Cheap

Using websites such as TrustPilot or other ‘reliability’ checkers will be the number one way to find trustworthy services. Past customers and reviewers can also provide helpful tips on whether or not the service is worth using. After all, you won’t want to have subpar results when you’re trying to push past the competition on Twitter.

Below, we list a few practical examples of what you should look for when you buy Twitter retweets.

  1. Websites that have been around for more than a year
  2. Social proof that transactions went well
  3. The website domain has been around and is legitimate
  4. Lots of traffic to the website
  5. Multiple payment options

Can You Buy Twitter Followers?

Anyone can buy real Twitter followers online using platform boosting services. Many of these sites provide multiple services that cater to different aspects of Twitter. For example, you can find services that help boost subscribers, but you can also find services that help with retweets and engagement.

Can Buying Twitter Followers & Retweets Help?

Purchasing Twitter followers and retweets can help make your page more enticing in multiple ways. No one wants to engage with a page that looks sketchy with low traffic even if they have real followers. By purchasing fans and retweets, your page viewers will see that the page is worth viewing and more trustworthy to engage with.

When you buy Twitter retweets you can also help get more people to view your profile. With how Twitter works, the more people who can see your tweets, the higher your chances of gaining new fans and organic engagement. Additionally, the more retweets, the more likely people will engage with the tweets and share them with others.

How to Make Higher Rates to Account

Besides investing in a follower base or if you buy cheap Twitter retweets, you’ll also need to create a compelling profile. Even if you get the followers, retweets, and favorites, a poorly crafted page will cause people to exit the page. So, preparing an enticing page and making an excellent first impression is critical.

Will More People See My Content Buying Followers

While buying subscribers can get some traction to your Twitter page, it may not be enough to get people to view your content. Buying subs increases your chances of making your page look more engaging and active. If you want more people to see your content, you must create a dynamic page and buy Twitter followers cheap.

For example, if you were browsing Twitter and went to a page with 100k followers but almost no posts or user interaction, you would find it quite odd and move to a different page. However, if the page had credibility of 100k real followers, retweets, comments, etc., you would be more likely to follow them.

So, buying followers on Twitter isn’t enough to make your page more appealing. However, if you already have a good user engagement rate on your page, it may help to buy cheap Twitter retweets and may boost you ahead of competitors. It depends on your situation and how you plan to use those subscribers for your personal or business accounts.

How to Use Twitter to Build An Online Brand

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms for brands, as it has a large following and can reach a lot of people. That’s why a company must understand how social network works and how they can use it to their advantage. Below, we will provide a brief breakdown of how someone can build an online brand using Twitter.

1. Use a Catchy Brand Name

A catchy Twitter username can be more enticing for new viewers. However, if you already have a personal or brand name that you are associated with, then you should continue to use it. Using a past username can help build trust and help previous viewers find your social media accounts. Plus, the platform algorithm is more likely to pick up your posts if you were already a relevant brand.

2. Create a Logo For Profile Picture

Use an existing brand logo or find a new logo to fit your personal or brand image. A distinguishable logo can help people identify your brand amongst the crowd. Don’t copy a logo or attempt to create one based on another. You want to be able to stand out, not blend in.

3. Create Useful and Engaging Tweets

Tweeting out random gibberish will not attract new people to your page. The goal should be to create meaningful content that can spark a viewer’s attention or entice them to retweet or comment. The more user engagement your profile gets, the more likely you will draw in many real users.

4. Tweet Out Old & New Content

If you’re a business, you may want to tweet about past products or services. Aside from that, you’ll also want to include new content that is exciting for new viewers. Focus on crafting a good balance of tweets to help your fans and new viewers stay engaged with your business or profile.

5. Tweet 10-20 Times a Day

It can be tedious to tweet out multiple times a day. However, there are plenty of tools for Twitter that can help with scheduling automatic timed tweets. You can craft tweets ahead of time, and the tool can post them to your business feed later in the day.

6. Use an Online Persona for Your Brand

Using an online persona can be a fun and exciting method of drawing in new fans. A brand with a strong voice can be both refreshing and entertaining. Look to some of the leading brands online on platform, as most of them have solid narrative tweets with personality. Inserting personality into the brand can help the page stand out amongst others in the same niche.

How to Increase Profile Engagement

Creating profile engagement can be tricky if you’ve never done it before. Luckily, you can implement a few tips into your strategy that is proven to work. Below, we highlight a few methods that you should implement into your plan:

1. Sound Real

Sounding like a real person is much more appealing than a computer-like tweet. Users tend to enjoy a personal touch to the posts, even from a business. You want to implement a coherent, friendly, relevant voice to your brand. Plus, you’ll attract high quality Twitter followers.

2. Stay Relevant

A business account needs to advertise to a specific niche. You don’t want to boost your Twitter presence outside of your niche. For example, a nature-style account should not be making posts about the latest item from a fast-food chain unless it’s somehow relevant to the brand or topic.

3. Create a Twitter Voice

Experiment with your brand’s voice until you find one suitable for you. It’s better to create your own rather than try to copy a voice that has been used before. If you want to be more engaging, give your follower count a unique reason to want to interact with your page.

4. Be Active

A brand can easily fade into the background of Twitter profiles if they aren’t active enough. You also can’t create an active community if you barely leave any time for subscribers to interact with each other. Plus, if you want to gain popularity with global Twitter followers, you’ll need to post in all time zones. So, posting is a crucial factor in creating a business on Twitter.

5. Pay Attention to Your Audience

Don’t just sound robotic and tweet call-to-action posts. Instead, pay close attention to what your audience is saying and create content around that. If you see a follower discussing bundle deals or coupons, maybe redirect them to one available from your business. Alternatively, if they ask about new products, answer what your company’s current plans are regarding a product like that.


Is there a difference between fake and real active Twitter followers?

Fake followers are accounts that are created for the sole purpose of boosting other Twitter accounts. They are often inactive accounts that won’t engage with content or do anything else on their accounts. This can be a huge red flag for visitors because it means they can confirm that your fans are not real.

On the other hand, when you buy active Twitter followers they use their real accounts. These accounts belong to real people, who are active, follow a wide variety of people, and generally engage in the content. They look much more real and will make the page seem more legitimate.

Will purchased subscribers like, comment, and retweet my content?

Paid subs will only like, comment, and retweet content if this is in the package that you purchase. You will only receive the number of interactions you buy with platform boosting services. So, if you want paid audience to do extra things such as liking and commenting, you will need to buy Twitter followers and another service for that.

Can I buy a target audience?

Buying Twitter retweets or followers is not the same as a target audience. You can’t buy target audiences, but you can do a few tricks to help ensure you’re reaching the correct niche. For example, you can use your profile bio to use keywords that attract a specific niche. The same goes for writing your tweets or implementing them into your username which can help gain more Twitter followers.

Can you get caught buying followers and retweets?

An account can get suspended for buying subscribers against Twitter’s terms of service. However, it is scarce for an account to be suspended from getting buying Twitter followers. Twitter can’t prove that you did or didn’t, making it extremely hard to permaban an account for it. There is also social proof that many people have bought followers and their accounts are still active.

Do I need to share my password?

Any service that asks you to share your account password is likely a scam. No social media marketing services will ever ask you for your login credentials, as their services can be provided without using them. Do not give your password or user login to anyone even if you are buying Twitter retweets and followers.

How long will it take to get followers that I buy on Twitter?

The amount of time depends on which service you use. Each company has different wait times depending on what package you purchase Twitter followers from them. You should expect to wait anywhere from 24-48 hours after your payment is processed. Although, some services may take up to a week to fulfill.

How many followers and retweets should I buy?

That depends on your goals and what outcomes you want for your successful Twitter account. We highly recommend checking out similar pages to yours and seeing where they are. Also, you should avoid purchasing large packages at once, mainly because a large following showing up at once can be alarming to other viewers.

Does pricing matter for buying Twitter followers and retweets?

Pricing is only essential when you want to stay within a specific budget. It would help if you always looked at a few different services to understand the average pricing better. You don’t want to end up over-spending on subscribers on one website when you could get the same service for a better deal on another site.

Final Thoughts

Gaining traction on social media using a Twitter growth services can be an uphill battle because so many companies compete for attention. A personal or business account can easily surpass other profiles in the same niche with the right strategy. However, they will need to learn how buying subscribers can impact their page.

Of course, they should also adhere to our guidelines for purchasing followers or retweets. Not all platform boosting websites are legit, and many of them are scams. So, checking the website and reliability is key to getting the outcome you want. Hopefully, we’ve helped point you out to the best sites to buy Twitter followers and retweets.

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