3 Popular Streaming Apps for iOS Users


Cord-cutting has become the new normal now and people the trend of online streaming is growing exponentially day by day. People no longer prefer sitting in front of their TV sets connected by a cable, rather they opt for wireless solutions like Smart TVs, mobile devices etc. for streaming.

3 Popular Streaming Apps for iOS Users

There was a time when TVs and DVD players were the primary devices used to watch a movie or a TV series. But, by each passing day and thanks to the evolution of technology, mobile phones, laptops and tablets have taken over the world.

The best thing about these devices is that you can stream endlessly through them via dedicated apps of the streaming services. If you an iPhone or iPad user and you love streaming, then you would be pleased to know that you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows through the dedicated apps of these three platforms:

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Disney Plus

Disney Plus has taken over the world by a storm ever since its release in 2019. Initially it launched in a few countries but over the past year, it has gradually increased its network. There are still regions where it is not yet available and the online streaming lovers of that region are deprived of its content. However, they can still access the content of this service by using VPNs for Disney Plus as they will unblock the content from them from anywhere.

The best thing about Disney Pus is that it offers a dedicated app for iPhone and iPad. You can stream movies like the Mandalorian, Mulan and many more on your iPhone even if you are at your office. This accessibility is what matters to users now and Disney Plus has kept this in consideration.


The streaming giant taken always taken user experience seriously and this is why its app for iOS is so perfect. You can download the Netflix app from app store and binge watch your favorite movies and TV shows whenever you want from wherever you are.

Netflix app for iOS works amazingly well and you can easily find it on app store unlike the Android users who find it hard sometimes finding an installing the app through Play Store.


Though Hulu is available only in the USA, but its app for iOS is amazing. If you are iPhone user who wish to watch Hulu originals or other hosted movies and TV shows then Hulu is the optimal choice for you. It has a dedicated app for iOS users available on the app store. The best thing about this streaming platform is that it hosts content from various channels and services.

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