3 Paraphrasing Apps To Make Your Text Unique

Zero plagiarism is the leading benchmark that proves the content quality. Although plagiarism is a serious issue that every freelancer, writer, blogger, journalist, or even student needs to face.

Hence, checking for plagiarism and removing it is essential before posting or submitting any piece of content. But removing plagiarism if found can be hectic and may take hours. So, as a solution, some accurate and authentic paraphrasing apps can be used.

3 Paraphrasing Apps To Make Your Text Unique

Nowadays, having a computer for removing plagiarism in content is not necessary. This can be done easily with your android or IOS mobile phones. Paraphrasing tools are now available across platforms. You can download them to your device to use anywhere anytime. Which makes paraphrasing as well as plagiarism removal easier.

In this article, we will feature some of the best paraphrasing apps available in both ways; websites and applications. Each application is unique in its way and has attributes that help you reword content, remove plagiarism, and paraphrase online.

What is a Paraphrasing App?

A paraphrasing app is a tool that can be downloaded on your mobile phone to rephrase the content. it removes plagiarism from the content as well as sets the content delivery. By making the content more readable and engaging, a paraphrasing app can help us a lot. These apps work on the principles of solid AI and NLP to produce the best and most accurate results.

3 Best Paraphrasing Apps That Make Your Text Unique

Do not waste your time installing and checking different applications. We have compiled a list for you already. Comparing features, pricing, and correctness of hundreds of applications here are the best 3 you can use to reword your text.

1.    Paraphraser

3 Paraphrasing Apps To Make Your Text Unique

Paraphraser is an app that is available on both android and IOS stores. It is an extension paraphrasing application that is available in nine different languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Indonesian, Russian, Persian, and Italian. You can paste the content in one language and rephrase it in the remaining eight.

It is easy to use and rephrases 5000 characters in one go for free. Moreover, it has no rephrasing limit. You can use this app unlimited times. It provides fast and accurate results with a click of a button by using artificial intelligence and natural language processing algorithms.

It makes the text more engaging, readable, and unique. There are three alternative modes for rewording your text, article, or essay: Fluency, Standard, and Creative. The icing on the cake is that if your phone does not have enough storage then this rewording tool can also be used on any browser. For accessing: open any browser and search for paraphraser.io.

The web version has enhanced options and features in comparison to the app. However, the performance and accuracy are the same. Both the web and app are accessible without account creation.

3 Paraphrasing Apps To Make Your Text Unique

2.     Rephrase

3 Paraphrasing Apps To Make Your Text Unique

Rephrase in another app that works across platforms. It can rephrase content to and from 13 alternative languages. Hence, you do not need going to google translate or any other app if you want to rephrase the content in some other language.

Moreover, three changeable writing modes are also available to change the content tone: fluent, standard, and creative. Creative is for rephrasing scripts or poetry like content while fluency and standard are for modifying simple sentences.

It offers to paraphrase 1000 words in one attempt with unlimited usage. No need to sign up or create an account to use this app. It is available for free with two options to provide content; file upload and write/paste.

After rephrasing you can download or copy the manipulated content easily. Moreover, if you do not have an android or IOS device; this app also has a rephrasing website that can be used on any browser.

There is no difference between the app and its rephrasing website in terms of quality and efficacy. However, the web version has more writing modes and supported languages.

3 Paraphrasing Apps To Make Your Text Unique

3.    Paraphrasing App

3 Paraphrasing Apps To Make Your Text Unique

Paraphrasing app by prepostseo is available for free on both IOS and android devices. You need to sign up to this app before using. It has an easy account creation procedure; you can simply create it with your google account.

It has a standard 500-word limit. However, the word limit can be enhanced with a paid subscription. You can only paraphrase 500 words at a time but it does not have any restriction on usage. It means you can paraphrase long content by dividing it into segments. Three different content tone-changing modes are also available; fluent, creative, and standard.

The results can be copied to the clipboard or downloaded in a word document. People who hesitate to install an application can also paraphrase online by the web base application of this tool.

Moreover, if you will paraphrase online, you can get more features than the mobile application.


Paraphrasing apps are playing a vital role in making the content unique. It helps in plagiarism removal by altering the synonyms, sentence structure, and voice of sentences.

You can use these applications in your routine work especially if you are a student or content writer. Comment below if you find the article interesting. Thanks for the time!