3 iOS Apps That Will Make a Big Splash in Their Industry in 2020


Apps have changed the way we do everything, and the forward march of their success is far from over. Long gone are the days when our Apple store uploads consisted of Angry Birds and Best Daily Cats. Instead, businesses are now beginning to realize the benefits of app integrations, and this switch looks set to cause significant ripples by 2020.

3 iOS Apps That Will Make a Big Splash in Their Industry in 2020

You name the industry, and you can bet there’s an app somewhere that could transform it. Apple iOS, in particular, is on the ball with top 2020 business-specific releases, including:


Industry: Staffing & recruitment

Recruiting processes have long been falling behind the changing needs of employers, but all that looks set to change as AkkenCloud comes to the fore.

This app can transform the way companies interact with new prospects. Instead of risking information, it allows employers to log all applicant details, including name, address, and job status, on one safe cloud-based platform.

As if that weren’t benefit enough, the AkkenCloud app allows recruiters to –

Centralize applicant details

Arrange and monitor meetings

Connect with the best candidates

Track activity

View applications and job shortlists in seconds

As you can imagine, an application like this will undoubtedly cause ripples, and you can bet your recruitment efforts will enjoy riding those waves.


Industry: Luxury Rental, Peer-to Peer Marketplace

Whether individuals are looking to earn from or rent luxury items, the aptly named LUXnow app can make it happen. With a focus on luxury  cars, homes and yachts, this app-based peer-to-peer marketplace looks set to change the way we shop for luxury in the $50B luxury travel industry – moving into 2020 and beyond.

With detailed product listings, secure payment, and affordable rental prices, LUXnow allows users to select pickup locations for luxury across the world.

The main benefits you can enjoy when using this platform include:

  • Affordable luxury rental costs
  • Pickups and locations tailored to your needs
  • The ability to reach to a range of trusted users across the globe
  • Owners of luxury items gain an income stream from a passive, underutilized asset

Forget renting through a middle man; LUXnow is bringing luxury to the mainstream.

AirStrip ONE

Industry: Healthcare

With a mission to improve healthcare delivery using mobile applications that finally connect clinicians and patients, the AirStrip ONE app is another to look out for.

In an age where getting hold of our doctors at a time that suits can seem impossible, this app will surely come to the rescue in 2020. By centralizing and simplifying the doctor-patient relationship, full-scale integration of AirStrip ONE within the healthcare world could see patients and providers alike enjoying benefits including –

Connective healthcare collaborations

Customized user experiences

Centralization of healthcare information


This stands to make our health, and thus our lives, much easier whenever medical concerns come to the fore. And, if could be just one of many crucial steps taken to simplify healthcare processes into 2020.

These are just a few examples of how apps are changing everything we do. And, you can bet that there will be plenty more groundbreaking 2020 iOS releases to marvel over if you know where to look!


Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.