3 Essential Winter Gear Every iPhone Owner Must Have


Nothing should keep you from making the most of your iPhone, even the weather! So when winter season comes, you’d better have all these three items to continue using your mobile unimpeded.

3 Essential Winter Gear Every iPhone Owner Must Have

Touchscreen Gloves

When external temperatures are dropping below zero, there’s no reason to remove your mitts, even to text or chat on social media. Save yourself having to warm your hands by getting touchscreen gloves, which makes life so much easier.

Special fibers on the fingertips are designed to work on the iPhone screen. It feels like there’s nothing in-between your hands and your mobile. Navigate, text or answer calls quickly and easily with maximum protection from the elements.

Chest Mount

An iPhone chest harness works in more ways than one. The most ideal use is to capture videos, photos and selfies while in hands-free mode. You can walk, do a quick jog or film yourself doing snow angels- the possibilities are only matched by your creativity.

Don’t want to put your mobile in the inside pocket in the event that it may fall out? No worries- just slot your iPhone in and you’ll have it within easy reach. A chest harness can also serve as a placeholder for your smartphone. Pick one that has good waterproofing and can shake off the cold so your device stays working even when exposed to freezing weather.

Headset Beanie

Stay warm and listen to your favorite tunes at the same time with a headset beanie. The built-in music player does a good job of blasting out music while keeping bulk at an acceptable level. You won’t ever have to go cold or miss out on audiobooks, podcasts and more. A headset beanie is sure to be your best friend if you like listening to music all the time. It’s a fashion statement and a useful accessory to have all year round.

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